Thursday: Tigers at Mets

The way Brennan Boesch and Magglio Ordonez are hitting, it’s becoming clear that the outfield mix this week is likely to leave either Austin Jackson or Johnny Damon out of the lineup when they don’t have a DH. On Thursday, it’s Damon on the bench for the second time this series. Ryan Raburn gets the start at second base with Carlos Guillen getting a scheduled day off. Guillen supposedly felt a little tightness in his hamstring after Wednesday’s loss, but there’s no indication that it’s a big deal.

The other question for Thursday involves whether there’s anything to the notion that facing a nasty knuckleball pitcher can mess up a hitter for the next couple days. Manager Jim Leyland doesn’t buy it.

“Guys always say they worry about stuff like that,” Leyland said. “I don’t really buy that stuff. I think that’s just good talk.”


  1. Jackson, CF
  2. Raburn, 2B
  3. Ordonez, RF
  4. Cabrera, 1B
  5. Boesch, LF
  6. Inge, 3B
  7. Laird, C
  8. Worth, SS
  9. Galarraga, P


  1. Jose Reyes, SS
  2. Jesus Feliciano, CF
  3. David Wright, 3B
  4. Ike Davis, 1B
  5. Jason Bay, LF
  6. Jeff Francoeur, RF
  7. Henry Blanco, C
  8. Ruben Tejada, 2B
  9. Hisanori Takahashi, P


Raburn , second. Time to think in a new manager

But for Oliver and Turner there is nothing in the minors of real value. Rookies and prospects dont win championships.
JV is a first class pitcher , 3rd in the Cy Young list last year. Among the leaders in victories since 2006. JV is in his 4th season so he still have issues of course
Scherzer is a JV in the making and he has proved it
Bondermann , 7 of his last 8 games were quality stars , so bad he inherited the Jackson mantra and the team doesn’t scores to support him.
Gallaraga has delivered enough for a fifth starter.
Inge is batting again
The problem is the offensive. Jackson has been failing since the beaning and has been resting too much. Damon is earning too much for nothing.
Avila belongs in AAA. And Worth has not been the same than in the first stint.
And when will be Raburn sent to class a?
Time to look for Drew and Gorzelany. If the Tigers were the Yankees they would be looking for Hanley Ramirez but unfortunately he is out of their league
The WS while everybody was busy withe Willimas – Guillen quarrel they were on the prowl with the rejects of other teams and now are set to take the lead

We really need this game. Even if the Twins aren’t winning right now, the ChiSox are.
I agree with some others- I listen to the radio and watch the game on TV. Dan and Jim tell it like I think. If the Tigers are stinking up the joint, they call them out and don’t give endless excuses for why they are struggling. Best $19.99 I ever spent.

Tom Gage picked the main change in the teams offensive fortunes with Miggs hitting .204 the past 15 games after going .367 and .396 in earlier 15 game stretches. Seems improbable we will go without this firepower much longer.
I think Dan made the comment about Inge hitting mainly for singles. Stats confirm this with since his lowpoint of .215 on 29 May, Inge has 28 hits from 75 AB’s to lift his avge to .263 and .373 in the stretch. The 28 hits have been 22 singles, 5 D’s, 1 T and 1 HR (25% extra base hits) and 6 RBI’s.
As a comparison, Inge for April hit .264 from 91 AB’s with his 24 hits being 10 D’s, 3 HR’s (54.2% extra base hits) and 14 RBI’s.
Avila’s firepower has dropped even more markedly despite his recent hitting. Since his lowpoint avge on 28 May of .153, Avila has gone 16 from 41 AB’s (.390 avge) lifting overall to .239. Of the 16 hits, only 1 D and 1 HR (12.5% extra base hits) with 9 RBI’s.
Avila in 2009 went 17 from 61 (.279) with 4 D’s, 5 HR’s (52.9% extra base hits) and 14 RBI’s.
One of the main problems this team has the past few years is a lack of natural leaders. The V team are all great guys but none to me are team leaders.
Damon and Valverde are filling two of the three positions and I doubt JV for all his pitching talent will ever be able to truly lead the SP’s. Bondo may well be able to fill that void.

