Boesch wins AL Rookie of the Month again

It’s a second straight Rookie of the Month award for Boesch, and the third straight award for the Tigers when factoring in Austin Jackson winning the award in April.

Boesch actually had stronger numbers in June than when he won the award in May. For June, the 25-year-old batted .337 with eight home runs, four doubles, a triple and 23 RBIs, Add in 10 walks, and he posted a 1.025 OPS.

That would’ve earned him consideration for AL Player of the Month honors, but it was definitely enough to take the rookie recognition again. The only other AL rookie to get a vote was Indians catcher Carlos Santana.

He’s off to a pretty good start on July honors as well. He entered Tuesday batting 7-for-13 so far in July, and his four-walk game Monday against the Orioles was the first by a Tigers rookie since Steve Boros in 1961.



The Tigs are 3 for 3 now in this department. Wow.
Listening to the radio on the irony that Cabrera will never be as beloved as Bob Probert in this town. It’s like comparing apples to pumpkins in my mind.

Well, they told us this team would be interesting!!

Bob Probert? I’ll take the guy who whupped on Claude Lemieux myself, Mr. McCarty.
Boesch needs a nickname. I call him Roy Hobbs but that’s silly. Something with the word “bomber” in it…………

Someone else came up with Kabosh which I like, but it fesses me up to having watched in my youth a men in tights kids camp show of the 60’s.

He is simply amazing – hold onto this guy DD. Congrats Big Boescher (how is that one/)

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