Thursday: Tigers vs. Jays

Two lineup adjustments of note: Magglio Ordonez is at DH today because he’s nursing a sore ankle that has supposedly been bothering him since last weekend at Cleveland. He was a question mark for manager Jim Leyland this morning until he said he could at least hit. Carlos Guillen is out competely for a previously scheduled personal day. Ramon Santiago and Danny Worth comprise the starting double-play combo today, batting eighth and ninth respectively.

  1. Jackson, CF
  2. Damon, LF
  3. Ordonez, DH
  4. Cabrera, 1B
  5. Raburn, RF
  6. Sizemore, 3B
  7. Laird, C
  8. Santiago, 2B
  9. Worth, SS
P: Justin Verlander
  1. Dewayne Wise, LF
  2. Yunel Escobar, SS
  3. Jose Bautista, RF
  4. Vernon Wells, CF
  5. Adam Lind, DH
  6. Aaron Hill, 2B
  7. Lyle Overbay, 1B
  8. John Buck, C
  9. Edwin Encarnacion, 3B
P: Ricky Romero


Sweet lineup. Hope JV has another no-hitter in him.
This isn’t a knock on JL, btw. It’s the reality of our situation with Inge on the DL, Carlos on PTO (didn’t he just have a day off?), Maggs limping and Boesch needing a break.
I will be counting how many Bluejay runs today can be attributed to Damon and Rayburn in the outfield.

Anyone watching and posting right now, or listening and posting? I am watching on gameday, and don’t understand how Raburn can strike out and Ordonez out at home unless it was a squeeze – can you let me know? I would be surprised by a squeeze with 2 strikes, but then again, i guess those are supposed to be surprises.

Not the most promising lineup.
The average BA of this lineup is .263. Take Miggy out and it’s .252

Well I can tell you this JV ain’t no ace. He is so in love with his fastball – and now that survery regarding his fastball. He has been bad and he doesn’t deserve his status. They are killing his fastball and we’ve barely just started this game. Two doubles, a triple and a homer. Start pitching dude because you definately have a b lineup in here today and this will not provide you a ton of runs. Heck Romero only had to throw 7 pitches to get out of his first inning. NO FAITH RIGHT NOW.

Laird has played real well against is former teamates. Maybe he’s on a Ron Washington wavelength?

Tiger Girl- I am listening but was in a meeting during that play- reading the Gameday it sounds like Maggs was too far off the bag at 3rd and got caught in a rundown.
It says catcher to 3rd base, Maggs out at home. It was a swinging strike at a ball in the dirt. That’s Rayburn for you.

Well you can’t contribute any runs so far to the outfielders but only to JV and how in love he is with himself and his fastball. Look at the gameday and how many of of the hard hit balls are off of his fastball. HMMMMM

Well Tiger girl was happened on that play is that Raburn struck out (although I am not sure he didn’t get a piece of it) Anyway the ball got away from the catcher but not very far and Magglio got caught in a rundown. Bad baserunning to be sure. Really not Raburns fault that time – not including the strikeout. So far today we have lined into a double play – a strike’ em out throw em out – and that base running gaff with Magglio. Still not playing like themselves, I don’t think
On the bright side Worth and Jackson had a real nice play at third on Escobar.

Although I still stick by my statements regarding Verlander in the early innings. They were hitting him hard – he was lucky the hits weren’t strung together in the right order for the Jays. And if you look at it they were all off the fastball. When he started using other pitches effectively it was a different story. He did however stick it out.
Boy did I breath a big sigh of relief when Valverde looked like himself and not that guy last night. I thought he was hurt last night – gasp – gulp. He is okay.
We need to string together a few more good pitching outings. I still think that they have been inconsistent.
But good job for today guys.

Thanks for the update, shouldn’t be surprised, baserunning is not exactly our high point.
come on guys, we evened it up nicely, give JV some support, he did what he normally does, gives up some early and settles down.

It’s difficult for us to put that 7-game skid in the rearview mirror but, that aside, it was a good game. We were very fortunate that Sizemore’s throwing error on that routine groundball was erased on a steal attempt. I don’t like having him over in a foreign position, three starts in the minors or not. I still think that’s a stupid decision.
Verlander made a very necessary adjustment after the 2nd inning. It’s an adjustment he should make on a permanent basis and quit throwing so many fastballs. I don’t care if it is “the best fastball in baseball.” He’s got excellent secondary pitches and should use them like he did today.
Cabrera is just amazing. We’re fortunate to get to see him on a daily basis. Damon looked like the old Damon. Santiago got on base two more times. When you have a moment, go over to stats and bring up hitting for AL shortstops. You’ll see that Ramon stands in very well with that group of hitters. So does Worth in his limited sampling.
It will be very interesting tomorrow night to see what Porcello, if he’s got his good stuff, can do to this free swinging Toronto club. We need 3 of 4 here, not a split, before traveling to St. Petersburg and Boston next week.
I read one of those ridiculous rumors that the Tigers were interested in the Jays’ Jose Bautista. Please. I don’t want no .238 hitter no matter how many homers he has.

