Wednesday: Tigers vs. Orioles

It’s a getaway evening game for a change, and considering the temperatures, the timing couldn’t have been better. At last glance, it was 94 degrees here an hour before first pitch.

Standard lineup against O’s right-hander Brad Bergesen, except that Danny Worth is at short. In the interest of full disclosure after the Tigers’ recent adventures with umpires, Angel Hernandez is behind home plate tonight.


  1. Jackson, CF
  2. Damon, DH
  3. Ordonez, RF
  4. Cabrera, 1B
  5. Boesch, LF
  6. Guillen, 2B
  7. Inge, 3B
  8. Laird, C
  9. Worth, SS

P: Max Scherzer


  1. Julio Lugo, 2B
  2. Miguel Tejada, 3B
  3. Nick Markakis, RF
  4. Ty Wigginton, 1B
  5. Adam Jones, CF
  6. Matt Wieters, C
  7. Felix Pie, LF
  8. Josh Bell, DH
  9. Cesar Izturis, SS

P: Brad Bergesen


What a carefree series this has been. Will we ever feel this carefree again. Tough teams ahead of us, but still enjoying the afterglow of winning a series at home.

A delayed answer to your question Rich. I’m doing well thanks. It’s hot but it’s summer. I heard someone mention on the local news that we haven’t had 3 days in a row in the 90’s since 2007. Wow. That was so long ago……….Another simply amazing media statistic. Are you on that Dave?:-)
Carefree series is a good description Pup. Although last night wasn’t looking that way until the end.
Hey Clearwater. I wasn’t reacting to your statement on Rod in the previous blog. I think a lot of people have expressed some annoyance with his way of over complimenting the opposing pitchers or players when they have our hitters’ numbers. It doesn’t bother me that much really. I think he just likes to credit a good performance. I sure wouldn’t want to have to listen to the Hawk whine every game. His opponent compliments are so begrudgingly transparent. It’s as if it kills him to have to say anything good about non-Sox players.
Was Rod talking about a 4 out save last night? I was wondering about that too. I thought it was a 2 inning or 6 out save situation. Is a 4 out save a general description of any save requiring more than 3 outs?
Looking for a nickname for Brennan? What was his major in college? Did I read that his father was a lawyer? Any ideas there? The Lawyer?

Ok, Marty, sorry to get defensive haha. I can’t stand Hawk either.
As far as I know, a 4-out save is a 4-out save. Rarely do closers do any longer than that, but I will say I haven’t really heard of a 5-out save, so maybe 4-out is a catchall.
The Barrister could be a good nick if the family has a legal history. Would probably help if he actually went to law school or was British, though. Someone should be nicknamed The Public Defender someday in some sport.

4 out save could only mean one thing. Got 3 outs in 1 inning and 1 out in another inning. Ha! So many people hate Hawk and I like him. You definitely know for sure he isn’t auditioning for a job with a different club.

Nicely done Max, I am starting to like this Max much better than the old Max prior to his Toledo stint. Congrats Danny on your first big league homerun, didn’t see that one coming. Good job beating a team you should beat, and a sweep even better. Rest up for the Twinkies. I see they are on national FOX for Saturday, but won’t be home to see what those announcers have to say about the Tigers.

Nice job Max.
Regarding Rod and not so much Mario – They do get on my nerves at time – I think that is very noticable. However when I have to listen to Hawk for one second I realize how good we actually have it. There are sooo many bad duos out there. Although I don’t mind the guy that is with Hawk so much. He is just such a hillbilly “She Gone” “Get over they Pauley” and everyones favorite “put it on the board YES!” If I had to listen to him well, I would be a Cubs fan.

To go back to yesterdays blog, I don’ think that it was a demotion for Armando either. I think they really really need pen help, nothing more and nothing less.
I don’t hate Rod – he is just so repetative sometimes. But he seems like a good guy, I think he has some insight and I appreciate how hard it must be to come up with things to say that sound original. I just get sick of the gushing sometimes.
He said something really funny last night “Tejadar they come Tehajada they fall” when he flew out to the wall last night. That was good.

“Tejada they fall, Tejada they come.” Only Rod pronounced it like thehada. I would miss Rod’s insight into he game and also his personality. Mario is strictly the straight man, and Rod….well, Rod gives us all those Rodisms and they are memorable.

