Tuesday (back to work): Tigers at Mets

By now, you’ve probably heard the pitching move: Andy Oliver will make his big league debut Friday at Atlanta. Until then, the Tigers will have an eight-man bullpen with Jay Sborz, whom manager Jim Leyland said will be sent down after Thursday’s game to make room on the roster for Oliver.

As for tonight, you’ll notice the new No. 2 hitter, at least for tonight. With no DH slot, Johnny Damon out of the lineup and rookie Danny Worth at short, Gerald Laird gets the start in the two spot. It’s basically a situation where Jim Leyland doesn’t want to tinker with his lineup, at least with Guillen in the six spot and Brandon Inge batting seventh. And he didn’t want to put the rookie Worth up near the top at this point.


  1. Jackson, CF
  2. Laird, C
  3. Ordonez, RF
  4. Cabrera, 1B
  5. Boesch, LF
  6. Guillen, 2B
  7. Inge, 3B
  8. Worth, SS
  9. Verlander, P


  1. Jose Reyes, SS
  2. Angel Pagan, CF
  3. David Wright, 3B
  4. Ike Davis, 1B
  5. Jason Bay, LF
  6. Rod Barajas, C
  7. Jeff Francoeur, RF
  8. Ruben Tejada, 2B
  9. Jonathon Niese, P


G-money batting second? Wow! This is one of those things where if Laird does anything people will say “see Leyland is a genius”. I’m not sure who I would have batted there but Laird probably wouldn’t have crossed my mind.

Quite glad to see AJ back. i don’t expect he will hot off the mark, but he is a guy that makes us a better ball club.
A bit strange to see these kinds of changes during a winning streak.
Sure hope we don’t get over-managed AND out-managed.
JL has a tendency to overdue things in NL parks. Thankfully he will be inclined to stay with his SP a little longer today.

This game is not going well at all. 3-0 Mets, runners on 2nd & 3rd, no outs, JV with 61 pitches in 3 innings, Ajax mistake on the basepath. Whoa! Rain delay. Game cancelled? Play 2 tomorrow? That will really mess up the pitching rotation for the Tigers. Even with a long delay the bullpens will have to take over. Just not the way I wanted this 9-game road trip to start out. Oh, well, 6 more at-bats for the Tigers if the game re-starts.

Laird is not going to get the chance to bunt often with AJax not getting on base much with the lefty.
With not playing Ramon, I probably would have either moved Carlos to 2nd or just move everyone up one place.

Good grief! 2-0 with only 1 out in the first inning? The Mets have won 1 more game than we have. Here’s hoping the Tigs can start climbing on the scoreboard next inning.

Maddening how often we struggle in the first – now 51 runs given up with a 6.49 ERA. The Tigs have scored only 35 runs for a 4.63 average which is on par with their overall 4.68 ERA.
Some interesting late innings earned run average when comparing to 35-51 runs in the first innings.
7th innings – 47 scored – 16 runs conceded;
8th innings – 31 – 37 runs;
9th innings – 24 -14 runs conceded.
Strange having the exceptional 7th and 9th around giving up more runs than scored in the the 8th innings.

Well…..how does it look for tomorrow?

I wasn’t thrilled when I heard they called up Sborz. Say what they will, he started off very strong and has strugglled lately. Didn’t see the point.
Now he has proved a point.
May only be one outing but I would see he is not going to be effective up here.
I think the Mets will let up on Thomas, just to make sure they get this game in the books.

Nightmare on elm street!

Have the Twins been whipped like this so far this season? My money for the Twins game will stay in my checking account if the Tigers can’t beat this team. Look like whipped puppies.

Boy was this ever ugly tonight.
The ball hit must have gone 430″!
AJ doesn’t look good to me.
Can’t see Thomas lasting the season.
Sborz won’t last the week.

Man, Laird has been flippin the ball out of his glove on steal attempts all year. Twice today and earlier in the year he was prone too..
Didn’t like seeing raburn smiling and goofin around in the dugout when they were so many runs behind. I’ve seen him do this before too. just doesn’t seem right. Then of course he follows up that act by being called out with the bases loaded. I see less reason for him to be so casual when he isn’t hitting his weight.
Interesting to see the club come back a bit here. I would have figured they would have folded their tent. But, to their credit, they don’t. Not sure if it’s a matter of getting loose or if they are just that determined. I suspect the former, but they have come back large a few times this year.

