Wednesday: Jackson sits vs. Mets

It isn’t a strained back this time, but the strain of four Tigers outfielders and three lineup spots that’s apparently keeping Jackson out of the lineup tonight. He says his back feels fine, and Jim Leyland doesn’t doubt it, but he hinted last night that Brennan Boesch is hitting too well right now to take out of the lineup.

Johnny Damon is back in the lineup, batting leadoff and playing in left. Ramon Santiago is the No. 2 hitter tonight, with Alex Avila behind the plate.
  1. Damon, LF
  2. Santiago, SS
  3. Ordonez, RF
  4. Cabrera, 1B
  5. Boesch, LF
  6. Guillen, 2B
  7. Inge, 3B
  8. Avila, C
  9. Bonderman, P
  1. Jose Reyes, SS
  2. Angel Pagan, CF
  3. David Wright, 3B
  4. Ike Davis, 1B
  5. Jason Bay, LF
  6. Jeff Francoeur, RF
  7. Henry Blanco, C
  8. Ruben Tejada, 2B
  9. R.A. Dickey, P


apparently we’re playing without a center fielder tonight.. but at least we’ll have 2 guys out in left.😉

So Leyland DOES read the blogs…finally trying Damon in the leadoff spot. Let’s hope he gets it going against the knuckler.

Not sure which is more frustrating; hitting R.A. Dickey or watching him.
I’m pretty disgusted with the 1st pitch swinging though. We should have been able to get a run in with Ordonez up and being more selective.
Bondo must be regretting his 2 stirike pitch to Reyes. He actually is throwing some kind of change-up against the lefties, would have been a good time to throw it then.
That run scored after 2 strikes and 2 outs.
Reyes hits a HR, man Bondo gotto be smarter than that. 2-0 now and this guy is killin’ us.

Even after loading the bases, no score after one feels like we are ahead!!

“but he hinted last night that Brennan Boesch is hitting too well right now to take out of the lineup.”

Hah, so apparently not playing Damon wasn’t an option?

Leyland makes no sense.

That damn pitchout/SB. I like Avila but I think he might have been a bit too deliberate on that play. Against anyone else he guns him down.

Joel Zumaya was awful.
This game tonight is bothering me much more than last night which was a washout. This one they should have been in.
Dickey getting away with that nonsense was very frustrating.. You can’t or don’t want to hit knuclers then take a pitch or two. Get ahead in the count. Get a fastball once in your AB.
Crap, another 0-2 pitch and we give up a hit. That happens way too much. What is it it with throwing cookies on those counts?
C’mon Knapp, make these guys accountable on that pitch. Make them throw something that is impossible to hit and out of the strike zone.
Frustrating loss. This is the kind of loss that precipitates bad baseball and losing streaks..
Shame on Coke—I’ve said it before, I don’t have confidence in the guy.

Whupped last night and now it looks like we’re
headed to a shutout. God almighty, this is awful.

Sorry Bloggers. This game really got to me. Ticks me off when we can’t cobble together a couple of runs at those times when our starter throws well.

And while I’m on a roll—whey the heck is the Met manager taking Dickey out? He deserves the chance for the CG shutout and nobody is hitting him. It’s not like he’s tired throwing 77 MPH

When Verlander flunks the test yesterday, our “offense” is losing it tonight.
Zoom just didn’t have it tonight. Dombrowski is going to have to do something or we have to accept we can’t compete for the Division.

tigers are losing ,but at least i’m watching on espn instead of listening to that moron rod allen

I used to like Rod but after a while, you relaize you’ve heard it all before. Lately it seems like he just said it the day before. I don’t buy the “hood” schtick either. Impemba on the other had is quite good. I will give Rod credit for knowing the game.
Notice how Boesch seems to hit the proven big-time MLB pitchers/ He just about had an opposite field homer against KRod that last inning. He has not been striking much lately either.

If we were winning, I don’t believe anyone on this blog would be complaining about Rod Allen. Everything would be hunky-dory.
Miggy still seems confident the Tigers can win tomorrow so maybe we will.

Nothing really surprising going on, IMO. We’re playing about the way I would have expected. I figure we come back home at 41-36 and about 4 games out of first, either ahead of or behind Chicago.
Zumaya hasn’t been on top of his fastball for quite some time now. I don’t know why we have pitchers fall into bad habits so easily but it seems to be the case.
Bonderman has quietly become the best starter on the team.
The strange part is that we can rarely hit a starter, but can tear up even the best of bullpens. I’m still trying to figure that one out.
I don’t think there’s anything Dombrowski can do at this point. What’s been done is done. This is the team we have and some deadline trade won’t change that. He’s certainly not going to fire Leyland.