Nice job to get some runs in the 8th- and not just one.
Funny- all the “kids” out there as they say, held their own.
Glad Valverde found the strike zone from the beginning.

I listened to the game today on my way back to VA. JV did turn it around and sounded like the curve and change up were really good today. Max had it going last night, I was sitting behind the plate. His fastball had some good movement and he the righthanded hitters were late a lot. Maggs was getting a workout in right field. The start tomorrow is a key for Porcello after his excellant start in Cleveland.
Rich, you are right about Cabrera being a pleasure to watch at the plate. His intensity level seems to be much greater with each at bat this year than in the past. You can see him talking to himself and when he does not get a hit it appears to bother him.
The Sizemore move to 3rd is sacrificing the defense. Guillen’s is in for his offense, why create a liability at two positions. Sizemore has much better range at 2nd than Carlos. At least in the late inning they should make a defensive substitution whether it bothers him or not. When no one is on base, Carlos is decent, when he plays double play depth there is a hugh hole on the infield.
The batting average production at shortstop is very respectable now at .270. Worth is impressive with the glove and has a great arm.

I too think the decision to upload Sizemore to 3rd base is another misguided administrative decision to force a guy into a role that he is not ready for. The initial one at the beginning of the year where the injured raw rookie was “annointed” as a MLB 2B was absurd. Larish seemed the option best available though I think they could have trusted Raburn and Kelly there if they absolutely had no other choice. Next year is another story—Inge can no longer fulfill the role offensively.
Base-running was pretty bad. I see this as an area they really need to factor when choosing position players. We have a big bal park. 3 run homers die on the warning track. Balls in the gap have to produce runs and more triples. Stolen bases and moving from 1st to 3rd or 1st to home on a double are a problem.
Santiago should get a few votes for “most valuable Tiger”.
Worth has kinda held his own. Interesting.

Jeff Beck had a song titled “Beck’s Bolero”. Great piece of music by the way. I sometimes think of it when I read Beck’s Blog…. Just a random thought Jason.
Rich, you’ve complimented Ramon twice now. And Dan has stated that Santiago should get a few votes for most valuable Tiger. That is a major shift in your thinking is it not Dan? I’m assuming that you’re serious. I’ve always liked Ramon and was disappointed for him in past years for not getting the chance to prove himself. So I root for him on an individual basis partly because he epitomizes the quiet unselfish player, and partly because I have this personality flaw where I’m compelled to root for the underdog. And Ramon has quietly, almost invisibly been directly involved in some of the comebacks and close victories. You wouldn’t pick it up in the box score. I like his style of infield play too. Fluid without too much flash, and usually controlled. So keep it up Ramon.
I missed the last game but looks like our Tigers might not be dead yet. A week or so ago I came down pretty hard on Miguel on that “long single” he was admiring. I was pretty disgusted and said some negative things, basically that he was self centered and would never be great until he gained some humility.
Let me see if I can be a little fairer. Miguel is a tremendously gifted player, a rare talent. If he can stay healthy for a full career (he’s half way there) he will compile incredible HOF offensive numbers. That’s a given. And I believe he truly loves the game and plays with passion. It’s very much about winning with him. I think he is a team player and enjoys seeing his teammates succeed as well. I think he cares about people. He gets down on himself when he fails. That’s not such a bad thing. Shows he cares and feels he needs to succeed for the team to succeed.
All I would like to see him improve in is keeping his focus and not allowing mental lapses like the “long single” happen. I realize it may not be easy for a guy who mashes the ball to the warning track and beyond almost every game. We are fortunate to be able to watch a gifted hitter like him on a daily basis. Now Rod, I heard you gush “he is truth” in describing Miguel I think after a timely hit in the last game. That might be a little over the top…..:-)
Sizemore playing 3rd makes little sense to me either. Kelly and Raburn could fill in well there. Or bring up Larish, the forgotten Tiger prospect. Why do we always have to be experimenting?

Quite frankly, I’ll be shocked if we get a game in tonight. The weather has been horrific here in mid MI with flooding and more rain than I can ever remember. From Chicago to Detroit along the I-94 corridor, it’s nothing but thunderstorms.

Geez I hope the weather picks up. We just got home to BC and the game is on TV tonight so I am hoping to have my Tiger Lust satisfied.
Marty, I have always admired Ramon. I have always felt that he was a cut above Everett and just as capable defensively. I do not feel he is game-changing everyday shortstop but he brings a dimension to his game when he does play that we don’t get from other players on the roster. Do we need a shortsop to win/ Yes I think we do. But it was a mistake preferring Everett over Ramon all that time.

If you want to have some fun, click on MLB trade rumors and see what they are dishing about the Tigers.

MLB Network just said the Yankees are the favorites for Dan Haren.

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