The Twins will be smart and get Cliff Lee. The guy has 4 BBs this year in 80 some innings. That may seem like a typo but I think it is correct.
The Twins get him and we are hoping for 2nd place.

Let’s actually play baseball today.
Twins lost—if the Tigers are serious then take advantage like a contender would.

Strange, 2nd & 3rd 1 out a LHB on deck and they elect to pitch to MCab. This happened the other day too. At least we got the sacfly today.
MCab is due to break out again. I hope soon.

I love when Rayburn proves me wrong. Especially when I’m in a manic state.

2 inings. 2nd & 3rd / 1 out twice. 1 Run
Sounds like Tiger baseball to me.

DD, don’t wait till Laird is hitting .150. Trade him now and maybe we will get a AA player. Wait and it will be a PTBNL.
He’s simply a rally killer.

That’d be me all right. Up there on my bandwagon with my unemployment check and lithium.
BTW, doesn’t alter the facts, M’am.

Raburn has that about him doesn’t he. He can be slumping and when he snaps out of it, it often with a bang and not bloop. Be interesting to see what happens with him. He was a 2B in the minors for the most part and seems more comfortable there. I’ve always thought they could make a decent 3B out of him. He needs reps to optimize his potential. Utility job for him doesn’t seem fair somehow.

Boesch is known for hacking at the first pitch. A reputaion that he might be overly aggressive. Actually he looks to me like he has relativley good plate discipline when he wants to. I think he’s got good eye.
Porecello throwing a gem for Toledo tonight. Classic RP. Lots of ground balls.

Man oh man. Talk about breaks. Reyes bloops another one. Now Coke comes in. Hope he brings some thing more than he has been showing. Laird is hurting this team behind the plate this year.
Fingers firmly crossed because it don’t feel particj=ularly good.

Well Coke looked good against the dangerous Wright. Sure would be nice to get this guy too.

Coke did throw well. He threw strikes and in that situation that is half the battle.
It appears as though it might be a good idea for us to score a few runs now.

It looks like Ol Hardhead Leyland will try to make his “formula” work and bring in Zumaya in the 8th. Zumaya has been off. I hope he is not gonna gift any baserunners.

We got lucky. The 2 hits though will ensure another AB for Wright and maybe Davis.
It won’t be easy for Valverde.
Zumaya has been struggling. Evidenced by his lack of Ks. No command of the strike zone. He is a major talent but never been able to really maximimize it with a dose of finesse.
Been another tough game for fans and I can see it has been hard on JL too.
I don’t know how Valverde can keep doing what he has been doing but there is no reason to doubt him now.

Papa Grande- pleeeaassee.

holy smokes, my heart jumped on that fly ball.

Whew. Now that it’s over, I can say I was afraid of the national coverage curse- we never play well on national TV

Jose is sure impressive!! Just love it!!
0 for 9 for RISP aint good for the heart!!
Can we keep the cynicism aimed at management and the occasional player? Comments about fellow bloggers is just poor and not done here.

Pretty important win. And a gutty one. Zumaya didn’t walk anybody and for that I am truly thankful. Opposition seem to get a lot of texas leaguers and bleeders against him.
Valverde getting Reyes to lead off the 9th was crucial.
Boesch is hitting with supreme confidence. It’s pretty amazing.
3 more games with our poor pitchers having to swing the bat.
Worth looked real good out there today. I guess JL must have confidence in him because it would have been natural for him to put Ramon at short when he replaced Raburn.
I don’t think we shold expect a Strasburg performance but all eyes will be on Andy Oliver tomorrow.
That Reyes is one fine ballplayer.
Good move by JL to bring Kelly in for D in the 9th. Boesch can make some nice catches but doesn’t read the ball well off the bat.
We needed that one.