That’s a good one from Rod re Tejada. Last night I didn’t even have Gary Thorne and his quirky sense of humor so it was really really dull. I’ll be glad to get back to FSN Detroit this weekend, although I’m blacked out Saturday. Nice to talk about the “Tiger watching experience” that doesn’t alway pertain to personnel and management decisions.
You know, the Twins aren’t even in second place. Chicago passed ’em. And Chicago lost Peavey for the season. They’ve used the same five starters for the entire season so far. Can you imagine that?

So now each of the 3 contenders have lost a key pitcher for the season. You could argue we have lost 3, but I don’t put Seay and Miner in the same boat as Zumaya as far as potential impact when healthy. The Twins are withstanding Nathan loss just fine, now let’s see how the Sox do without Peavy. I don’t know that it will cost them a chance at competing, but it will certainly give the Twins and Tigers a better shot at beating the White Sox down the stretch, unless the Sox go out and get Haren or Lee.
What is really interesting about it is that Peavy is owed something like $37 million over the next 3 years and that could really hamstring the White Sox financially. If the Twins go out and trade some of their best prospects for a half season of Lee, and the Tigers get some money off the books with Bondo, Willis, Robertson, Everett, Laird and possibly Inge, Detroit could stand as the team in best position to compete over the next few years. Nightmare scenario is that the Twins trade for Lee and then re-sign him for next season and beyond…

We need to send a big “Thank you!” to the Angels for rolling over and playing dead in 4 games against the Sox this week. I am sure Torii Hunter, Bobby Abreu, Hideki Matsui, at al will do the samr for the Tigers when they play next. This weekend while the Tigers and Twins are beating up on each other, the Sox get KC at home. I know it’s not impossible, but I can’t see the Royals beating the Sox very often. So by the All-Star break the Sox could be in sole possession of first place. You can put it on the board….. YES! Come on KC, make the Sox “Be Gone!”

Good post Illinoifan. And to think the White Sox were seemingly buried early in the season. On June 8th they were 24-33 (their low water mark). That was following a 7-2 loss to the Tigers. They then took the series by beating our Tigers 15-3 and 3-0 on June 9th and 10th. These two games were actually the beginning of their turnaround in which they have gone 22-5 including today’s 1-0 win over the Angels. What? The good news is that KC plays them pretty well. KC leads the series 5-4 this year….OK stat man Dave, that’s my contribution:-) It just never ends does it?

Marty, I am starting to get impressed.🙂
Funny how Chisox turned the season around when rumours started they were looking to rebuild for 2011. Just as amazing Rich, their bullpen has also remained in tact with only 13 pitchers used all season and only 2 IP not thrown by the opening day roster.
Chisox could now be the biggest trade buyers and they have destiny in there own hands with 14 games left against the Tigs and 13 against the Twins. 6 of our 9 games left with the Twins are at home so they wont be our nemesis this year.
The Tigs just keep coming up big in clutch situations. Late Innings Close Games from 240 AB’s has gone to a .278 avge(4/30 MLB) with an OBP of .379 (1st) and an amazing .498 slugging % with the Reds next best on .447.
Yankees for comparison are .200/.312/.265 for 28 of 30.
I was wondering how Damon canget more involved in the game from DH. Is being JL’s Special Assistant out of the question?
Whilst on JL, have to tip my golf cap to him. He has rarely sat on his hands and gone with his hunches and keeps pulling the reins as needed.
Your right Pup about tough teams ahead. The 35 games in 35 days after the break will define the season with following the 4H game Cleveland series, we play in order Texas 3H, Jays 4H, Rays 4A, Bosox 3A, Chisox 4H, LAA 3H, Rays 3H, Chisox 3A and NYY 4A.

I know its dumb proof reading after you have posted but of the horror stretch 21 of the games are at home with 14 away.
After the stretch ends on 19 August, our remaining games outside Central are Jays 4A, Texas 2A and O’s 3H and 4A.
As good a 2nd half schedule as you can get with no travel and jetlag issues.

