Inge out 4-6 weeks with broken bone in left hand

The Tigers lost a key cog in their division hopes Monday, when Brandon Inge suffered a fractured bone in his left hand that is expected to sideline him for 4-6 weeks.
Inge was batting in the third inning with two men on base and two outs when Scott Feldman’s 1-1 fastball rode up and in on him. Inge shook off the injury and remained in the game for the fourth inning before Don Kelly replaced him at third base for the top of the fifth. 
X-rays taken on Inge revealed what the Tigers called a non-displaced fracture of the fifth metacarpal — essentially a fractured bone near the base of Inge’s pinky finger.
It’s a potentially big blow to a Tigers ballclub trying to stay close in the three-way race atop the American League Central. Inge tripled and scored in the second inning to raise his average to .263 on the season with six home runs and 40 RBIs. His defense, meanwhile, has been a big part of the Tigers infield since he regained his starting job at third near the end of 2008.
Inge was an All-Star last season but struggled over the final three months with meniscus microtears in both of his knees. He underwent double knee surgery last November and made it back in time for Opening Day, but only in the last month or so have his legs finally felt around full strength.
The Tigers don’t have an obvious replacement at the hot corner in the farm system. Most likely, the duties will fall on Kelly and Ryan Raburn, utilitymen who can count third base among the many positions they can handle. Kelly bats left-handed, while Raburn is a right-handed hitter.


Boy that is bad news? Larish maybe???
I cannot believe that Damon didn’t score on that Boesch single and our players and these freaking double play balls. Guillen are you serious???? Bases loaded and one out and nothing.

Name of the game is wasted opportunities.

I can’t recall ever seeing a young pitcher come up and pitch so well but have such bad luck as Robbie Weinhardt. It’s been amazing. He’s made every necessary pitch but through poor defense and/or poor defensive positioning, he gets nothing to show for it.
It’s not often you’ll see an experienced professional hitter in a gamer situation with the bases loaded, one out, and a 2-0 count fail as miserably as Guillen did. About as often as you’ll see an experienced, professional baserunner like Damon absolutely misread a game winning hit to the outfield. The highly original ways the Tigers are finding to lose ballgames puts me in mind of that 2003 team. Believe it or not.
A trade to replace Inge would be a waste of time. I have several options in mind, none of which Leyland would do. One is to put Raburn at 3rdbase everyday. I think Ryan can play the position if he’s out there everyday, and he’d hit RH pitchers better on a fulltime basis. Another is to switch Guillen to 3rdbase and put Raburn in at second, thus strengthening both positions. Yet another is to put Guillen at third and call up Scott Sizemore. What will Leyland do? Probably platoon Kelly and Raburn, hitting both in the 7-hole and assuring that Kelly gets 70% of the playing time. The worst possible option is the one JL will go to.
And does any of it even matter?

Santiago has 9 games at 3B career with a .778 fielding percentage.
Raburn 27 G with .811 FP
Kelly 12 G with .933 FP
Guillen 189 G .939 FP
Larish 13 GP .935 FP
Inge 754 G .958 FP
Laird has 2 G with 3 chances in 10 Innings
Cabrera 387 G wih .951, although they would never put him there…would they?
My vote is for Larish to come up and play everyday so they can finally decide on him. That will probably not happen.
Terrible luck on the bad hop over Santiago. Bad luck on Inge getting hit. A-Jax misses two in center he usually catches. Damon misreads game winning base hit. Terrible situational hitting again. Bonderman has his usual disastrous inning or two. Questionable 3rd strike call to end game. We can’t take advantage of ANY breaks we get…one of the most frustrating games of the year…reminds me of last year game 163.

Well, I shut it off and went to bed. After so many great catches, I could hardly believe my eyes when Jackson missed that one in particular. We have had several chances this year to have inside the park HR’s, but don’t take advantage of it. When the pitcher got beaned, could Jackson have still run to third or was he held back. I would have had him run, man down or not.
I knew we’d lose, that’s why I shut if off. So many balls get through that Poly would have gotten to.

Other than that, I hope we win soon.

It was getting late and I said one more inning. That was the 11th. Damon could not see the ball. Where were the coaches? I agree Rich, Carlos up to bat, 2-0, the bases loaded, the pitcher trying to find the strike zone. One word. WOW. I need to a lot of yard work when I get home from work tonight. Maybe I can finish in time to see us win in the 9th inning. Go Tigers! –Dave

Just had to shake my head in disbelief that JL has just worked out his starters stink on the road, and of course has no idea why.
We will continue to only be thereabouts without an experienced pitcher leading the rotation. This doesn’t mean taking a primadonna that would lock horns with JV but someone like Lilly who knows his craft which they can quietly follow and learn from.
Imagine having a starting lefty with an ERA under 5, something we haven’t seen the past three seasons.
I took a glance at our three minor league affiliates – Toledo last on .479; Erie last on .396 and Lakeland last on .348. Our stocks must be lower than being let on and any deadline trades will have to be more skillfully managed than recent experience.
On what basis is DD looking to 2012? Or is it just one year after his and JL’s contract finish in 2011?
Mr I has already thrown (or blown) over the past three years $66.4m more than Chisox and an incredible $166.9m more than the Twins. Oh and 206.9m more than the Rays which really shows what dynamic mamagement from the GM down can achieve.
I hope they use the Inge injury to look towards 2011. Unfortunately however, two infield Mudhens with future promise have been sharing 2B being Rhymes and Sizemore.

Winning percentage is not often a great gauge to judge a farm system. A bad team can have a selection of prospects on it, and a great team can be filled with six-year minor league veterans. The back-to-back title teams in Toledo a few years back weren’t really loaded on prospects except for Granderson and Zumaya in ’05.

Too bad AJax couldn’t catch that ball, not sure what happened there but it was costly, as was the dp by Carlos and the baserunning by Damon. I would like to see a clip of what Lamont was doing, not that JD was even looking at him, but would like to know what the coach was thinking.

I’d like to know exactly what Miggy said to the first base ump last night, am guessing like Rod said he though he blocked the bag on that pickoff attempt? We had him easy, not sure how we didn’t get him.

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