Ni optioned to Toledo

The much-pondered question of what the Tigers would do with Fu-Te Ni got an answer Wednesday afternoon, when he was optioned to Triple-A Toledo postgame. No return move was immediately announced, but the first candidate you probably thought of isn’t the guy. Leyland said Ryan Perry would not be the guy coming up.

“Perry’s going to pitch there until he’s right,” Leyland said, admitting with that he’s not down there on rehab simply to show he’s healthy.
“There’s nothing wrong with Perry’s health,” Leyland said. “Right now, there’s something wrong with his control. He’s rusty.”


Did Dan_Byrne call this one correctly or what? Who are you thinking they will call up?

They have only Schlerert ,29 bb in 44 inn.Sborz , the failed debut of the last week, and Figaro in the 40 men roster. They are deep in arms. If they want Haren it is time to move

This season is shaping as one of the most open and not just in our Central backwater.
The East teams have deficiencies with little question NYY, Bosox and Phils weaker than last year. Likewise no teams are standing out in the west.
Teams making strategic July trades will make it through to October which will be a crap shoot with the hot team prevailing.
DD must have one of the worst mid season trade records for working out so he is due.
I was hoping Damon would be able to turn his offense around by being more involved in the game. We definitely can’t afford his defensive liability based on todays efforts.
Damons 2 RBI grounder this week made it exactly 100 AB’s between scoring hits. He has gone 128 AB’s since his last HR.

I am not smart enough to know what is wrong with Ni – he was great last year and the early part of this year, but for the last month well – we all know what has been going on. I saw this one coming, I am just a little shocked it wasn’t sooner.
Isn’t it amazing how bad this team is on the road and they look unbeatable almost at home. If they hope to contend this has got to change.
I do think that we need anothe starting pitcher though. Verlander Bondo, and Scherzer will be fine, I have more doubt about Galarraga, and Perry. Oliver was okay today, but I just am not sure yet. But if you only score one run, you have got to have pitching that doesn’t allow any. Have we had 1 shutout this year, except for the perfect game???

Hey Jason I was wondering if you knew this.
On Saturday Alex Avila and Fu-Te Ni were supposed to appear at ABC Warehouse (in Lakeside I believe) to sponsor Gloves For Kids. Now that Ni is down, is Avila just going alone? If not, who is replacing Ni?
Thanks for any info you can find. It’s greatly appreciated.

Hi All,

Zelic has been banned from this blog. So it wasn’t such a bad day after all.

Zelic was banned from the blog- I’m having a hard time getting this to post so I’m sorry if it’s duped

Zelic has been banned.


I can’t see Sborz coming back. I would bet Schlereth. Unless there is a deal going down with DD (I highly doubt that).
We sure let The Twins play they want to with us. Got them when they were supposedly on the down swing and we still played as though they were visibly superior to us.
Missed the game today (most of it) looked like Oliver threw well from what I could ascertain.

tenten25- It’s on the website. It’s Armando with Alex. Not too shabby.🙂

I was interrupted numerous times today but finally got through the game with the help of my DVR. I think Oliver has the goods, but perhaps not yet. I lost track of how many 2-0 counts he got himself into. The surprise was that he lasted as long as he did, constantly putting them into hitter’s counts.
Even optimistic Rod Allen was complaining today about how the Twins keep beating up the Tigers. Twins fans must wonder how the Tigers ever win a game, just as we may wonder how the Twins ever lose one. They’ve now taken 6 of 9 from us this season. Maybe we need GK in attendance at Target Field. Glad you had a good time, GK.
As Dave pointed out, getting shut down by opposing starters is THE reason we’re not in better shape so far. I’ve tried to figure it, but can’t find a good reason for this. Are we not prepared to play on a daily basis? Do we have the wrong mindset? Is “not too high not too low” a recipe for being low too much? Is it just a fluke?
A week ago Sunday, I predicted we’d be 41-36 at this point. That wasn’t hard; I just assumed one win in each city on this road trip. We came out of it closer in the standings than I’d anticipated, due mostly to the Twins being swept in Milwaukee last week. At that time, I asked “what’s the upside?”
Well…….here’s an end of June assessment, and it hasn’t changed much from opening day. I predicted 83 wins and, after half a season of pleasant surprises and annoying disappointments, we’re right on track for something similar. We continue to struggle with teams within our division and I don’t see that changing as long as the current management and longtime players are still here. It appears that Chicago and Minnesota are inside the collective heads of the Tigers. Hopefully that changes with the personnel in the coming years, because I don’t know of many teams who win their division without beating the teams that comprise it. Off the top of my head, I can’t think of one.
Looks to me like what you see is what you’ll get. We may hang around in the race due to the fact that the Twins and Sox can struggle with other clubs, but no division for us this year. I’ve seen nothing so far to change my mind, unfortunately. I anticipate an uptick in our play during this homestand, but I’m afraid that will only give false hope.

If JL doesn’t put Damon leadoff soon, as everyone agrees, I am going to scream YOU ARE A STUBBORN OLD COOT!!!!
Sorry, I just can’t take it anymore. Please don’t report me Tracy.
And yes your post on Zelics first intelligent post wins this weeks award.

I hope to never have to report anyone ever again. I am all for screaming to try something different when the status quo isn’t getting it done. I just can’t tolerate bloggers attacking other bloggers.

traceyhuff, thanks for finding that. And your right, it’s not too shabby at all getting to see the Perfect Battery in person.🙂
Thanks again!

Well thanks everyone for your support regarding Zelic – glad we won’t have to deal with him/her anymore.
He/She attacked almost all of us at one point, yesterday was just my turn I realize. Like I said we go on here to vent, discuss etc. and while we don’t always agree with each other we say it with respect for the other person without namecalling.
It will be intersting to see who gets called up. Although I would be really interested to see Scherleth, with all those strikeouts, he still has all those walks. Does that remind you of a certian Fernando Rodney in some ways??? In and out of trouble. Sborz I felt soooo sorry for him, I am sure that is not what he pictured as being his first big league outing. We might need to give him another shot. How has he been doing since he went back down to Toledo??
The next week starting on Saturday is supposed to be really really hot here in Detroit – upwards of 90 degrees the Saturday – Wednesday. (not sure beyond that) Start hydrating now guys.
Did everyone else see that Seattle shutout NY 2 of 3 games and on top of it scored runs. It is going to be a tough weekend for the Tigers, seeing the pitching we are going to see. YIKES. Go TIGERS

Wow, all of you get really worked up over some stranger calling you an “idiot” over the internet. What is this, kindergarten? “Mr. Blog Patrol, he called me an idiot!” Suck it up, act like an adult (which is evident you like people to do on this blog), and ignore him.

We come here so we don’t have to put up with childish talk and name-calling. We treat each other with respect. There are plenty of boards and blogs where name-calling and just about everything else is allowed. Thank God, we don’t have to put up with it here.

Amen pup.
As to why Ni had to go: I think he just doesn’t have the right stuff. Fastball is below average and unless you have something really special, you need an effective fastball to set up your junk. MLB hitters finally figured him out.

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