Speaking of Leland, Dave, I’ve often wondered if he wears nicotine patches during the games. Going without a cigarette for 2, 3 or more hours has to be a real ordeal for him especially when the games get a little dicey, which is almost always it seems. He used to disappear downstairs somewhere, but now, not so much. I’m an ex-smoker several times over and can relate to needing a smoke under stress.

well, one of the next future Tigers has hit 2 home runs today in his Tee-ball debut. he’s in a 4 year old league yet he is only 3 and 1/2 years old. crushed that baseball, plus he can throw the ball accurately from 30 feet away. amazing.
so, in about 14 years, watch out MLB!!!!
i’m counting on him to be my retirement plan.

The Twins lost and the WS won. Anybody else watch the Phillies/Reds game. Wonder how Polanco feels now that he’s on the DL and his team is in 3rd place. They are really missing him.

Lee is out of the market. So, time to go after Lilly or Gorzelanny. It is a pity Brandon Lyon out-priced himself of the Tigers for a trade

Having waded through a mountain of LeBron stories to find some baseball news, I see that the “word” now is that Lee is about to be traded to the Yankees. Somehow the two stories tie in, you know?
Actually, other than the NL, the Yankees is the best place for Lee to go. It keeps him out of our division and doesn’t do much to strengthen any other team either, including the Yankees, who you already figure to meet in the postseason. Cliff Lee to the Yankees is so ridiculous it’s funny. Don those pinstripes, Cliff! This would somehow be good news.

I see Porcello is being skipped tonight in Toledo, any chance of a call up for Sunday’s game?

I’m not sure that Lilly isn’t an NL pitcher. Gorzelanny seems like a toss-up in the AL, also. But I don’t think the Tigers are going to trade for a starter, unfortunately. If they do, I would expect it to be something cheap, like a Doug Davis or maybe Paul Maholm.
Agree that Lee to Yanks would be great news. Yanks would be giving up some good prospects instead of just signing Lee as a FA after the season. The good prospects would be going to a team that has really struggled and is not in Detroit’s division.
We need to take the series against Minnesota. And someone needs to beat the White Sox. Seriously, when is it our turn to get a 22-5 run or a 17-4 run? Hopefully at the end of this season!

While perusing the internet for Cliff Lee rumors, I ran across this article:
It suggests the possibility of the Tigers trading Porcello for Dan Haren, and that Porcello was moved back to pitch for Toledo tomorrow in front of a “special” scouting audience.
Not sure how I feel about this yet, but I figured I would share with the rest of you.

The only comment I can make is we have lacked a leader of the SP’s for a few years now.
Problem is though I think JV now sees himself in that role regardless of whether he is up to it now or in the immediate future.
Being the gun pitching ace doesn’t make you a good leader.

Cliff Lee is a Ranger.

Surprised that the Rangers went out and got Lee over the Yankees. Even better than the Yankees getting him, to me. Will he re-sign there?
As for Porcello, he never struck me as a dominating pitcher, a la Verlander. What is good about him is that he is a totally different style pitcher than Verlander. Haren had a bad 2nd half last year and is not having a great first half this year. That said, he is an innings eater who has had success in the AL recently and has postseason experience. And we have recent trading experience with AZ, in the Scherzer and Willis deals. For the Tigers to consider trading him is really something, after what they said about him over the last few years. Perhaps they feel like he pitched too much and his arm is about to fall apart?
If they could trade Porcello and others for a guy like Matt Kemp, I’d be all for that. Dan Haren, I’m on the fence about, with Haren’s age and salary over the next 3 years.

The Rangers are a dangerous team with their new addition.
There are so many rumors out there, but I think DD is really trying to find someone who might help the team. It may or may not be a pitcher. It could be a position player too good to pass up. More than likely they will only make a trade to get someone really good and then we’d have to give something up. It’s just hard to speculate what may or may not happen before the trade deadline.

Other than that, the Tigers have had a good start tonight. Hoping we can get the win tonight and then I will be personally cheering the Tigers on Saturday afternoon. Someone said it’s being broadcast on Fox. Bondo will be pitching. He better bring good stuff.

Looks like the Tigers have a big crowd tonight. They seem to be playing good ball right now. Just a positive vibe about this team. .
Spent quite a bit of time watching MLB Network the past few days. Like Leland, I really could care less about the LeBron thing. Listening to those guys on MLB Network really can get you into how teammates relate to one another. Sometimes, they just talk like they’re in the dugout talking to one another. Very entertaining programming and worth the investment if you love baseball.
Just waitin for tomorrow afternoon and going to Detroit for the game. Go Tigers!!!

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