Ordonez still out with oblique soreness

Magglio Ordonez remains out of the Tigers lineup and day-to-day with continued left oblique soreness. But as head athletic trainer Kevin Rand admitted, the days are piling up.

Friday’s series opener against the Pirates marked Ordonez’s fourth straight game out of the Tigers’ lineup. The 36-year-old outfielder has played in only one of Detroit’s last six games, and there’s no guarantee he’ll be available to play Saturday.

“We treated him last night and he’s a little bit better today,” Rand said Friday afternoon. “He’s still not the way we want him, but he’s a lot closer today. He feels a lot better about where he’s at.”

Ordonez was examined by team physician Dr. Jeff Michaels once the Tigers returned home Thursday night and diagnosed with general muscle soreness, nothing pulled or strained in a specific muscle. That in itself should be a good sign, but the area in question is one that he feels every time he swings.

“Obviously we put him through a thorough exam with range of motion and strength where we were looking for pain,” Rand said. “The good thing was that he wasn’t able to point specifically where the pain was. It was just soreness in the oblique, especially when he stretched out his side. That’s a lot better today.”

Don Kelly, not Ryan Raburn, is replacing Ordonez in the Tigers lineup tonight.


  1. Jackson, CF
  2. Damon, DH
  3. Kelly, LF
  4. Cabrera, 1B
  5. Boesch, RF
  6. Guillen, 2B
  7. Inge, 3B
  8. Avila, C
  9. Santiago, SS

P: Justin Verlander


  1. Andrew McCutchen, CF
  2. Neil Walker, 2B
  3. Ryan Doumit, 1B
  4. Garrett Jones, RF
  5. Ryan Church, DH
  6. Lastings Milledge, LF
  7. Akinori Iwamura, 3B
  8. Ronny Cedeno, SS
  9. Jason Jaramillo, C


I like McKutcheon.
Classic tigers in the 3rd. 2nd & 3rd and no out and a bonehead base-running mistake by Inge followe byt 3 absurd ABs resulting in ZERO.
Santiago is not embracing his rejuvenated role as Tiger shortstop.
Jacskon needs a better approach at the plate in given game situation.
Damon has done what he has done all year. Let us down. He has not been an on-the-filed role model. He has not been a clutch hitter. He has not been a game-changer.
He needs to pick up his game and he needs to pick it up a lot. Much of this season depends on him coming through.
Just saw MCab doag it on his ground out to Cedeno. That was troubling. He seems to be in superstar mode. Where if he hits the ball well that’s enough. You gotta hustle dude. You gotta play like the baseball game is as important to you as your individual accomplishments. This is what separates the truly great players from the rest. The Hunger. I do think MCab is enormously gifted but I also think he is far too enamored of himself.

Bye-Bye Laird.
Run Tigers Run–it makes things happen.
Ramon, this is your time dude. Make it happen.

I like McKutcheon, too. Wouldn’t mind having him on my team.
I can only wonder what Laird is thinking.

Had to get a win tonight and we did what we needed to do. Looks like they had Ohlendorf’s move pegged after he threw over on Boesch a few times. Agressiveness sure pays off. The bottom of the order turned in a big night. I think that’s the 2nd time in the past few days, isn’t it? Actually, Inge, Avila and Santiago don’t stack up as automatic outs as did Laird and Everett. Brandon’s got that average on the rise. I’ll take the .250 with power but without the homers, I’d prefer .270. The most important thing is timely hits.
We still made several of those “hidden” mistakes in the early innings and that needs to be cleaned up. This can’t continue.
Six losses in a row for Pittsburgh. I hope they can fly out of here before breaking that streak, but that might be asking a lot.
By the way, I don’t recall any of us complimenting Scherzer on his performance in Chicago. Good job, Max. If he can bring that stuff to the majority of his starts, he’ll be a big help.
Without Ordonez, I’m not sure what to do with the batting order. Lifting Guillen higher means another weaker bat in the bottom. For some strange reason, I was more comfortable with Kelly hitting 3rd than I was Raburn. I still want to switch Damon and Jackson. Damon is more likely to get on base and Jackson would get better pitches with Ordonez (when he returns) behind him. I just think it makes us stronger overall.
Jackson is on his way to being the best centerfielder I’ve ever seen in Detroit, and we’ve had some good ones.
I can’t help but wonder if Guillen has moved so far over towards secondbase because Cabrera has been cutting in front of him on grounders to the right side.

