Saturday: Tigers vs. Jays

Same lineup for Tigers as last night, except no Johnny Damon. Hes sick. Ryan Raburn starts in his place.

1. Jackson, CF
2. Raburn, LF
3. Ordonez, DH
4. Cabrera, 1B
5. Boesch, RF
6. Guillen, 2B
7. Laird, C
8. Kelly, 3B
9. Worth, SS
SP: Rick Porcello

1. Dewayne Wise, LF
2. Yunel Escobar, SS
3. Jose Bautista, RF
4. Vernon Wells, CF
5. Adam Lind, DH
6. Aaron Hill, 2B
7. Lyle Overbay, 1B
8. John Buck, C
9. Edwin Encarnacion, 3B
SP: Shaun Marcum


Well, we’ll be seeing this play by Carlos over and over. It was very good.
They need to work with Porcello and his defense. He doesn’t know when to go after the ball or not. He’s too timid.

Carlos strains generally play out longer than day to day also.
Tonight sure changes the urgency of any trades. The 80’s song “I spent six months in a leaky boat” feels like this season.
I have always felt JL gets his best results with teams having no expectations so stanger things have happened than the Tigs remaining in the race.

Well, if the Tigers win, they will with a bunch of rookies.
The news about Magglio is stunning. It’s like one of your thorobred’s going down. Awful news for this team. The young kids will have to step up.

Santiago is now the DH. Unbelieveable.

Another 15 million off the books.

If he was already injured , why he was playing.?
its the end of the season

How fast is the pony express from Toledo? With a double-header Sunday and no day off until August 2 followed by another double-header August 3, the Tigers need to place not only Ordonez but also Guillen on the DL. Let Sizemore play 2nd, Worth shortstop, and Santiago backing them up.
Bring up Larish and find out once and for all if he can play 3rd and hit. They may also need an outfielder who can play left field. Strieby, Ramirez, Wells, Frazier? Boesch can move into RF and let’s hope he breaks out of his slump. I don’t like the idea of trading away the young talent for a Mike Lowell or a Ted Lilly. Last summer’s Washburn and Huff deals are still too odorous in my mind. I hope DD will be up very late tonight trying to piece this together. here’s a question for someone with the knowledge- Is Magglio’s contract a repeat of last year’s? He must have a certain number of plate appearances to get another option year?
I don’t think he’ll make it this time. Then what?

About a foot, I’d say. 12 inches. 12 inches higher and Cabrera’s bomb goes out and we win the game, Magglio isn’t injured, his vesting clause is still intact, and Leyland doesn’t have an excuse for the poor second half that’s taking place. 12 lousy inches.
I suppose Maggs could return before season’s end if it mattered but I doubt that it will. It’s possible we’ve seen the last of him in a Tigers uniform.
Maybe WE should go after Adam Dunn now.
Funny you should mention Guillen, Dan, because when the game began I was thinking that he wasn’t much of a defender and he wasn’t hitting all that great either. And he’s here for yet another year? Wow, DD.
I don’t share any optimism that we can accomplish anything this year unless DD pulls off some fantastic trades this week, and I don’t see that happening. We don’t have near enough talent and managing skills to play over these injuries.
I can’t shake the feeling that an opportunity has been lost. We had the makings of something special after 2006 but it has been frittered away. 2009 was as close as we may get for a long time, and it makes last year’s needless collapse all the more painful.

They did the math on 97.1- if Maggs is only out 6 weeks and gets 5 at bats every game when he returns, he doesn’t have enough for his 15 mil next year. It’s going to get very interesting this week.

Porcello is gong to be a very special pitcher.
I left a post about g|uillen the other day that never got posted. my opinion is that he his careerr is over. No HRs no RBIs limited D, poor baserunning. etc.
Cool play he made todya but the throw was off to Worth and as flashy as it was it is a swan song.
Ordonez old and done, Guillen same.
Read ’em and weep. Accept what you got and what is probable.
The Tigers have a very incredible group of young players. Here and in the minors.. Next year may be VERY interesting. This year is still obtainable but DD has to be astute and not trade away the future for the now (which is so tantalizingly close).
Can he do both? That is the definition of a good GM.

