Tuesday: Tigers vs. Orioles

Austin Jackson gets a regular day off, no injury concerns. Don Kelly takes his place in CF and leads off against O’s rookie Jake Arrieta, who has given up a .373 average (19-for-51) and 1.118 OPS to left-handed batters this year compared with a .160 average (8-for-50) against righties.

  1. Kelly, CF
  2. Damon, DH
  3. Ordonez, RF
  4. Cabrera, 1B
  5. Boesch, LF
  6. Guillen, 2B
  7. Inge, 3B
  8. Avila, C
  9. Santiago, SS
P: Armando Galarraga
  1. Corey Patterson, DH
  2. Miguel Tejada, 3B
  3. Nick Markakis, RF
  4. Ty Wigginton, 3B
  5. Adam Jones, CF
  6. Matt Wieters, C
  7. Felix Pie, LF
  8. Julio Lugo, 2B
  9. Cesar Izturis, SS
P: Jake Arrieta


Here’s hoping for a Tiger win tonight. I’m so sick of listening to Mario and Rod talk about the Baltimore players, I turned on the radio.

Jake man, you are skating on thin ice.
They have to clear the wall soon.

Had to look up the Farnsworth trade rumor- at least it’s just one of many. I would truly think DD needed psychiatric help if they are serious about him.

The Tigers are interested in bullpen help and have started scouting relievers, according to Ed Price of AOL FanHouse (via Twitter). They had a top scout at last night’s Mariners-Royals game looking for bullpen help. Price doesn’t mention specific relievers, but David Aardsma, Brandon League, Joakim Soria, Kyle Farnsworth and Bruce Chen are among the relievers on the Mariners and Royals that could interest the Tigers.

What a great catch by Don Kelly.

That was an ugly 3rd and 4th by GMan. He might of bent but didn’t break continuing to pitch his range.
JL is being more proactive with his starters.
Time to break the game open.

gross- Rod needs to be fired. Either that or he needs to go make out with Arietta and get it over with. I’m about to join you, pup.

Sorry, it’s Arrieta.

GMan this year has given up 5 (6.43 ERA) of his 24 ER’s in pitch count 1-15 and a further 10 ER’s (13.5 ERA) in pitches 76-90.

I wouldn’t have missed this one for the world!!!! Go Tigers!


What I want from my game announcer is someone who is accurate and is paying attention to the game. Rod didn’t notice the count today at one point, got the number of outs Simon would have needed for a save wrong several times, proclaimed that Edgar Gonzalez had not been scored upon yet this season…he is sloppy. He very definitely knows baseball, as he calls pitchouts and squeeze plays and hit and runs with the best of them. Well, at least that means he has Leyland figured out haha.
That being said, Gary Thorne is one of the worst baseball play by play guys I have ever heard. And he is one of the best hockey announcers I have ever heard. I live in Tampa and hear the Dewayne Staats and Kevin Kennedy/Brian Anderson combo every night. I don’t care for Staats, Kennedy is good but dry, and Anderson is a wild card. When Joe Magrane was here, he was fantastic at getting inside a game. Quality television announcing is hard to find these days…I don’t much care for Joe Buck, Tim McCarver or Bob Costas, either…maybe I am just grumpy.

It started out super ugly again….and took way too long….but it’s a win! This is one we should remember at game 162 as one we could have given up and accepted the loss, but we fought back and won.

Some sparkling plays tonight made this a great game to watch.
Miguel had a perfect game and showing he can do it with the glove too. He let my guy Ramon off the hook tonight. I think he’s on a mission to make amends for the end of last year, and he is doing it.
Really Baltimore did about all they could to win this game but our guys came up big in all key situations. We pretty much stole it with multiple heads up plays.
This is why you pay Johnny Damon some bucks to play and then stay with him. He is money. I’m glad that we have him. What a presence. That’s a pretty elite club he’s in now with 2500 hits. Too bad #2500 wasn’t the HR at the end. You can’t have everything I guess. That was a no doubter. Amazing that he can generate so much power with that swing. He must possess a strong right wrist and forearm.

I was stuck with the Baltimore feed since I seem to reside within their sphere of influence. Don’t know why, Baltimore is nowhere near here. Anyway, I can say that the Orioles’ TV presentation if far inferior to the Tigers. Gary Thorne and former Cy winner Dave McNally are entertaining and funny, but I don’t gain much baseball insight from listening to them. They don’t take you inside the game like Rod does. I guess it depends on what you want in a game telecast.
I thought Arrieta was very good. He made some good hitters look really bad at times. My hope throughout the game was that we could get into their bullpen and when we finally did, we finished them off.
That was an excellent and agressive bit of baserunning by Inge on his triple. If he gets thrown out, everyone would call him a fool but I think you have to take it to the other team, especially one that’s struggling as Baltimore is.
Cabrera is on another planet this season. He knew that splitter was coming and he didn’t miss it. Just incredible hitting.
Poor Juan Samuel had to use his closer for two innings and I kind of knew that was going to fail.
How about Damon hitting that walkoff on an 0-2 pitch? If that had happened to us, I’d have lost my mind.
That was a fun game to watch. Even when we were losing, I was enjoying it, so it’s even better that we won it.

