Zumaya to have screw inserted in shoulder

Turns out Joel Zumaya will need surgery on his elbow after all, but it isn’t expected to push back his timetable for a return next spring. Zumaya will have a screw inserted to stabilize his fractured olecranon at the tip of the elbow. Dr. Stephen Lemos will perform the surgery next Monday at Detroit Medical Center.



Thankfully, no Luke Scott!

Quick question for those who have mlb.tv…If I am in “Tigers territory” will all Tigers games be blacked out or just games on national tv?

Not sure but if you go to the MLB site and drill down they will give you the details on the blackout policy.
I think it is just the home games, but am not sure.
What a poor performance defensively and by Oliver. Ahead 5-1 then losing it so quickly is not the sign of a team vying for contention.

Thanks, slowbyrne.
This is just outright painful to watch. Wonder if this game is foreshadowing the entire month of September…

Talk about playing down to the competition! Playing worse than the worst at this stage.
Bonine has been no mystery for opposing hitters lately has he?
Turning this game off. Can’t stand it.

This is one UGLY ball game. Yikes it is going to be a long long hot hot long game.

This game might well end with double digit scores. Pitching has been awful and he ball is flying off the bats.

The stands don’t look very full. The Tigers have to realize that for some it is a great sacrifice to go to a game unlike a few years ago. We used to have sell outs almost every home game. This year we’ve only had a few sellouts. The Tigers must be good and get into the playoffs to keep the money flowing into the team and make it better.

Eddie Bonine, now Brad Thomas with guys on base. I don’t know if I can watch.

But I’m glad I did!!!!

I didn’t see the first inning error by Maggs. What a way to start the game.

Does anyone think Oliver sat too long while the Tigers were scoring those 5 runs in the first inning? Could be. He’s had better starts. I hope he can get back to form if he is going to face the Twins Sunday.

I am glad Valverde had his bad inning with a 5-run lead. Hope he got that out of his system.

I have never had much faith in Bonine. He reminds me too much of Zach Miner. I do think Thomas has done well so far.

Can Boesch catch up to the AB’s required to recognize his outstanding contributions? What a find! I hope he can avoid that “sophomore slump” next year that seems to have hit Perry, Porcello, and Avila.

So Cabrera has a kidney infection? Maybe that is why some of his long hits have not quite made it over the fence.

Noticed that Damon today had 3 hits when no one was in scoring position. Then with a chance for an RBI he couldn’t do it. Still I hope he will break out of his season-long funk soon.

Galarraga needs a good outing Tuesday. These Oriole hitters always seemed to touch up the Tiger pitchers other years. Today the Tiger hitters were able to hit the Oriole pitching well.

I thought the first inning flyball that resulted in an error charged to Ordonez should have been caught by Jackson. The wind was pushing it away towards center and if Austin would have called it, Maggs would have backed off. My read on it, anyway.
Oliver again fell behind too many hitters. He doesn’t have much but a fastball and I don’t think he’s ready to be up here. I would not start him against the Twins this weekend. With a week off following Sunday’s game, I’d go with either Bonine or Thomas to start and pitch by committee that day. Given a choice between a mediocre lefty and a better righty, I’ll take the better pitcher everytime. Then hopefully after the break, Porcello is ready to return.
We still need better defense.
Enough with the bad. The good is, we crushed a poor pitching staff which we should do. Big days for Damon, Inge, and Guillen, and they paid for not pitching to Boesch. It’s a win, however ugly it may have been. The lineup we normally use against RHers is a good one.

Is there anyway we can re-work the pitching schedule to get Scherzer against the Twins? He’s been the best after Verlander. Even if Ricky is ready to come back by then, that’s a pretty stressful return game…..
Was at the game for the first couple of hours, which was like the 5th inning. It was too hot to bear.

I don’t see how that can be done at this point, Tracey. Verlander is already going Friday on five days rest, which he doesn’t like. Pushing Scherzer to Saturday would give him six days rest which is a lot. In addition, we’d have no one to pitch Wednesday since both Bonine and Thomas were used today. Galarraga could start Sunday instead of Oliver, but he’s weak against the Twins’ lefthanded lineup. It appears that JL deliberately set it up for Oliver to pitch on Sunday. If that’s true, I don’t know why. I was thinking Porcello can work in Toledo through the AS break then see where we are with him.
Although I’d like to see Scherzer get another crack at the Twins this weekend, when the time came to set up the rotation awhile ago, Max didn’t seem as strong as he does now. What are ya gonna do? Bonderman had been going good but has now had two consecutive off performances.

Hey Jason or anyone smarter than me – how many more plate appearences does Brennen have to have to qualify? I read last week that he should be there by the end of the weekend?? Anyone??

sklant, not sure on the answer, but he has 20 walks this year (3 yesterday I think!). Too bad for him that people are actually pitching around him at times. that is an interesting stat, Miggy has been walked 40 times. that you expect, not the 20 for the guy hitting after Miggy!

What an interesting game yesterday. I am out of the loop and don’t pay much attention to other teams, is Luke Scott no longer an Oriole? If so, thank goodness, we usually get killed by him! I was thinking about the fans at the game yesterday, one of the hottest games you could go to and it lasted almost 4 hours. I am all for getting your money’s worth but wow. GMan needs a terrific outing today to give the pen a rest.

Oh, and I see Valverde is human after all, glad he had the wiggle room. His ERA is up to 1 now! Congrats to him and Miguel for the all star game, hope Miguel can shake the infection and if he gets to do the homerun derby hopefully represent better than Inge did last year!

Well I figured it out I think. You need 3.1 plate appearances for every game your team has played and if my math is correct is is like at 3.01? He should be there really really soon.

Tiger Girl, Luke Scott is on the disabled list and will miss the series.


Thanks, Rich. I don’t have the patience to do that kind of math.🙂
So, am I understanding correctly that walks count against you when calcualting plate appearances? I understand they are like non- appearances for average, but it doesn’t seem fair if that will keep Boesch from qualifying for batting title.
Please, God, don’t let Lee go to the Twins.

Walk are counted as plate appearances, as are HBP and sacrifices. Boesch has 246 plate appearances this year, but would need 251.1 (3.1/game) to qualify as of right now. So, if he can get 4 plate appearances per game, he will gain .9 per day on what he needs, putting him there in 6 games. If he manages to get 5 plate appearances in any game, he will get there sooner. If he doesn’t have a day off, he should be there by the All-Star break.

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