Back to half a game back again, with Chisox breathing close a further 2 games back.
Have to say prefer watching this team to the 2009 version. And not just because of Rodneys version of a save to Jose’s.

Tracey, I have a question for you. When you listen on MLB-audio and watch the game on TV, is the sound in sync with the video? That’s always been an issue when I’ve tried it, and I’d love to listen to Dan and Jim on occasion.
I thought the Mets were going to dink and bloop us into oblivion tonight. That turned out to be one hard fought win, and a good one to get. No style points are awarded, a W is a W.
Raburn came up big against the lefty. He’s always hit them well, then he turned around and hit a shot off the righty too. Good job there. JL just needs to keep him out of the outfield. This guy is an infielder.
I still think Zumaya is not getting on top of his fastball. That’s a mechanical thing that should be ironed out……unless he’s pitching with another injury. I will say they didn’t hit him hard.
I’ve always thought the closer’s role is somewhat overplayed unless it’s a top notch premium closer. We seem to have one now. An excellent closer can be priceless.
Who is positioning the outfielders? Anybody? Boesch plays too deep and it almost burned us tonight.
I laugh at Leyland and his double switches, but the ones he made tonight worked well. He ended up with Guillen up with the bases loaded. That Carlos hit into a DP isn’t the point. JL had it set up well.
Tomorrow should be interesting with Oliver starting. I’m hoping for five innings from him as the Braves try to figure him out. We’ll need that bullpen again, most likely.

I was blacked out of this series. Very frustrating. But I got the chance to listen to Dan and Jim and I appreciate the great job they do. They are knowledgeable and call the game honestly. When somebody screws up they let you know just how they screwed up.
That said, I am really looking forward to watching the games again.
Hey Dan, good to see you giving some kudos to Ryan and Phil:-) I imagined Coke must have had THE determined look when he pitched to Wright. Turned out to be the pivotal point in the game. I completely agree with you that Raburn should play infield only. Sounds like he made a good play there in starting the key double play. And his bat is heating up as well. Always appreciate your take on things, your free flowing style and descriptive manner. One of the main reasons this blog is so much fun.
Good hard fought win tonight. Central is turning into a 3 team race. That will make things a bit more interesting.

Only caught it from when Coke came in on…was swearing at the tv in a nervous panic. How is it possible for this team to be so shaky and yet be a half game out of 1st? I know it’s the A.L. Central, but still…
Believe it or not, the things I am most concerned with right now are the leadoff spot and the bullpen (excluding Papa G) – things that I was totally confident in early in the year.
Regarding Oliver…I wouldn’t be surprised to see an Andrew Miller type line out there. Maybe not as many BBs, but they are both lefty and named Andy with a common last name that ends in -er. Hopefully this one pans out better. Miller has a 9+ ERA in AA this year for the Marlins…unbelievable how poorly so many of the highly regarded players from that trade have played…just glad we got Cabrera. I still remember seeing the trade news roll in across ESPN’s bottom line and having my mind blown…
-Derrick (inspired by Rich’s identification scheme🙂 )

Thanks Marty.
It’s a little disconcerting to see one facet of a ball teams strength become their weakness almost overnight. This has been one of the warning signals of our Tiger teams over the last couple of years. Starting pitching can be excellent and then mysteriously it is horrible. Same with the hitting and withe the relief pitching. There is an inconsistency that seems to plague the overall effort. We can be on the verge of being unbeatable and then quickly unbearable.
I was glad to hear Porcello had an efffective outing today. 1 hit, but more importantly, got lots of ground balls. His last few starts have seen times where he couldn’t buy a ground ball. I think it is a foregone conclusion that he is going to be a good pitcher. His head is on straight and he has good stuff. Nice combination.
We face a guy who has gone 0-9 this season on Saturday. No, not Mike Maroth. Braves have dropped a few latley. They will be hungry.
Ordonez is playing the best ball I have seen him play in a long while. On defense too. Met announcers had nothing positive to say about our outfielders all series long. In fact went as far as to say they were bad (except for AJ). While we have some limitations out there I do feel Boesch is improving. He did play very deep though Rich, I agree. Magglio is no racehorse out there but he has got to balls this year he never did before. And if he gets his glove on it he doesn’t let go. Decent arm and has an idea of what needs to be done.
2 out of 3 in Atlanta is a distinct possibility.


