Magglio scratched with left side soreness

Talked today with Magglio Ordonez, who admitted his left side was sore but not badly enough that he’d be knocked out of the lineup. Apparently he felt it worsen during batting practice, because he was just scratched from the Tigers starting lineup.

Ordonez took BP today, but wasn’t in the group at the end, so he apparently felt something.

As mentioned earlier, any recurrence of Ordonez’s injury is a bad sign. The same injury kept him out of action for six games earlier in the season, and his absence was sorely felt in the lineup. Considering he’s 8-for-24 with two home runs and three doubles against Twins starter Francisco Liriano, his loss will probably be felt tonight.

The new Tigers lineup, with changes in bold:

  1. Jackson, CF
  2. Santiago, 2B (now in lineup)
  3. Raburn, LF (was batting 2nd at 2B)
  4. Cabrera, 1B
  5. Boesch, RF (was in LF)
  6. Guillen, DH
  7. Inge, 3B
  8. Laird, C
  9. Worth, SS


Oops, spoke too soon—don’t like this lineup too much. Raburn in LF is not where I like to see him playing against Minny.
Ordonez hurt is going to be a challenge. I expect we will know quite soon if this eventuates into a DL assignment which I expect it will and maybe should.

BTW, Worth has been fine at 2B, why not show confidence in Ramon and give him the positon that is rightfully his and let Worth play second? This is a judgement mistake by JL. If you manage “people” then this is a perfect opportunity to show confidence in Ramon and in Worth. Tell Ramon he is your man and tell worth that you are so confident in his abilitites that you feel you can play him anywhere.

Oh Yeah–Thome has hammered Bonderman over the years. Let’s hope for something better tonight.

How do you like me now?

Just about to say you were right Dan, we should have traded him when could. Looks like Tommy John surgery coming for him.

Stating the obvious, but you can’t just stop scoring runs with a whole game to go. Laird and Inge look absolutely helpless against Liriano.
Brad Thomas? Whatever.

Bondo is lucky he only gave up 4 with no Ks. We need to take advantage of these two on and no outs.

2 runs is what we have to work with. We won’t get anything from 6-9. Need our bullpen from April to show up right now.

Zumaya last pitched on Saturday when he gave yp that 3-run homer to Chipper Jones. For those of you who did not see tonight’s game, Zumaya went down on his knees after throwing a pitch. No one can say how serious it is yet but it looked like he was in a lot of pain. I can’t believe he won’t be on the DL. It looks like the Tigers are going to have to come up with some help in the bullpen. Great victory tonight! I was afraid after the first inning they would just quit but they kept adding runs to keep the Twins from catching up. Bonderman was not perfect but I think he did a good job. The Twins hitters just keep coming at you.

Wow! These comments are all out of order tonight. What is going on?

And why didnt Brandon bunt? And why no Avila for Laird? KC tried to lose to CWS, but they pulled it out.

Shut me up, Gerald. Nice!

Well Gerald has to hit a few. Good timing on this one though with Zumaya on the mound throwing fastball after fastball in his 2nd innning of work.
Ramon just makes things happen. He has been really a big factor this year IMO. He just goes about his biz and does his job and the little things that a lot of other guys can’t.
Hope my 2nd inning Zumaya breakdown theory is all wet.

Shouda traded him when we had the chance. Same with Seay.
I hate to be callous and I feel bad for him but everyone knew this would happen again.

I reiterate, I do feel bad for Joel but I guess I have been watching to many reality shows because it was abundantly clear that his mechanics will always result in quirky and serious arm injury.

As much as I dislike Zumaya’s attitude toward pitching and as much as I feel he is overrated, I was still heartbroken to see him suffer an injury like that. He seemed to be in such agony and so scared and you really have to feel for a guy like that…he is still fairly young so he could theoretically come back, but if he comes back and throws 100MPH again, the laws of nature need to be re-examined. Good luck to you, Joel, and thanks for at least bringing some excitement to Tiger games over the past few years.

Am i wrong or Zumaya pitched 3 days in a row?

Boesch continues to swing with impunity.
Really nice production from the top of the lineup. As I mentioned above, Ramon is doing things that make the Tigers a better ball club.
There must be some concern for Ordonez. After a day off an against a pitcher he has done well against, you can kind of read between the lines. I thought it was an idea to DL him earlier and let him heal properly. This can be an aggravating chronic ailment if not corrected Especially for a power hitter.
Zumaya is quite likely done for the year. I hope he can come back from this but one has to wonder how much adversity he can come back from. I expect Perry is on his way as we speak.
I’m starting to take Valverde for granted.He makes what Willie Hernandez did in ’84 pale in comparison. Truly amazing. Especially the fact that he can get a strike even behind in the count.
I expect we will see Kelly in LF and damon DH now.
No talk of sweep from me but I would be disappointed if we didn’t walk out of here with 2 wins.

Well, it looks like we’ll need a set-up man. I feel so bad right now, so bad for Joel. He was in agony. I’m assuming it’s season ending. The team played real good ball, though.

The good or bad first? Let’s go with the bad. I could see this coming with Zumaya. As before, first his mechanics go, then he starts to get a strange look on his face and within days, injured. I suspect his arm was already acting up before tonight. In fact, and you can believe me or not, I don’t care, but I actually wrote on Saturday that he’d be injured soon but I thought that wasn’t a good thing to write and actually deleted my typed sentence. The thing is, I’ve been saying for four years now that a person can’t pitch the way he does. He grips the ball too hard, his elbow is above his shoulder when he coils to throw, and he’s just an injury waiting to happen. I even pointed out a picture of his delivery on this blog once to demonstrate. It’s a darned shame that it came to this. Phil Coke was blaming himself for not finishing the 7th inning, and it’s something you never want to see on a ballfield.
Okay, the good. We won. We played an aggressive brand of ball with the bunts and stolen bases and it put pressure on their defense. I’d like to see more of this. Bonderman was without his slider tonight, which is very rare, but he battled it out, had some luck, and walked off the field in good shape. The first game was important to win because you don’t want to end up battling to avoid a sweep. Some of the pressure has been alleviated. And after all that’s happened this year, we’re in first place.
Back to the bad. I don’t think Galarraga matches up well with the Twins and we might have a better chance of winning the Wednesday matinee with the lefty and a rested bullpen. The Ordonez situation is beginning to look iffy. It would be a shame if we had to make deadline deals just to replace guys who were already on our roster. As for now, guys are going to have to step up big time.

Read earlier posts and you will see that it was foresight.

Watching Joel made me about cry…

Valverde is really unbelievable, especially coming in and getting a guy out with a full count before you throw your first pitch. I cannot imagine the frustration of watching his antics though being the opposing team and the fans. But like Rod said, they have to hit him to shut him up and they just aren’t.

Hope Maggs isn’t too bad off, the only bright spot is we have tons of outfielders at our disposal right now, but hate to lose him if we do when we finally get to the top of the division. Nice loss by the Sox to give a little breathing room. Nice win tonight and what a surprise homerun by Laird, good for him. And don’t you just expect Brennan to do something each game? Really an amazing rookie season for that kid.

When Thome got his triple, I was thinking just like the Tigers, give up a triple to someone who hasn’t had one in years. Then Laird hit only his 2nd home run of the year, so I think we came out ahead on that.
Seeing Zumaya hurt brought a flashback to when Dave Dravecky broke his arm. That image has stayed vivid with me all these years, as will seeing Zumaya last night. I wish him all the best.

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