Perry headed to Toledo for rehab

Ryan Perry got the go-ahead from the Tigers to start his rehab assignment with Triple-A Toledo after throwing a second successful mound session Thursday. If all goes well, it could be a rather quick assignment.

Perry headed out after Thursday’s game to join the Tigers in Indianapolis. He’s scheduled to pitch one inning there Saturday night, then two innings Monday night, after which the Tigers will evaluate where he’s at. That doesn’t mean he’s coming up right after that, but it leaves open the possibility.

There’s no bigger-picture project for Perry on assignment, manager Jim Leyland said. He’s just there to build up his arm again and face hitters, not to adjust anything to make any tweaks. That, too, would suggest this should be a short assignment.


Two double plays flubbed by Carlos.

Well that 2nd DP really cost the kid. It was Carlos’ fault but the first one I think was a poor feed from Ramon. We may have been lucky to even get the force on that play.
Would’ve scored a couple more in the 1st if it weren’t for Melky recovering and making a good play.

Fun watching the rookie but if he is going to be really successful he is going to have to have a better breaking ball and a 3rd pitch. The Braved hit him pretty hard there in the 4th.
Avila leads off with a double–bottom of the lineup blues with the pitcher being up.

JL was quoted as saying he was going to give damon 2 games in this series. WHY?
We keep waiting for him to snap out of the funk he’s in but I’m wondering if he physically can. He just looks weak and awkward.
He’s obviously not helping his team but I’m afraid to say he’s actually hurting the team. To get him in the lineup you have to compromise your defense, in order to offset that you have to get some better than average production.
Oliver showed every kid watching how not to bunt. Am enjoying him trhowing though. Pretty to watch.

I guess the Tigers are facing Cy Young for the 15th time thi syear. This is when I can’t stand Rod Allen. The Tigers need to do better than this crap.

I don’t understand why Leyland make series decisions so far in advance. The most frustrating thing is he won’t change his mind even when all common sense says that’s what should be done.
What has Johnny Damon done to help us win in the last 10 games? Anyone?

Totally off topic, but can anyone post a link to the video of Rod Allen’s reaction to seeing Chewbacca in the booth on 80’s night? That was one of the funniest things I’ve seen but I can’t find it online anywhere…

Well it is pretty clear that it would be a better idea to PH AJ for damon here.

Welcome to the Tigers, Andy. Pitch your heart out and lose anyways.

Cy Medlen was out there tonight. Now I am not dissing the kid, however the showed in the first inning that he was hittable. What is it about this team the other team makes adjustements at the plate yet the Tigers just feed into everything they pitcher throws them.
Nice congratulations to Oliver though if it weren’t for Guillens mishap at second he would of at least had a no decision there. Good job though.

Ps Johnny Damon hasn’t done much to help this team an aweful lot in the last 20 games. He has been a great disappointment this year, as most, DD signings are.

I’m glorifying in Edwin’s no-hitter. Sigh!!!!

Nice game by Oliver. He is now a member of the “deserved better than that” club that all the other starters in the rotation have joined this year.
Damon has been very disappointing. I hope he still has it “in” him to give us the guy we wanted when we signed him.

How about Edwin Jackson no-hitting his former team on 149 pitches? Way to go, Edwin.
Twins and Tigers lose, White Sox win. It’s possible that it won’t take as many wins as I had thought to win this divison. At the very least, the race should go deep into September, I’d think.
A couple of good pitching performances tonight. The Tigers had trouble with Medlen’s changeup and Oliver pitched very well also. If Guillen’s first inning drive gets over Melky’s head, we have a different game and probably a different outcome.
I had confidence that Guillen could hold down the secondbase position, but he seems pretty slow over there. He was late to the bag on the 1st inning DP attempt, and again in the 2nd inning. I had confidence that he could play firstbase in 2008 too but that was a disaster. Now I don’t know what to do with him. He has to be in the lineup this season, but where does he play? If he plays close to the bag, singles go through the right side. If he positions normally, he can’t get to the bag on time. This is a problem.
Venezuelantiger and anyone else who’s wondering, I thought Damon might break out of it if he hit leadoff. It was and is worth a try, especially when you consider we don’t have a leadoff man. Damon is the only one with any experience at it. If Johnny can’t hit, there’s not much anyone can do. If we benched all the guys who aren’t hitting, we’d only have four or five guys in the lineup. Rules require nine. We don’t score runs because nobody gets the big hit and we don’t hit enough homers to make up for it. This is the team we have.
Bonderman, Galarraga and probably Oliver for the Minnesota series. I guess it doesn’t matter who pitches. I’m afraid the Twins will have no trouble with Oliver even if he is lefthanded, but maybe Andy can prove me wrong.

JL has to keep trying to mix it up with Damon, either in the lineup or get onto the field more often. Amazingly, his stats this year deteriorate with pressure:
Bases empty: .303/.385
Runners On: .226/.341
RISP: .175/.333
RISP/2 outs: .111/.375
Bases Loaded: 0.0/.250
Damon has now gone 93 AB’s since his last RBI on 23 May.
Giving Damon more field time is close to impossible the way Boesch, AJax and Maggs are going, with losing AJax from CF for Damon a big call.
Carlos at 2B is also proving to be problematic besides his health issues. Sure difficult having an everyday lineup with two DH’s with Damon proving he is unable to make a go of it everyday hitting .241/.331 as DH, well down on his .270/.366 overall.

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