June 23rd, 2010

Wednesday: Jackson sits vs. Mets

It isn’t a strained back this time, but the strain of four Tigers outfielders and three lineup spots that’s apparently keeping Jackson out of the lineup tonight. He says his back feels fine, and Jim Leyland doesn’t doubt it, but he hinted last night that Brennan Boesch is hitting too well right now to take out of the lineup.

Johnny Damon is back in the lineup, batting leadoff and playing in left. Ramon Santiago is the No. 2 hitter tonight, with Alex Avila behind the plate.
  1. Damon, LF
  2. Santiago, SS
  3. Ordonez, RF
  4. Cabrera, 1B
  5. Boesch, LF
  6. Guillen, 2B
  7. Inge, 3B
  8. Avila, C
  9. Bonderman, P
  1. Jose Reyes, SS
  2. Angel Pagan, CF
  3. David Wright, 3B
  4. Ike Davis, 1B
  5. Jason Bay, LF
  6. Jeff Francoeur, RF
  7. Henry Blanco, C
  8. Ruben Tejada, 2B
  9. R.A. Dickey, P