Looking forward to Weinhardt. Supposedly this guy has some talent. In case anyone missed it, he is up for Galarraga, who will not be needed for two weeks.

Games like last night are why baseball is such a great game, aklthough you have to feel for the O’s and their fans with no Luke Scott probably the difference.
You have to feel the fans appreciation for Damon’s 2500th, despite an ordinary start to his Tigers career had to help in his homer to finish the game. You feel JD and to a lesser extent Valverde is the glue keeping the team together.
Miggs is now .375/.500/1.042 for LICG and .358/.465/.605 for RISP. Nothing more needs to be said.

What a crazy game last night. Props to Kelly for that amazing catch, that guy is a defensive gem and we can have either him or AJax out there and feel they are going to get the majority of balls hit their way. Brandon’s slide into third was also terrific, how he has avoided tags the last 2 games has been great, although last night it was more the ball being on the wrong side of the glove rather than Monday when he just slide right around the guy.

I was spitting nails and complaining that Damon wasn’t bunting, then was promptly shut up by Damon himself, what an amazing homerun, he crushed that ball. I love when I get proven wrong. Way to come through.

And Cabrera again, like Rod or Mario said, you expect him to come through every time, and so often he does. I am not a big fan of ego, but from my team I end up ok. I simply love Miguel’s homerun flip of the bat, he knew it instantly. Guess he is tuning up for the derby. And his triple was amusing last night, you don’t see that very often.

I like Rod Allen. True, he gushes way too much about the other team, I think he is trying to not be biased, and he does get things wrong. But I love hearing explanations of the game, what hitters are looking for, the thought process and all that stuff. Maybe because I never played baseball and don’t know a lof of that but I find it great insight. Plus I love it when he gets all worked up about “seeing you” when someone steps up.

Great win, too bad the Jays couldn’t help us out last night.

Cabrera is a closers nightmare and Boesch has been a lefthanders nightmare. They have been fun to watch. Damon does have fun playing the game and it is enjoyable watching him.
We get the chance to see another rookie tonight with Robbie Weinhardt coming up.
TV announcers need to give insights and brief play descriptions. They do not need to talk all the time like a radio announcer. I do not like too big of a homer, like the Chicago announcer, but do not want to continue to hear how great the other team is either. Thorn is dull as a baseball guy. I did like hearing some of Eddie Murry’s comments on Monday.

Yeah, Eddie Murray had some good stuff. I agree that Thorne is an excellent hockey announcer. He did all those Wings’ playoff games some years ago.
Since the subject is play by play guys, how about Mario last night on Cabrera’s homer? “And…..we…..are……tied!” Nice one, Mario, didn’t know you had it in you. 🙂 I’ll take that any day over those invented schticks about putting it on the board, see ya, etc.
Weinhardt wasn’t overly impressive in ST but he looked real good in the Arizona Fall League. He has some ability. What’s our rookie count now for the season?

My favorite is when you can hear Jim price in the background when Dan Dickerson is making the call on Miguel’s hits. Usually you can hear him say, “Wow!”. Last night when Miguel Tied it up he changed it to Woah… I laughed when i heard him say it… He cracks me up. I love it when he gives advice to kids on how to play.

I am really excited about the games this weekend vs the Twins… is anyone else going besides pup and I?

A couple of posts ago you guys started about a nickname for Boesh. I think we really need to come up with a good one.. I’ll make a sign for him on Saturday, but i don’t really have a good ones… Rich said something with bomber… how about Boesch The Bomber…

Dave G

Something with BB seems appropriate because of his initials…but nothing seems to be that great…Big Boy, Big Bopper…Bad Brennan or Bad Boesch is my favorite. Hope someone comes up with something better.

The last two are in honor of Bad Blake, from the excellent Jeff Bridges film from last year, Crazy Heart.

Dave G-
My head keeps running with CaBoom! and KaBoesch! for our #4 and 5 hitters, but I too, would like a good nickname for Brennan (independent of Cabbie).
I’ll keep thinking on it……

Hey Jason, do you have any insight for us? I am sure some players on the team have some sort of a nickname for him…

How about “Bashing Boesch”? Which could always be shortened to “Basher” or maybe “Bascher”
AA Mark

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