Bonderman has bee remarkable really. I wouldn’t consider him superior to JV though. I didn’t expect him to rehab this well and I think he has developed what may amount to a 3rd pitch—at least sometimes. He doesn’t pitch with an air of iconfidence that we sometimes see in Verlander.
We need them to be complemented by GMan givng strong performances and Scherzer coming into his own. The 5th starter is the job of DD. This is where I feel we can improve the club with a solid proven starter. That and a good hitting shortstop. Do I think either will happen? Not without trading away one of prospects and a good reliever.
I can see Strieby being offerred up. They are playing him at 1st which is a go nowhere fast position in our system. he’s not getting reps in the OF so my feeling there is they will hope Wells or Ramirez find their way.
This team will have to gather some speed. They can’t compete properly being so slow-footed. I’d give my eye tooth for a guy like Reyes.
I think if we are within striking distance of Minny in 3 weeks we will see a trade.
The guys I would not trade are AJ, Avila, Boesch, Wells, Cab, JV, Scherzer and Porcello.
I think we have a couple of guys that could fetch more value than you might expect in return. Laird and Zumaya could bring us some value in return. I like Zumaya but he is just not coachable and an injury away from a career end. He would be attractive to many teams though.
It may sound like I am not hopeful about this year.
I don’t think we have enough talent on this squad to compensate for an unproductive DH situation or a slumping 3rd and 4th hitter, or an consistentl contribution from the 4th and 5th starters. We also need more certainty at short. If we can largely avoid these areas being too much of a problem and we get a couple of surprises we could contend.

Rod Allen is repetitive and makes mistakes quite often. I yell at the computer monitor to correct him even when the Tigers are winning. Impemba is decent, but he sometimes sounds like he is not really knowledgable about baseball to me.
What I don’t understand is why people are convinced we can’t compete because of these two games against the Mets. We are a game and a half out. Dickey has been beating everyone, and the Twins are not faring any better than we are, in a series they probably expected to win. Now, if we get swept in Minnesota, I am all in favor of calling us a pretender. But this is starting to sound like last year, where everyone was bemoaning the fact that we had a crappy team while we held first place all year and lost a game in a playoff that could have gone either way. We are not in the A.L. East, so our flaws are not fatal yet.

I like Rod and realize that sometimes he’s wrong or loses his thought in mid-sentence. I don’t yell at him but rather quietly correct him like I would a family member. It’s part of the fun of watching the game, talking to the TV. Bi-polar. 🙂
Speaking for myself, the Mets series hasn’t changed my mind about anything. My opinion has been formed over nearly half a season of baseball so far. I know what to expect from this team and whether we contend or not has a lot to do with how the other division teams perform. That would include head to head with Detroit.
I could paraphrase the famous Disney theme song and make it “a trade is a dream your heart makes.” Obviously I’m not big on deadline trades. The reason is I think we’re more likely to acquire some journeyman that JL will play everyday until he’s totally worthless. I think this year I’d rather continue to tap the minor league system and fill real needs with offseason deals.
I hate to bring this up, but we sure could have used Polanco this season.
Did you notice that Damon got on base in the first inning and promptly stole secondbase? We were in business immediately. How about some more of that?

Sometimes you guys crack me up… Its funny how things can change so fast with fans. The Tigers just won 8 of 9 at home and now they lose two in a row and you guys hit the panic button and think there is no way this team can compete for the division. In case you didn’t notice the Twins have also lost 2 games already to the Brewers. My mom is the same way as a lot of you, she thinks that as soon as the Tigers get down, even if it is by 1 run, that they are going to lose and they stink. I was the one in the house growing up pulling for them no matter how far behind they were. They are still only 1.5 games back from first and still have a decent chance on taking the lead of the division before the all star break. We play them twice before the all star break and even though we struggle to beat them, we have proven that we can.

As far as the whole Rod Allen and Jim Price thing, I personally prefer listening to Dan Dickerson and Jim Price. However, that is mostly because i don’t have FSN, and i can’t watch them on MLB.TV because I live in Michigan so it is blacked out for me. However, i do get to watch some games at work..

I also think that we should do some trading before the deadline, we could use another bat, preferably a short stop. We could also use a starting pitcher, but i think our offense is constantly lacking. Can we trade for a new hitting coach?