Well at least the Twins lost too.
That’s a first class thumpin’
We won’t likely have to deal with Nieve tomorrow so that’s good. Jackson looked very rusty and limited out in the field. He did put a wallop on his double though. I would think he will gradually develop more power.

I didn’t know what to expect from Sborz but I didn’t expect that. I’m trying to remember a worse ML debut but coming up empty. I felt bad for the guy. More importantly, both Thomas and Ni seem to have lost it. This is happening a lot and we can’t send them all down to Toledo to get fixed. Can we keep our pitchers on track?
I’m wondering if Damon sits the entire week. Obviously not, but when does he play? Ordonez can get a blow but you lose a lot when Boesch isn’t hitting behind Cabrera. I hate losing Jackson out of centerfield. I would suggest using Santiago in all the remaining NL games so we have a #2 hitter. Other than Dave’s highly original suggestion of moving everyone up one spot, I don’t know how you line up the guys we started tonight.
It was a sloppy game on both sides. Hopefully everyone gets rebooted tomorrow and we see a cleaner game.
Did Bonine get a week off for the birth of his baby too? Didn’t think so.

Thomas walks 6 batters every 9 innings. What makes JL think that is going to help?
They are worried about Schlereth’s control. It’s better than that to be sure, and he can get guys out. He will replace Thomas and/or Ni eventually.
Hopefully Ni comes around a bit. He has shown he can do the job last year and the beginning of this one.
We need to play an all-around good game tomorrow. I’ll be glad to see Avila behind the plate. Laird has not had a good year defensively either.

Didn’t get to see/hear any of the game until the attempted comeback in the middle innings and from the looks of it I saved myself some time. We sure got kicked around. Best thing I could think though was I am glad the pitching staff all had a bad game at the same time, hope they got it out of their systems. Wish I would have seen Brennan’s homerun, I’ll have to check the Tiger site for a replay of that one. That guy is just superb.

Mercifully, I shut the game off. Felt sick to my stomach and went to bed.

Actually, Schlereth’s control is NOT better than Thomas’ 6 BB/9 IP. He is walking 7.5/9 in AAA and has a career rate in minors of 6.2/9 and in majors of 7.4/9.
A worse debut could be Lino Urdaneta, of the Tigers. 0 IP, 5H, 1 BB, 6 ER. Never pitched for Detroit again. The only other time he had in the bigs he gave up 1 ER in 1 IP for the Mets. Didn’t hit the first 2 batters like Sborz, but didn’t even get anyone out.
Arnie Munoz of the White Sox made his major league debut a few years ago and went 3IP, 10H, 3BB, 11ER, 1HBP. AMong the hits included 2HR, 3 2B and a triple.

Well there ya go. Thanks, clearwater. I did see Sborz’s postgame interview. One can certainly recognize his closer’s mentality as he seemed able to shrug it off quite nicely. I wonder if his family got to the game on time to see him pitch? He was tabbed to go down for Oliver’s start even before he pitched.

Where is everyone today? Out picking up your unemployment checks? (inside joke)
I hear that Damon is leading off tonight with Ramon hitting second. Jackson sits, at least to start the game. I hope that JD and Razor can have big nights because it might lend credence to my idea for the order. Mine is Damon and Santiago 1-2 and Jackson 9th. That still gives JL his Jackson-Damon order. I’d like to just let Jackson play defense for awhile and not have to worry about leading off.
(in my best Rod Serling voice) Imagine if you will a pitcher named Justin Verlander who is trailing 3-0 in the third inning. He has men on 2nd and 3rd and none out when he becomes injured. The manager decides this is the time to bring in a newly arrived rookie for his first big league appearance. Would this qualify as a Twilight Zone type of occurence? Swap the injury for a rain delay and that’s just what JL did last night. Now, I realize that Brennan Boesch has become Roy Hobbs but you can’t count on that happening everytime. Submitted for your approval………from the Twilight Zone.

Speaking of unemployment—what’s the scoop with Adam Everett?
Good to see Damon lead off. He needs something to stoke him up. Not happy to hear AJ out. This back thing might prove to be worrisome.
Very happy to see Avila in the lineup. Laird doesn’t do it for me.
How long can Inge go on hitting like this? And what happened to his HR power?
(I’ll gladly take the hits, don’t get me wrong)
This would be a very big game to win.

Red Sox are interested in Everett. Jackson’s back is out again? He must have done somthing serious to it if he’s out again. Hope he doesn’t need surgery.

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