The MLB audio is a few seconds ahead of TV. Since I’m usually working while the game is on, it allows me to “look up” when there is something to see. It’s not ideal, but Rod Allen really wears on me- especially the last game of a series when he is repeating his praise of the other team. It’s bad enough to hear “since putting on a Tigers uniform” about Maggs, Guillen and Miggy over and over…at least they our on my team.🙂
It’s really more about liking Jim and Dan’s broadcast better overall. I just feel more honesty from them.
I keep waiting for the ChiSox to crash…I really hope it is soon.

Well, I thought it was time to pipe in for a comment or two. I can truthfully say that I have been sitting back and enjoying reading our blog site. I’ve also enjoyed(and shuttered)and shuttered watching our team develop a sense of identity over the last three weeks. What have we learned? Maggs is a professional hitter. Boesch could very well be the real thing.
Miggy goes hot and cold a lot more than I would prefer. Avila should be the everyday catcher, and pretty much is. Worth is worth a lot defensively. I hope he can hit .260. Guillen adds a nice dimension to the batting order, if he can avoid the grounding into DP Syndrome at crucial times. Inge will continue to do what he does. I hope his power numbers perk back up. Jackson should hit number 9, and steal every time he gets on. That way Damon can move him over, or drive him in at leadoff. I’ve also learned that our tigers send out superior pitchers who lose to unknowns and retreads more often than they need to. Finally I’ve learned that Valverde is one cool cookie. So where does that leave us? I think we can stay in the hunt if Porcello gets straightend out. I’m on my way to Myrtle Beach on Sunday to play Tourist. I will miss the Twins series; if we could just step up and take 2-3 from the Twinks, we can ride for a while. To all the Bloggers who make up Beck Land, “you are the First Brigade!” “You’ve already won!” I love that Stonewall speech from Gods and Generals. And yes Dave, I’m out for the summer, and am looking forward to my final 192 teaching days. As always,
your passionate,loyal, fellow Blogger.

Boesch has provided a lot of excitement on both sides. His offense has put the team in a position to contend. He had a tough game in the field last night. I don’t know if he was playing too deep because of the earlier miscue that went for a double or was that the no doubles defense being employed after the sixth inning? His defense has been improving and he has made several good plays recently. Maybe he was having a hard time getting a read on the ball in Citi Field.
It is about time for Miggy to go on a hot streak. I would not want to face out 3-4-5 hitters.
I still like Jackson in the leadoff spot. He still is hitting over .300 and the number two spot is actually a tougher spot to hit in the order for a rookie. Hitting him 9th, move a .260 hitter up to number two.
Looking forward to seeing Oliver makes his debut. It always exciting to see a prospect make his first big league start. The Tigers need a quality left-handed starter and hopefully Oliver pitches his way to more starts.

I listen to Gameday alot and i have noticed that is a little behind the TV. However i think that is only because we are watching it in HD. I think if i were to be watching it on a standard TV that it would be pretty close to being in sync.

Tracie, do you watch the games in HD?

I listen to Gameday a lot and i have noticed that is a little behind the TV. However i think that is only because we are watching it in HD. I think if i were to be watching it on a standard TV that it would be pretty close to being in sync.

Tracie, do you watch the games in HD?

My gameday is ahead of my TV. I don’t have HD, just plain old regular TV.

We think alike. Thanks for doing all the writing for me:-)
I love Myrtle Beach. Have not golfed there in awhile.
All it takes in baseball is a winning streak to put you back in it. What are the Baltimore fans writing on their blog?
We are 1/2 game out! Thanks again Jason and all who make this blog interesting! I see there is another Dave on this blog. Go Tigers! –Dave (Downtown)

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