Leyland: Nothing imminent going on

Tigers manager Jim Leyland indicated Saturday that to his knowledge the Tigers had no deals imminent on the trade front, but that team president/GM Dave Dombrowski is working the phones and talking to scouts as he tries to find a match.

To my knowledge, we have absolutely nothing [going on] other than the standard procedure, Leyland said Saturday.

That doesnt mean nothing is going to happen, but it means nothing is close enough that it has reached his attention from Dombrowski.

Leyland said he hadnt heard anything involving Mike Lowell or Ted Lilly. It doesnt mean that nothing will happen with those two, but any interest apparently hasnt progressed far.

1 Comment

worst possible time for these injuries to occur. would need to pay heavily for significant replacements. team has too many holes to fill and too little time to do it. might be for the best for the future of the team. will be interesting to see if this flips the switch for Dombrowski in terms of becoming seller (Damon, Bonderman?) rather than buyer.

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