Tigers send out Oliver to make room for Galarraga

The Tigers made their expected rotation tweak a day ahead of time, sending rookie left-hander Andy Oliver to Triple-A Toledo Monday afternoon to make room for right-hander Armando Galarraga.
The move brings back Galarraga ahead of his scheduled start Tuesday against Texas. The Tigers optioned Galarraga to Toledo a week and a half ago with the express intent of getting him some pitching time last week before rejoining the rotation. Galarraga pitched three scoreless innings of relief Friday at Scranton/Wilkes-Barre.
With Oliver out, Rick Porcello officially remains in the Tigers rotation after returning for what was originally characterized as a spot start Saturday night at Cleveland. The Tigers haven’t said when Porcello would start next, but his rotation spot would fall Thursday afternoon against the Blue Jays at Comerica Park. Porcello pitched his way back with eight innings of one-run ball with six strikeouts against the Indians, by far the best performance by a Tigers pitcher over the weekend.
For Oliver, the move ends a five-start stint in the big leagues that showed his potential as a power left-handed starter, but also showed the learning curve he still has to make in his first  full pro season. The 22-year-old gave up two earned runs over six innings in each of his first two starts, but lost them both, before struggling in each of his last three outings. He went 0-4 with a 7.36 ERA, allowing 18 earned runs on 26 hits over 22 innings with 13 walks and 18 strikeouts.


I know they wanted a lefty in the rotation but this young fella got hammered his last 3 starts and with these meek bats in the lineup he did not stand a chance for a “W”. Let’s hope this weekend was the lowpoint of the 2010 season! If not, there may be a fire sale going on soon.
The Tigs have throwers not pitchers. Scherzer with 109 pitches after 5 inns and Verlander at 100+ after 6 inns won’t keep you in the game. You can’t strike out every batter! Keep the ball down in the zone and make them
put it in play.


This blog is the best for insight. Thanks Clearwater for saving my typing fingers. You said it all. Dan must be on a motorcycle trip. To all the other regulars, thanks for all of your opinions. My opinion is the manager and hitting coach must go. I know….they don’t play, but as someone said it is a reflection of the team on how they play. Do you think Ozzie or Ron would sit there when a player did not run when the ball was hit? Here’s to scoring some run against Texas. Go Tigers! We are still in it.

Exactly right! We’re right back to 2007 again. Nobody’s making run support, and pitching is questionable. We got rid of Jim Leylands castaways, for some new “throwers.”

Why is it, when it counts the most to make some gains, even the worst teams in our own division spank us, but we go out west and cream the NL teams, or the non important AL teams out of our division.

Can Ozzie keep the fire going in Chicago? I don’t think so.
another- Jim

Just checking in from Baja Mexico. Too hot too play bll down here so I am not scouting!.
I have not been torturing myself with watching and must admit was fearful that they might start out like this after the break.
Leyland has to take a significant part of the blame. I know the guys must not be hitting and pitching was not so good either but what on earth is he doing resting Austin Jackson? After the All-Star break he needs a blow?
Let’s get an A team together unified and mobilized to win a pennant. The utility players are for injury replacement and interleague. Figure out who your team is and play them.
Back to reality next week!
Bueno suerte Tiger fans.

I truly think that the Tigers take some of the competition lightly. They don’t do it on purpose, but it’s subconscious. It would explain their struggles with KC in big series. The problem is that we don’t have enough pure talent to overcome a bad mental approach and have to grind out each game. Leyland, one thing to his credit, keeps telling them that. I was glad to see Damon step up and address the team. That’s one of the reasons he’s here, despite what JL says about it.
I’m concerned that we will make some stupid trades for players that will come here and immediately fall into the general clubhouse attitude. We don’t need new players, we need a new attitude. Forget that “not too high” thing. Go ahead and get high and maybe we could play good ball for more than a week at a time.
And yes, I know that I’ve said plenty of times that I don’t expect this team to win anything, but it doesn’t stop me from hoping.

Thanks for the kind responses, everyone.
Rich, attitude is it, isn’t it? Reminds me of the Lions. The opposite would of course be the Red Wings, who manage to have kept a playoff streakgoing for 20 years despite changing pretty much everything, from playing style to superstars, with the salary cap coming in and re-alignment…doesn’t matter. While they may not win every year, they are the most successful franchise in hockey over the past 20 years and the rest of the league will tell you that they expect the Red Wings to be competitive, and players like to come to Detroit to be on a “winner” – not so for our Tigers. Pudge almost singlehandedly started taking them in the right direction by signing here and immediately proclaiming that he was here to win, whether or not that was his true motivation. We haven’t moved forward from that point, really. Haven’t taken it to the next level. We have to change the attitude and Damon was supposed to be the answer…which he may have been 5 years ago when he was still in his prime and could lead by example on the field. Weak pop ups and ground balls take away from any “winning” attitude he may bring, lessening the effect.
As with Rich, I do not feel good about our team, but I still am a fan and hope we do well…we are 1.5 games out, with plenty of opportunities to make it up in our division. I will watch and root for the Tigers and maybe we can have a nice homestand.

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