Galarraga now starting Friday for Toledo

The question no doubt came up after Armando Galarraga was seen with umpire Jim Joyce at the ESPY awards Wednesday night, but what happened with his scheduled start for Triple-A Toledo Thursday? Well, it was pushed back to Friday, a decision that came down before Galarraga went out to Los Angeles.

Galarraga is still on schedule to return to the Tigers rotation Tuesday, which means he’ll be going on short rest, which means he’ll most likely be on a pitch count Friday at Scranton/Wilkes-Barre.
I can’t say if the decision was made in correlation with ESPN’s invitation to Galarraga to appear at their awards ceremony, though the Tigers don’t normally bring back pitchers to Detroit to start on short rest. For what it’s worth, Billy Buckner started for the Mud Hens on Thursday and gave up nine runs on seven hits and two walks in just two-thirds of an inning. The Diamondbacks have parted ways with Dontrelle Willis, who agreed to a minor league deal with the Giants. Buckner, the man the Tigers acquired in the Willis trade, has given up 60 hits over 37 1/3 innings, including eight home runs, to go with a 9.40 ERA. 


Too bad we can’t take in the Hens game that night to see GMan, but for good reason, that night we’ll be watching the Tigers in person beat up on the Blue Jays. They better, my whole family is going so my husband will be outnumbered 17-1 on tigers/jays fans.

Nice to see the blog picking back up again. Good thing I have British Open highlights to watch at night, slow night for baseball last night.

2nd half begins…hopefully with a nice beat down of the Tribe.

Thank goodness the games start again. The weather is beautiful and it should be a fun time tonight.

Tiger Girl- Armando pitches tonight for the Hens (not next Friday) and next Tuesday he is scheduled to start against the Rangers.
Speaking of which- pitching Friday then Tuesday? Maybe they will be limiting his innings tonight.

Tonght’s game feels like it’s the start of a new season. We can do it all over again but do it better. So hope that will be the case.

Better be ‘new season’ nerves with GMan and Max walking 6 thru the first two innings.

Maybe Max can turn it around a little. We just have to win this game.

It turns out GMan was pulled late for Drucker. Hope nothing is wrong with him.

It turns out GMan was pulled late for Drucker. Hope nothing is wrong with him.

GMan is now pitching relief tonight.

runs in 4 innings. Not good.

Turns out GMan could have done some long innings relief tonight for the Tigs. Max will be lucky to make it thru 4 and keep it a contest.

Leadoff triple and then 2 poor ABs by Damon and Magglio. Ouch!

Discouraging. Cleveland is a team that we can’t allow to keep in the game. They ere a very beatable team and we have to take advantage of this in order to learn how to win on the road.

hope i’m wrong but leyland has a track record of tigers fading in second half of the season since he’s come to detroit

I guess we’re stuck at “helping other teams feel better abou themselves.”

When was the last time we won a game that Westbrook started?

What a wonderful start to the 2nd half of the season, NOT. Lousy pitching by both Scherzer and especially by Thomas. He throw 4 pitches and 4 runs score. Poor hitting and baserunning. Inge and Guillen need jet packs to steal. All in all we were embarassed by Cleveland.

Very depressing taking our AL Central record to 16-18. Amazing we are in this mediocre race when we have won only two away series – at Oakland and the opening series set at KC.
No relevations why we can’t win on the road. Our offense stats are respectable with:
Season .275/.344 (3 of 30 in MLB) and 4.7 runs per game Away .263/.331 (4 of 30) and 4.1 runs per game
Home .286/.355 (6 of 30) and 5.1 runs per game.
Pitching stats turn decidedly ugly on the road being:
Season 4.29 ERA (20 of 30)
Away 5.28 ERA (28 of 30)
Home 3.53 ERA (9 of 30)

in the nine , one out , one run down. A real manager uses a pinch hitter. Not The Mendoza troupe

Didn’t see last nights game, went to a Sting concert. Todays games other than the first inning has been horrible and they should be embarressed. Justin hasn’t been good the hitters haven’t been good. Granted Cleveland has made some nice plays, but still typical Tigers letting a pitcher whom hasn’t been good off the hook.
Three more innings to go lets see if they can get their heads out of the sand and play baseball.

