Cabrera will hit in Derby

Miguel Cabrera confirmed Tuesday he’ll take part in next week’s State Farm Home Run Derby. What’s more, he isn’t going just to take part.

“I want to win,” Cabrera said Tuesday afternoon.
It’ll be his second derby. He took part in 2006 at Pittsburgh’s PNC Park and placed third, then had to bow out the next year in San Francisco for injury reasons.
Joining Cabrera in the derby will be Robinson Cano, David Ortiz and Vernon Wells from the American League, and Corey Hart and Matt Holliday from the National League. That leaves two more spots to fill.
Cabrera becomes the fourth Tiger in the last six years to take part in the derby, and he’ll be hoping to become the first since Ivan Rodriguez in 2005 to advance past the first round. Pudge made it to the finals that year at Comerica Park before losing out. Magglio Ordonez was a last-minute addition in 2007 and kind of showed it, hitting just two. And, of course, Brandon Inge went homerless last year, though we found out later he was dealing with his knee injuries then.
Making the trip with Cabrera and throwing to him Monday night will be Tigers bullpen catcher Scott Pickens. He threw to Inge last year and Ordonez in ’07, so he’s hoping to break his own streak. 


I hope is a joke, but there is a rumor that the Tigers are scouting Farnsworth.

//I hope is a joke, but there is a rumor that the Tigers are scouting Farnsworth.//


Wasn’t that a Seattle/KC game? Maybe (hopefully) they were checking out Seattle relievers.

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