Leyland sets mix at third base

Sorry so late on this. Scott Sizemore arrived at Comerica Park just before batting practice, but Don Kelly is getting the start nonetheless. Sizemore will start Thursday at third base against Blue Jays left-hander Brett Cecil, then again Saturday agaisnt Ricky Romero before settling into more regular time at third base as soon as next week.

What happens from there might well depend on the trade market and whether the Tigers find a deal for a third baseman or utility infielder at a reasonable cost. Yahoo’s Jeff Passan tweeted Wednesday that Detroit inquired about Blue Jays slugger and AL home run leader Jose Bautista, who can play third and the outfield.

There’s potentially an interesting dynamic at play with the fact that Brandon Inge is not only out for the next few weeks, but he’s a free agent at season’s end at a position where Detroit has no obvious successors. If Sizemore holds his own there and hits, does third base become a potential home for him in 2011? If the Tigers swing a deal, do they look beyond this season with it?

One more thing on the third-base situation: There’s a misconception that Carlos Guillen didn’t want to move to third base and forced the Sizemore shift. Guillen was willing to move to third if the Tigers asked, but it never got to that point. The Tigers made the decision themselves and left Guillen out of it.


Is the end of Larish hopes?. He is better than Raburn and did not get the call

Time to bench Boesch for a couple of days.

Larish isn’t on the 40 man roster.
Need to leave Boesch in the lineup, you can’t hit out of a slump sitting on the bench!

He is pulling a Satchel Paige or a Todd Jones?

Wow what was going on with Valverde? Blister on his hand? He kept looking at it probably saying “what are you doing”? I guess it was a tribute to Rodney or Jones.

Boesch needs to start taking a pitch or 2 and stop swinging at junk. Hopefully they don’t pull the plug on him before giving him a chance to fight out of this slump.
I don’t see Sizemore doing any better this time but it would be nice if he does because this lineup is hurting from 5-9 right now(other than Laird’s power display tonight).
Also wondering why the Tigers don’t take more pitches up there. Tiger pitchers will be at 100 by the 6th most nights when the opposing pitcher will be about 20 pitches fewer at least it seems that way most nights.

So happy the Tigers won tonight. My next door neighbors went to their 1st game at Comerica tonight with the kids and grandma.
There seems to be alot going on at 3rd base. I’m not real high on Sizemore, but we’ll find out soon enough if he’s good enough.

Well Valverde you are scaring me!!! God I hope you are not hurt too.
It is interesting to me that Larish would not get the call up at least for the meantime, at least until Sizemore learns the position?? Larish isn’t doing so bad in AAA and is hitting for a little bit of power. What do I know. And they also said that Sizemore has a little bit of a hip injury at this time?? Again what do I know.
Max had a good night as well at Laird. Although I still don’t have a lot of confidence right now. We will see. Please Seattle beat CWS tonight.

In keeping with my personal goal of at least attempting to note the good decisions, there were two things tonight that I liked. One was leaving Scherzer in to finish the 7th inning. I was sure Leyland would come bouncing out of the dugout several times that inning, but it didn’t happen. Max pitched a great game and I liked his attitude that “I’m going to stop this losing streak.” The other thing was Jackson tagging and heading for home on that short fly to Cruz in RF. Sure, Nelson didn’t set himself up for the throw and we took advantage of that, but still it was a time to force the issue and force them to make a play instead of sitting back. Good job by Austin and Lamont on that play.
Anybody notice how often Santiago starts rallies? It happens a lot. He is the most underrated player on the Tigers, if not in the American League.
We’re not out of the woods by any means, but eleven days was a long time to go without a win so this one is particularly sweet.
I wasn’t aware of any misconceptions that Guillen refused to switch to thirdbase, but it wouldn’t sound like Carlos to do that. I still think we’re weakening two positions by putting Sizemore at third. Just my opinion. Jason has a very interesting take in this entry regarding Inge and the future of thirdbase in Detroit. This is one time where I might take a more active interest in the trade deadline.
Boesch hit too well for too long a time to be considered a flash in the pan. He’s leveling out now and I expect that soon he will pick it up again. If and when he does, that should alleviate any fears that he’s not big league ready. In the mean time, give him the occasional rest as Leyland is doing tomorrow and let him hit his way out of it.
Laird lived up to the G-Money moniker tonight.

Whale of a game Max, and nice to see Laird contribute. We need much, much more of that. And I too applaud the aggressive baserunning by Jackson, we need to test more people like that.

I like Kelly at third defensively. If Sizemore can hold his own while hitting better than Don ok, but I don’t like plugging holes with rookies that haven’t played that position in a while. If they want to bring up a third baseman bring up Larish since that is what he has been playing this year.

Glad to see the win. Boesch will be fine, he is probably pressing a bit. Valverde has me reminiscing of Rodney last night, we have been very spoiled by his pitching. It was odd, hope he doesn’t let it get to his head that he had no control last night and glad we had enough of a cushion!

I see an upcoming game where we belt out 10 runs or more, we tend to have those after slumping, like we can’t even out our hitting.

Seems doubtful to me that Sizemore can hit enough to play regularly at the hot corner. Young players need time to adjust to MLB, and hopefully he’s made the necessary adjustments. Going into the season, I thought he and Scherzer were the keys to the team’s success. They do need him to step up now and deliver on some of his potential.

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