For those of you getting bored listening to Mario and Rod, you can listen to Dan Dickerson and Jim Price by signing up for MLB audio. It’s only 19.99 for a year. Many times I’ll watch the game on TV and listen to Dan and Jim on my computer. They talk baseball all the time.

the trouble with leland is he fools around with the players. on one hand he says jackson is his center fielder but now he has too many outfielders. make up your mind leland play him or trade him.

Fans make disparaging remarks about Jim Price which I find appalling. Both Rod and Jim made it all the way the minor leagues and found themselves backup catchers on a WS champion team. How many people have those credentials. They know their baseball, and I, for one, appreciate both of them. Mario can be extremely dull at times and I thank god Rod is there to lighten it up. When you hear, “Country Strong” who comes to mind? Rod is a cognizant man who I think worries too much about his image and how he sounds. He sounds like he holds back, many times, and that’s too bad. They are both great people who love their families. They showed Rod’s college age daughter at the game and before he said anything about that being his daughter, I remember thinking what a beautiful young lady was in attendance at the Tigers game.

So who does JL sit tonight? It’s gotta be Damon again. Boesch does hit LHP and has twice as many Rib-Eyes (in less ABs) than JD. He can turn the game around in a swing. That may be important in preventing a sweep on the road. No panic button here but that would be a very bad omen to start a road trip like that.
I hope we can get MCab busting fences again soon. He seems to have become un-invincible lately.
Will we get Laird batting in the 2 hole today? My guess is yes.
Will be watching AJ closely tonight, I think his back is still bothering him. Hope I’m wrong.
I would suggest the key to salvaging this last game is to keep Jose Reyes off the bases.
Saw a report that the BoSox may be thinking about Adam Everett.

Rod Allen was not a catcher. I do agree that he knows a lot about baseball and often predicts squeeze or pitchout plays accurately. He seems like a great guy. I just get tired of hearing him say the same thing every day. As I have mentioned before, every walk is not pitching around someone and throwing the ball 4 feet high is not a “good pitch, though.”
Anyone else supremely irritated that Aubrey Huff is having a terrific season with the Giants? Where was any of that last year with us? If we do make a trade, I hope it is for a pitcher. The problem is that guys like Cliff Lee and Roy Oswalt, who are bona fide top of the rotation starters, would cost too much for the return. We are likely not going to the World Series this year, even though we would all love to see a division title. Lee will be a free agent and I don’t want to see us give up 3 top prospects for a rental unless we then sign him long-term (which is possible, as we do have some $$$ coming off the books after this season) and Oswalt seems to be nearing the end of his career.
Despite all the negativity on the boards, mine included, I have to say that I am still surprised that we are having as good of a season as we are. Prior to the year, I had zero confidence that AJAx would hit above .250, and even with his slump, he has still shown the ability to be a very good big league hitter. Brennan Boesch was not on my radar, other than as a Septemeber call-up. I thought Mags would hit for a good average, but I didn’t see him playing THIS well. I expected more from Avila, Sizemore, Scherzer, Porcello. Did not expect much at all from Bondo. The season is not even halfway over and there is still a ton of time for things to change completely. I am glad that I have the next few months off to enjoy the ride, one way or the other.

Polanco, the one that got away. Caught everything that came his way, accurate throws, made Cabrera look good at 1st base (is it a coincidence that Cabe has as many errors this season?) I can only imangine where we wood be at in the stats if this workhorse was still in the lineup. He’s a hard man to strikeout and the batter you want hitting when your leadoff men are on base. Tigers should have paid him the money. Instead they resigned Everett and Fu Ti Ne and some other questionables. We wood hve a bettr chance in the Pennant race w/Placido,AJ,Boesh,Maggs and Cabe at the start of the lineup.

I must have missed the panic button post. I also didn’t see one that said we couldn’t compete for the division. It looked to me like some legitimate concerns being voiced and there’s nothing wrong with that. Even the best teams have fans that want improvement. Of course people say more negative things after losses, that’s human nature. The alternative is “oh well, we’ll get ’em tomorrow?” That’s kind of dull.
Probably my most negative post of the season came last Sunday an hour after we’d won our 8th of the last 9 games. I just comment on what I perceive at a given time. Not all comments are reactionary. Some yes, but not all.

Clearwater, regarding Aubrey Huff, here in northern CA I think about how the Tigers lost out every time I watch a Giants game. He’s batting around .300 and seems to be having a blast. Wish he’d been given more playing time with the Tigers. -JP

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