Cabrera leaning towards home run derby

It isn’t a lock by any stretch, but unless Miguel Cabrera has trouble getting over this kidney infection anytime soon, it sounds like he’ll take part in the State Farm Home Run Derby a week from Monday. He sounded intrigued by it last week, and that didn’t change Sunday. He just didn’t want to commit until he had a few days to recuperate.

“Maybe,” he said. “Let’s see how I’m feeling next week. Yeah, I would do it, but let’s see how my body feels.”
If he does it, he has to be a very strong candidate, not just for his home-run totals but the fact that he can hit home runs to so many different parts of the park and does so in batting practice.


I think they have moved Oliver up to start tomorrow ahead of G-Man. If they were smart they would give Bonine, Thomas or Gonzalez a start against the O’s and save Scherzer, JV and Oliver for the Twins.

Many people say avoid the derby. MCab is a guy who likes super-star status attention. He might actually benefit from it.
We need him as much as any Tiger team has ever needed one player to be at the top of his game. Right now he has lost the HR distance and until he gets it back we will be lacking the big bomb gets you back in the game luxury.
I’d like to see Miguel lose about 10 maybe 15 pounds next year. He could become awesome strong by converting a little body fat into a little more muscle. He might discover how much fun it is to run the base again too.
I’m still hoping we pull off a trade. We could use a rock solid starter and a first class shortstop. It is also time for a change at 3rd. We have guys that other clubs may want and need. Soon their value will be akin to Willis, Pudge, Zumaya, Seay, Miner, Sheffield and Nate. Take advantage while you can.

Boesch is about 7 ABs shy of qualifying for the league leaders.
IF he did he would be leading the MAJOR LEAGUES in hitting!!!!
He ain’t on the the all-star team.
At least Strasburg isn’t either.
No Votto, Youkilis, Beltre, Weaver?
It’s a pretty dumb affair.

I look at Boesch and marvel at what he’s done. How he has grown as a player, offensivley and defensively. How he has helped to keep his team in contention.
i guess he had one thing going against him. Hi name isn’t Heyward.
I hope he goes nuts and gets his act up to .350 by the break. We are fortunate to have him.

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