JV out of the game. Id’a left him in for one more.
I feel we rely a bit too much on Coke. He”s good but not great.
Very concerned that we can’t domnate and turn it on against a team like Cleveland.
A -B+
Damon C
Ordonez B+
MCab A
Boesch B+
Guillen C+
Inge C
Avila C
Laird D
Santiago B
Worth C+
Raburn C
Kelly C
Max B
Porcello C
GMan C
JV2 (Valverde) A+
Coke B
Perry C+
Bonine C-
Guillen C+
Rod Allen C+
Mario Impembal B+
Dan Dickerson A
Price B
Knapp B
Lloyd Mac C
Dombrowski C-
Illitch C

Not a team that scares the feces out of the opposition. That is the definition of the Detroit Tigers.
Maybe “Next Year”!!!!

What a pathetic display on the field. Typical Tigers look good in the first then die the rest of the game. JV was not good. But I disagree they should of taken him out when they did. Cleveland was getting some pretty good swings on him. I hope they are satisfied with themselves, because this team the way it plays on the road doesn’t have a chance in hell of making the playoffs. The next month of the schedule is brutal and on the road against GOOD teams. This Cleveland team is horrible and they lose the first two games of the series. Downright pathetic.

I hate to agree with Sklant.
But I do.
You can’t overcme a team like this at a time like thiis then you have over-arching concerns.

Talbot has yet less pitches than Verlander in the first

Well, I see someone else is writing the articles on the Tiger Website. I wonder where they send Jason?

Sure hope the Tigers win tonight.

The first 2 games are worse than expected. The Tigers just plain out stunk.

My one major concern with the Tigs the past three or so seasons has been the lack of experienced natural leaders on the team. VV and Damon filled two of the holes with a SP the only glaring omission despite what JV may say on the issue.
How is it possible for our Home ERA to be a respectable 3.53 (9 of 30 in MLB) and 5.28 Away for a lowly 28 of 30?
The relievers are definitely holding up on the road apart from Perry’s 8.1 ERA with Bonine 2.45 ERA; Coke 1.17; VV .55; Thomas 3.72 and Zoom 3.20.
When you look at our regular starters ERA’s you wonder how the heck we have won 16 on the road.
JV Away 4.99 ERA, Home 2.70 ERA;
Bondo Away 6.11, Home 3.63;
Scherzer A 5.61, H 3.80;
Porcello A 9.78, H 4.37;
GMan A 7.78, H 2.57.
JV has only recently become a liability on the road with his 2009 stats a similar 4.04 away and 2.81 at home, yet his career stats are 4.22 away and 3.61 at home.
The Tigs desperately need an experienced starter, preferably a lefty who they can learn the art of pitching from. Scherzer and JV the last two games have convinced me of this.
Ted Lilly to me is the only possibility out there, though I wonder on what grounds the 10 teams made his no trade list which includes the Phils and Twins. A choosy player concerns me on how he would fit in.

My God, we have the bases loaded with no outs and still haven’t driven in a run. Brandon with bases loaded and…

Can’t fault the effort but man, only one run from the first two innings – easier pulling teeth and probably less painful.

I don’t like getting thrown out at home again. And Cabrera striking out again. Ughhh/

No, Detroit is not among the 10 teams on Lilly´s no trade list . But Twins are
Porcello can do it against a team with only one batter over 250( he is 239 at home but still hit him a HR) but how will he far against a real team throwing one fastball after another( an he is no Zumaya)

This game is starting to smell like the earlier one. Tied going into the bottom of the 7th, they have everything to play for. This series reminds me of last year against KC after we came back from sweeping Tampa having played the best baseball possible, we then lost all spark.

Sad state of affairs in Tiger town. Just when I didn’t think that it could get more pitiful it does. Wasted opportunity after waster opportunity. I know they must care but it sure doesn’t feel like it. And with Oliver going today well we are in for a sweep. Good going.

Were they playing a “no doubles” defense in the 11th when Nix dropped that single into center? Jackson is one of the best in the business at going back for a ball so why have him playing so deep?

I last felt this way about the team last September after being swept by KC. Still only 1.5 games back so the torture is going to prevail for some time.
Damon has to get involved in the game which he can’t effectively do from DH. Sharing the DH role with Maggs would be a start.
Mr I would have to be certifiable to throw any more money at this team with $134m unable to get you a win against a team hitting under 250.

The guy starting for Cleveland is making his majo league debut and has a 5.70 era in AAA. We need to cuff him around like we did Carlos Carrasco last year in the same situation. If not, and maybe even if so, depending on Oliver’s performance, we are in for a rough ride. We may be thrilled that we get to play the White Sox so often in the second half as it will be our only way to make up ground that we lose to everyone else.