Porecello threw very well tonight. The breaks did not favour the Tigers. Keep Ricky.
Trade Bonderman while he has value. GMan too.
Forget about Inge and his affinity with the fans.
Nobody will want Guillen. Ordones has value still.
Laird has value still. Don’t prolong the agony—if someone wants him jump on it.
Bring the fences in to help MCab. He’s lost 6 or 7 HTRs this year because of the elongated fences.
Keep Turner. Oliver is probably more valuable as trade bait. Furbush is worth giving a look-see.
This is a team that is very close to being excellent. Next year will be markedly better than this one.
BUT, this one is not trashed just yet. This is the absolutley most important evaluation of DD then we have ever seen. Right now.
I apologize for my typing—Hope it is legible.

You can blame Maggs’ injur on MCab. Miguel should have hit tha wicked shot anaother 3 ft higher and we actually may have one the game and dased Magglio.
Seroiously though, it is no imperativew tha DD make a deal if they have andy serious aspirations for this year. Guillen is toast, Magglio is gone, Inge may have played his last game as a Tiger. The future is bright but the NOW is pregnant with immediate concern. Bautista becomes a very interesting possibilit wth his 3B positional play na his RHB. He could replace Inge and Maggs in one fell swoop. The guy might be hitting .249 but he likes to win and might help. Lowell also becomes a distinct possibility. Lowell is a character guy and that is an added dimenson for a team that is looking for something to add to the equation.

Haren might be a beterr idea with the emergence of Furbush and Oliver. LHP is an important commodity at any time and this yea if you want to battle the Twins it would be essential. Lilly is intersting but he is also mid 30`s .
. Like I say, DD is going to have to make some career defining decisions this next week.
Not enough hitting, not enough speed, not enough starting pitching.
Game on.

Just read my posts. I really am sorry for their illegibility. Sometimes I post with the laptop and no light. Different keyboard and lack of light leads to some pretty cryptic posts..
Not sure why the BLOG has been out of sequence but I posted my stuff quite a while ago and before other posts that appeared before them. A real quirk in the system.
The whole season has changed tonight. Guillen’s injury was as predictable as rain. Ordonez’s maybe should have been as I think he was hobbled by a bad ankle to begin with. Why were they playing him if he was that fragile?
The upside is that DD has to actually do something to change 3 of the positions that were doomed anyway.
Guillen, Maggs and Inge had no real potential for signifcant contributions next year. Inge had to go, Guillen was destined for a DFA or release and Maggs was a possible DH at best.
Now DD has to get to work and figure out some creative solutions for the short and long term.
Many people will marvel at Carlos’ behind the back flip. IMO it was showboating. He feels he needs to show some wow factor because he knows he his time is pretty much over. I think if he would have opted for a conventional toss to Worth they may have gotten more out of that play. As pretty to watch as it was it did draw Worth off the bag and away from his momentum to make a throw to 1st.
My big beef with the Tigers is their insistence that it is OK to employ brontosaurus like baserunners. Until we field a team that ca run significantly better we will continue to stagnate on the bases and strand runners in scoring position.
Larish and Rhymes?
Larish should have been called before Sizemore. Now we have 2 2nd baseman and 2 LHB 3rd baseman. We’re flaling and making bizarre decisons on call-ups. With Ordone out this might have been a time to bring up a big RHB. Ramirez, Wells or Strieby.
I would be surprised if Bautista or Lowell didn’t end up here now. DD likes recycling in the middle of the year. Both of thejm have potential to help this year and would not likely project any further than 2010.
We now have Rhymes, Raburn, Larish, Worth, Santiago, Kelly and Sizemore as our infielders. They have produced less than a handful of homers in the bigs this year. If JL was concerned about power production from his infield then that combination is very unlikely to satisfy the demand. Contrast that with power houses like the Yanks the Jays and the Bosox.
I made a comment about bringing in the fences. Maybe next year they should consider that very seriously. Unless they make this a real ballclub with guys that can leg out triples to the gap then they are barking up the wrong tree with slow-footed hitters with warning track power.
Maggs was haveing a decent year but he is obviously on the downslope in his career. The injuries to carlos and Inge are blessings in disguise. I hate to be so hard-hearted but I have felt they and Laird and Everret would help this team more if they were on the DL. Most of that has happened now.
This would have been a good time to have Mike Hessman around!
What does JL do with Rhymes and Sizemore? Not having ONE 3rd baseman is going to cause all that play there to struggle when called upon.
They better make a deal for a star infielder that can play a few years because the group we have out there now are all interns for all intents and purposes.

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