Leyland still miffed over blown call

Jim Leyland heard the answer from home-plate umpire Gary Cederstrom on the third strike he called on Johnny Damon to turn a potential game-tying walk into a game-ending strikeout Saturday. It didn’t make Leyland feel any better about it.
“I called him after the game,” Leyland said. “I just said, ‘I hope you take a look at the pitch.’ He said, ‘Well, I kicked it.’ I knew that right away, but it was brutal on TV.”
Cederstrom told reporters after the game Saturday that he watched the replay and “it didn’t look good.” 
Leyland agreed. “He’s right,” Leyland said. “It wasn’t good.”
Cederstrom worked Sunday’s game as the umpire at third base, right in front of the Tigers dugout. Leyland didn’t expect any lingering issues.
“I think it’s one of those things where you have to turn the page,” Leyland said.
Turning the page, though, does not include forgiveness, at least not from Leyland.
“That’s just not acceptable in those situations,” Leyland said. “It’s just not acceptable. That’s just the way it is.”


Leyland needs to get hot. We aren’t going to be given anything for free.
Nice to see the boys getting some hits.

Be nice to see Boesch make the All Star team. I would expect that is out of the question being that he is “unqualified” as to the number of required plate appearances to be eligible for league leaders. At the rate he is going he will need to play about 12 or 13 more games to get enough PA. The All Star election comittee will use every technicality to give a fading eteran the nod.
What a story he is.

Apparently Verlander isn’t all tht comfortable with 6 run leads. Weird.

The hits are coming today. Everyone except JV has a hit.

Letting Verlander hit again in the 7th?

He got the bunt down….with 2 strikes no less!

Jv is only in his 4th season still is time to calm down. He can not lose concentration over a running or a missed call. He was more mature in his debut. Now he looks like Bonderman when upset.
Jim Palmer 12-3 against Tigers , HoF, said that a great pitcher is the one that make outs without throwing strikes.He need to fool batters
A game with 3 so and 100 pitches in 8 inn is a good game . 12 so and 100 p in 5 in is a really bad one.( That ,more or less, said Johnson) Soon or later he will break his arm like E- Jax will do soon.
And throwing strike every first pitch will allow batters to try to hit the first pitch. If not, they will sit and wait for the next fastball

If that shocking call didn’t put fire in the bellies today, nothing was ever going to. Winning final games of series aint’t going to get it done. I wasn’t impressed with the Braves and wonder how they are leading the NL East, though we did miss there two best pitchers in Hudson and Lowe.
How on earth can JL justify putting Damon at No. 3, or is he trying to prove a point to DD that it is not working. Damon has now gone 98 AB’s since his last RBI. I wonder what the record is from a non pitcher?

I thought Chisox was going to get out of jail today, finally the run has ended at 11.
Back to a half game behind for the third time and we are probably never going to get a better chance to face the scuffling Twins on the road than now.

I think Leyland knew exactly what he was doing when he went out to argue the call at first on Verlander. After being ejected by Culbreth, he hung around long enough to force crew chief Cederstrom to come over and that gave Jim leave to open up on him with all guns blasting. I was proud of the club and fans for the way the perfect game aftermath was handled, but there is such a thing as being too nice. I think our Tigers need to get a little bit meaner. This IS a competition, after all.
That offense really turns it on some days, enough to even out the stats. You’d think from the looks of today’s lineup that runs would be at a premium and, wouldn’t you know it, they light up the scoreboard. Good to see Laird get three hits, and big ones. I’ve just started calling Boesch Roy Hobbs. Santiago is not only proving what we here have thought for years; that he can play everyday, but that he can handle that 2-hole. Watching Damon’s ABs today, I think he’s breaking out of his slump. The results may not show it, but I see improvement.
Verlander just didn’t have that curveball working. IMO, that’s his key pitch. The high heat is always there, but when the hook is working, he’s dominant. Today Justin was forced to go with all fastballs and an occasional changeup. The few curves he did get over were later after the game had broken open. He did well to get seven innings with what he had to work with, and saved the pen for the Minnesota series.
I don’t usually blame individual coaches for things, but I’m beginning to wonder about Rick Knapp. It seems we have and have had a number of pitchers with mechanical issues that can’t be fixed quickly. I’m talking Verlander, Scherzer, Porcello, Thomas, Ni, and Zumaya. This is fully half of a 12-man staff. I wonder if Knapp has enough experience as a big league pitching coach to do the job.
It’s a rare good day when we’re the only one of the contenders to win their game. The upcoming Twins series presents a golden opportunity to get a big boost and inject a much needed shot of confidence into the Detroit club.

Rich, I agree with every point you made. JL went out the first opportunity he got. I think he was trying to fire up the team, and they responded.
I’ve also been wondering about Knapp lately. How can Scherzer struggle for multiple starts but suddenly find the fix as soon as he goes down to Toledo? I know the pitching coach down there, A.J. Sager, is a good one. I’d love to see him in Detroit — soon. I’m hearing that Porcello is turning it around now that he’s down there, too. It just makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

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