During the copurse of the season I have been very critical on JL with some of my comments. I have now come to realize that most of my wrath should have been directed to the players. Although JL has made some dumb moves he is not swinging the bat catching and throwing the ball. Today’s fiasco was example of the inability to drive in runs when it counted or get a base hit when it mattered. Looking at the box score in the 2nd game and see where as an example Inge leaves seven runners on and as a team 1 for 11 RISP was a disgrace but typical of this team. I would not be surprised to see us in 3rd place by the end of next week.

I’m just heartbroken with the team right now. We looked so sharp before the All-Star break, a team that appeared able to contend. We had shortcomings, but others stepped up and made up for them.
For the life of me, I can’t understand how they came back so cold and just plain pathetic. We have seen a few good plays. The catch by Jackson was spectacular and so was Porcello.
Dead men walking. That’s is how they are playing and that is what they look like on the field. I’m so upset with this team.

I sit in amazement as I watch a group of “major league ball players” take poor batting approaches in both of the games.
Maggs looked truly lost, Cabbs is in a cool down for 20 at bats, and I’m afraid we’ve gotten the peak performance from Boesch, great kid notwithstanding. The 7-8-9 order in game two portended to be very weak even with Kelly’s two hits.
Porcello gets his act together, and we can’t get him two runs.
I am really fooling myself, if I continue to believe that we have a good ball club. Those two hitting performances weren’t worth a bucket of warm spit.


I’m not sure why anyone would need to direct their wrath at either the players or manager but not both. Winning and losing is a team effort. Case in point below:
In a tight game with our offense struggling, Cabrera hits a bomb to rightfield. Instead of hustling out of the box, he stands and admires his blow. When it hits the wall instead of going out, our superstar ends up with a single instead of an easy double. What does Leyland do? Nothing at the time. He may have talked to Miggy later, perhaps even fined him, or maybe he left it to the player’s court to fine Miggy a piddling amount. As manager, what would I have done? Let’s just say you would have seen Don Kelly take over at firstbase in the next half inning. It was a perfect opportunity to send a message to the team, veterans and youngsters alike, that you don’t dog it “up here” as Leyland likes to call it.
Player’s fault? Manager’s fault? Whatever.

I agree with you, Rich. I knew why he wasn’t on 2nd. Hope he’s not drinking again.

I agree wholeheartedly, Rich. If I remember correctly a hitter behind him had a hit, and if he had been on second he might have scored. But instead we suffer a walk-off loss.
And yet another instance that shows Raburn should never play in the outfield…

Here in the 4th inning when you don’t think that they cant get more pathetic on the field WELL it gets worse.

Boy they are making a bad AAA pitcher look real good. Is it lack of interest?? I don’t think it is skill. I just don’t know what they are thinking. Like Rod said Toledo scored ton of runs on this guy too bad they couldn’t swap teams for the day, because it is appearent they don’t give a crap.

No decision on Porcello´s next start. That must be a joke. One more Oliver start will mean they are giving away the season. Today was another Galarraga´s start but he is in AAA. While a A ( at most ) pitcher is in the Majors.
Time to look for help . Second spot batter is a pressing need . Damon is killing the Tigers. He is 10 pts over Binge and has the same avg as Worth.
And JL must keep the same roster at least two days in a road .

So JL inserts Valverde for an inning of work in a 6-2 game. T
Why couldn’t that “inning of work” have come last night in the 11th?…. Nobody needs to answer.
What the heck did Donald have on his jersey? Was that grease. What’s he doing, changing his oil between innings?
Rich, couldn’t agree with you more on Cabrera. Admiring that long single was awful….. bad baseball at best . Wonder how inspired his teammates were watching that. He will never be truly great, nor will he be a leader, until he can mature and gain some humility. Until then he will simply be a gifted player with a tremendous amount of God given talent. That on it’s own cannot inspire nor lead a team to a pennant.
If this series represents who the Tigers are, they’re going nowhere this season.

