Monday: Tigers at Rays

If you’re counting the rookies, the Tigers have four of them in the lineup tonight, including the double-play combination. Will Rhymes gets his second start in as many games at second base, while Danny Worth and his hot bat are back at short. 

  1. Jackson, CF
  2. Rhymes, 2B
  3. Damon, DH
  4. Cabrera, 1B
  5. Boesch, RF
  6. Raburn, LF
  7. Kelly, 3B
  8. Laird, C
  9. Worth, SS
P: Max Scherzer
  1. Ben Zobrist, RF
  2. Carl Crawford, LF
  3. Evan Longoria, 3B
  4. Carlos Pena, 1B
  5. Matt Joyce, DH
  6. Jason Bartlett, SS
  7. Reid Brignac, 2B
  8. B.J. Upton, CF
  9. Kelly Shoppach, C
P: Matt Garza


Well, if I am Ramon Santiago I am upset.
Kelly has done well at 3B but he’s not going to contibute much offensively I fear.
Laird over Avila again. (Granted, Alex has been lost a little at the plate again)
One good thing is that if AJ gets on they will run him or bunt him now.

I’m no mathematician, but I count 5 rookies, with Cabby, Damon and Rayburn as team veterans.
Santiago will play tonight, I bet.

I hate when we are on national TV anyways, but having to watch ARod’s every bat tonight is going to be maddening. Wasn;t it enough we were jipped of yesterday’s win?
Stands in TB are a poor sight indeed.

Oh My. You could smell it happening.
Max Scherzer is a keeper and it’s not his fault that he has a limp offense to give him breathing room to not make a mistake. He made 2 mistakes with Joyce. But with the sacks full (thanks Gerald) and a 3-2 count what else can you do?
Our offense is invisible and it can’t be attributed to the injuries completely. We have had trouble all year scoring runs of starting pitchers. I feel bad for our starters as they have had to pitch under enormous pressure all year when they do pitch a good game. They deserve a laugher every now and then.
BTW–I think we may have the 2 “worst moves to 1st” in baseball on our staff. Scherzer and Valverde are unbelievably poor.
Scherzer looks like he is leaning back to 3rd base on every throw over. He might want to “confab” with JV because he walks too many batters to let them have their way with him on the bases.
You remember my comment about laughing stock? I’m keeping faith but I have doubts.

REALLY – a freaking grand slam. I swear, he was actually even pitching than that twitchy Garza. He can thank the umpire for that weak interference call that was only called after Crawford turned around and told the umpire to call it. Lets not forget yet ANOTHER ump out of position on that play at second and he wasn’t even close to getting it correct. So Tampa congratulations you probably would of won anyway but hell do the umps need to help you out?? I am losing all respect for umps and the job they appearently cannot do. I have seen more bad calls this year, and I think that Tigers have had more than their fair share.

Did you hear remark that DD and Leland were in an intense conversation with the door closed before the game? We can only wonder.

Whatever it was, pup, got Jimmy hot enough to get thrown out early in the game…
Looks like this game will be decided by a 2 run homer in the 8th.

My boys kept telling me from the early part of the season that Sherzer was the real thing. He is that and more. For that I am really encouraged about ——next year. I close this short post by simply asking one question. Why is Will Rhymes on our team?


How heartbreaking for Max. Again, we find another unique way to lose- our pitcher gives up his first hit of the game and it’s a grand slam. Can’t be too many of those in history.

This looks like it may be the beginning of the end. The Tigers have to win these games. Now, here we are on national TV and a no-hitter is in the works.

The season is rubbing our faces in it now.
I feel bad for the great fans of Detroit. They should not have to endure another 2nd half fade like this.
Who knows what’s right but I can tell one thing. No trade this year and we have no chance to ovrcome the Sox or the Twins. Granted, a trade gurantess nothing and we don’t have the luxury of making a trade only for
THIS year. Any trade has to be made with the future in mind.
The Tiger in me wants to get a hit next inning but the fan in me is causing all kinds of angst. I actually think we don’t have it in us tonight –especially the bottom of the order. I suspect we wil see Santiago PH.

I hope the conversation was DD telling Jim that they aren’t going to trade the future for a crappy rent-a-player and Jim responding that he is pissed because the writing is on the wall that they will tank the second half, JL will be fired and the overhaul can move ahead full steam.
Why is Kelly hitting? Lefty, sure, but he is just not a good hitter. If it’s the lefty/righty matchup, what is Laird doing hitting then? And he is also a terrible hitter period.

Why Joyce people hate Detroit?
That happens when you put untouchable prospect to play instead of veterans

WELL WELL WELL – I never thought I would see this with guys like Cabrera on this team. Max gave a valant effort tonight and wasn’t given a break like Garza was. Garza got the close calls and Max didn’t oh well. Garza beat Miggy and the Mudhens. Congratulations please make sure to thank the ump on the way out.

Not really all that surprising is it? That’s a pretty rough lineup out there tonight. Just feel bad for Scherzer who pitched great again other than the one inning and had no help offensively or from the umps whatsoever. Sad thing is I didn’t really feel that Garza was that dominant. Tigers were just rolling everything over or lazy flyballs.

Why was Laird not pinch-hit for in the 9th? Avila or Larish had a better shot than him. Way too polite brand of baseball for me.

Very well put sklant.

I still can’t give up hope. Even if we lose there are other things to look for and see around the major leagues. The Tigers will have tons of money next year coming off the books. The payroll may be lower though because we continue to fall apart in the second half of the season. There were some terrible calls tonight by the umpires. Horrific! Everyone knows this is why I want technology inserted into MLB.

Nobody’s laughing yet. But if we leave Tampa without a win or a run–they will be.
Feel real bad for Scherzer, you just knew his team would let him down and he pitched very well. The interference call broke his back.
The lineup was bad tonight and their ain’t much alternative. The guys on the bench tonight (other than Ramon) probably ain’t hitting .200 combined.
Then again they would be replacing Laird, Raburn and Kelly who ain’t either!
Brutal situation.

I may have to back off on the statements I made this afternoon regarding trades. We still have to put SOME kind of product on the field and we can’t go around being no-hit by just anybody. Garza didn’t do anything. He just elevated some fastballs and we hacked at them. We were doing it earlier this year and any manager worth his salt knows it and plans his pitching accordingly. It’s ridiculously easy. And just so you know where I’m coming from, there was no way I wanted to see him get that no-hitter. I’ve seen more of those than I can spit at and I don’t want it happening to my team.
Did anyone else just know that Joyce was going to do that? Ex-Tiger and all that, it just seems to happen a lot.
The umpiring this season has been atrocious. And we don’t need slo-mo replays to prove it, we can see the bad calls in real time. The replays just bear out what we’ve seen with our own eyes. I’d probably get kicked out of every game.
1-2 now for Miggy & the Mudhens and on the brink of a free fall. This is turning into one nasty season.

And of course the Twins are beating up on the Royals 17-0 tonight and it’s only the 7th…

Just to add one more thing. I usually like and defend Rod Allen but I didn’t like that fact that he seemed a little too happy that “former Tiger” Matt Joyce hit the grand slam. Just my opinion.

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