That was a very strange weekend of baseball. How can a team come off vacation, well rested and supposedly ready, then sleepwalk through four consecutive games? Granted, I haven’t had a real high opinion of this year’s team, but I didn’t expect this to happen. The players truly looked like they didn’t care, in fact, they looked like a group of disgruntled employees. Very odd, even by Tigers standards.
Of course, if we’d started the 2nd half at home, it’s a different story. I looked it up, and we haven’t started the second half at home since 2006, so this is four consecutive seasons of starting out of town. In ’07, it was Seattle and the Sheffield injury. In ’08, it was Baltimore when the Orioles all turned into Babe Ruth for a weekend. Last year it was New York and the 2-1 losses.
Obviously we can’t win the division by playing poorly on the road and against Central opponents, but now I’m starting to wonder if we’ll even finish above .500.
We can’t possibly make enough trades to turn this around, so the only move that could be made is to change managers. It’s got to happen sooner or later, so why not this year? It’s not like JL is irreplaceable, not with his obvious lack of leadership and well documented game decisions. Having to use Valverde today to get him work was laughable after not using him last night. I realize the ‘book” says to wait till you have a lead on the road in extra innings before using your closer, but come on. At the very least, a Valverde appearance late last night might have provided a spark to a sleepwalking team. Then you’ve got players being rested even though they just had a week off. Raburn in center? Are you serious? Does anyone else think Jackson (who was having a good series) would have been able to run down Peralta’s drive in the 1st inning? Nope, we just got another chapter added to the growing and legendary feats of Ryan Raburn as an outfielder.
At the risk of sounding like a campaigning politician, we need change. Leyland isn’t old school, he’s just old. Old school would have meant benching Cabrera immediately for not hustling. I cringe to think of our youngsters being brought up then learning the ropes of big league life from Jim Leyland. Brookens has already managed these kids, he’s already here, and would bring about some much needed change in this club’s culture and work practices. IMO, Leyland is one of the worst managers in baseball, just so I don’t leave any doubt as to where I stand on this issue. I’m sure there are some that will say it falls on the players and that’s true only to a certain extent.
I would hope the Andy Oliver experiment is over. I also hope the kid hasn’t lost all his confidence. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that he was pitching behind in the count during each and every start he made. I don’t care if he is lefthanded, first you have to have a good pitcher. Bonine gets too many days off between appearances and you can look that up on the page. He’d be more effective with more work, IMO.
Now we’ll return to Comerica, play better, and fans will think everything is fine. It’s not.

I would say by now they have killed any positives Oliver may have been able to take from his premature time in the majors. Obvious to all and sundry it was two starts too many.
“You can write what you want because I don’t have an answer for you,” Leyland said early Saturday morning, before the Tigers lost both games. “What do you want me to say? We play like horse (bleep) on the road. We talked to the team about it (Friday). We’ve got to play better on the road and better against our division or we aren’t going to be playing for anything this season.”

From The Detroit News:
When is Mr I going to wake up that JL’s inability to understand team chemistry and player dynamics.
Amazing that JL’s answer to road slumps is to have a team meeting to discuss it. Did he honestly think that would be useful and inspirational?
The meeting must have been a real doozy. Wonder if he held it in the carpark so he could suck his way through it.
JL will never have the answers.

Not sure why a kid (Jackson) would be given the day off unless there is something wrong. However I don’t know if he would or would not have made that catch that Raburn fell through the wall. But that was not an easy play and that probably wouldn’t have been an inside the park homer had Clevelands crappy stadium’s door not have come open. It shouldn’t be able to come open like that. It maybe have been a double or a triple but not a homer.
But in my opinion that didn’t cost us the game. I don’t know what is wrong with these guys. While I don’t think that they are an incredible team, I don’t think that they are this either?? The pitching other than Porcello was poor all weekend. The hitting was poor except really for Jackson. Cabrera was horrible, as well as Boesch. Nobody was hot. It was just all around a poor effort coming out of the break. This team needs pitching and needs it bad. Oliver isn’t the answer. He probably will be good eventually, but it isn’t his time yet. There is nobody in the system that will do, and it is unbelievable they have let him go on this long. I don’t understand that at all. At the very least give the start to Galarraga. JV was bad.
Twins just came back to win. At least something good happened today. Remember when this team used to come back and win games??????
This is completely frustrating.

This time, returning to Comerica won’t change the dynamic. I have never been a real critic of JL, but something needs to be shaken up, and in most cases, it’s not the player who gets shaken. This four game lack of effort was one of the most pathetic I have seen in 50 years of being associated with watching the Tigers. Even the 2004 club had excuses. They had no talent. This team certainly has enough talent to have at least earned a split on the road with the Tribe. there needs to be some major roaring going on in the next few days, or this season becomes basically irrelevant.


We might become sellers if this continues.

Til the end of time, Raburn, falling through that door will be shown over and over, shown on the bloopers programs and people will laugh and laugh. That’s how this team makes me feel.

A painful weekend. I was at all four. The offense and defense cost the games. Oliver hah some shots hit against him, but I thought the double to left should have been caught by Bosech and the inside the park homer could have been caught by Rayburn. Kelly gave up a run with a throwing error when he had a guy five feet from him that he could of tagged out. I think Oliver will go to Toledo on Tuesday.
The 4-5-6 hitters left too many men on base.
Cabrera was cussing himself out for not running. He goes end up admiring his shots too much. He usually will still make it to second. Hopefully, this one will teach him a lesson to run out of the box.
We need a sweep of Texas now.

The Tigers have a fear of success. They do not have that killer instinct. A team is generally considered to be a reflection of their manager, and the Tigers are exactly that. Leyland manages scared and defensive, instead of being aggressive. When he IS aggressive, good things happen. Then he abandons it for fear that it won’t continue. We all know people like this. The Tigers are full of them. Leyland, Laird, Raburn, Bonderman…it’s like they are made of glass. Even Verlander falls into this category sometimes. They tend to pull tight and act reactive and defensive to media and fans. It’s not going to go over much longer…
The Twins are not like this. Heck, the White Sox are not like this. The Cubs are. The Mets are, usually. The Tigers need a Billy Martin to kick some life into them. How many of us would have loved to see the manager walking up and down the dugout challenging players at some point during this series?
Dombrowski or whoever not doing something to address the inadequacies of this team thus far is the same as always and really gets irritating. How many starts were wasted on Willis, Figaro, Oliver, that could have been taken by Nate or a veteran they could have acquired a month ago for peanuts before the need became obvious to every team in baseball? Why do we keep playing Raburn at positions he is not even A-ball level at? Why do we keep playing Don Kelly, who seems like a fine guy but a AAA ballplayer? For the one nice running catch he makes every month in the outfield? Why do we consistently fail to drive up the pitch counts of even rookie pitchers? This has gone on for several seasons!
The cruel part is that we watch and feel like we have a shot every year because we play just good enough to lose out, when the flaws are obvious to all of us and could be fixed in a way that would at least give us a CHANCE to improve.
One final thought…unless he picks it up over the second half, I hope Ordonez is not back. The $$$ we could use would be very helpful. Between the money we pay Damon and Ordonez, we should be able to find a superstar outfielder to put with Jackson and Boesch AND then some. We are the 4th youngest team in baseball and yet still in contention, meaning we DO have the potential to be good in the long haul…

All four games, Mark, wow. I was in Michigan all week, driving back on Friday, and was tempted to stay over in Cleveland for the game that night. Glad I didn’t. I’m 0-4 in Cleveland myself, one loss in 2006 and a 3 game sweep in September of 2007.
The White Sox blew it big in Minnesota today. That’s the frustrating part; the division is right there for the taking but we don’t have the guns to do it.

Somehow I was not around at all for any of the games this weekend and for that I am glad. I heard the Cabrera single that should have been a double and the radio guys were none too pleased on that. Wow, how do we lose 4 straight to Cleveland? Only good thing that came out of the weekend was the battle between the Twins and the Sox kept us only 1.5 games out. I don’t like to get too down on the team and all teams go through funks now and then, but 4 straight? Against Cleveland? Yikes.

I am hoping for better play this week, that they decide that this year, no second half slump.

Thank you, Mark, for letting us know Miguel was mad at himself for not running to 2nd base. There’s been alot written about it so hopefully, we won’t see that again.
Today’s Free Press is reporting Johnny Damon called a team meeting after Sunday’s game. That’s something the other guy’s wouldn’t do so at least he showed some leadership. Texas Rangers and Toronto – 2 of the hottest and most offensive minded teams out there. We have to show something or “something” is going to go down.

And I don’t mean out standing in the ratings.

That was a good post, Clearwater. You were able to put what many of us feel into words. Good job. I don’t think Ordonez is going anywhere, but you hit the nail on the head with all your points.
Always just good enough to lose out in the end, be it the World Series or game 163 or Galarraga’s perfect game. Just close enough to make people hope, then dash those hopes.

Damon must begin batting instead of calling meetings .
Jl must go, he owe his career to Bond and Cabrera without them he will have nothing to show
Gallarraga is rightly upset for been sided for an A class pitcher

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