Hey Rich – the reason you’re more comfortable with Kelly in the 3 slot instead of Raburn is because Raburn is stinking it up this year. Not that he’s ever been a big league caliber player, but he’s really not performing this year. And it’s not just at the plate – he looks really lazy when he plays the OF. Too many mental mistakes. I would go so far as to say he shouldn’t even be with the big club this year. But that’s just my opinion.

Wow – it is harsh around here including myself sometimes. Yes Raburn has underperformed this year but I don’t remember anyone complaining about him in the last few years when he came though in the clutch consistently. He is definatley off and you can’t continue to shove him out there. Laird isn’t going anywhere and my guess he will be in the lineup today against a lefty.
Cabrera was dogging it to first – we were at the game and noticed it too. However I don’t think that he would of beat it out anyway. Correct me if I am wrong 2 hits and 2 rbi’s now in the last 7 games.
Rich you are right Scherzer was terrific and again we had one of those cases where there is no run support. Look at Bondo only two wins on the season and he has pitched well enough to have 3 or so more wins than that.
I was at the game last night and in the first few innings I thought oh crap, here we go again. The light hitting kittens are playing again tonight. And the other thing that I wanted to mention is that I saw the replay at home on the catch that Jackson made in the 7th and I don’t think you cant truely appreciate on television how far he ran to get that ball – he was playing a little shallow because balls were getting knocked down in that direction because of the wind at the park. HE RAN SOOOOO FAR. Don’t worry Jackson that was like hitting a homerun – you save runs. (although I would like to see you start hitting again.)
Rich I would be interested to know what you saw as “hidden mistakes” in the early part of the game. I don’t think I am very good about seeing those things.
It is nice to see the bottom of the order picking it up especially since the top 4 have forgotten how to hit. Santiago picking it up will be huge he has been horrible lately himself.

Well, everyone know my heart belongs to Raburn, but he’s got to show something very soon. I haven’t forgotten how he hit last year. He was tremendous for us, but this year has just been a complete struggle for him and sometimes you can see it in his face…a look of resignation.
Jackson said early on before the season started that he felt confident in his defense. Well, it just continues to get better and we are watching a real “star” in CF.
I’d also like to know the “hidden mistakes” you saw, Rich. I was only half watching the game last night and didn’t see every single play. So, what’s up?

I’m sorry, I don’t think I used good terminology there. By “hidden” I meant things that don’t show up in a boxscore, not things that weren’t obvious. I know there were three in the first three innings because I was pointing them out to my wife. Since me and Leyland aren’t as young as we used to be (!), I’ve forgotten one of them this morning. The two I remember were right out there for everyone to see. One was when Verlander took that comebacker and threw to first instead of nailing the runner at third, the Pirate runner who was commiting his own mistake. That run scored, although the next guy got an extra base hit anyway. Another was Inge not setting sail for home on that wild pitch that Brandon must have assumed was a foul ball. Just go. Right there, you could have had 1-0 Tigers instead of 1-0 Pirates.
I’m just talking sound fundamentals. Throwing to the wrong base, missing a sign, stuff like that. When Cabrera ranges over and cuts off the secondbaseman, he turns a routine chopper to 2nd into a tough twisting throw to the pitcher covering the bag and it’s scored a hit. None of these things show up in a boxscore.
No team is perfect but you won’t win a lot with bad fundamentals. The 2003 Tigers put on a nightly clinic on bad fundamental baseball, as an example. It was almost a work of art, the way that club managed to lose ballgames.

I remember the throw the first and thinking,”huh?” If Danny wasn’t playing 2nd, I can understand why Miguel gets over there. But Carlos seems to be settling into his new position, so maybe Miggy needn’t worry about compensating for Carlos so much.

As far as that goes, Cabrera also cut off grounders to Polanco too. It’s not so much Miggy’s fault in that he’s a converted 3rd baseman. Playing 3rd, you go get everything you can reach. At 1stbase, you have to not only read the location of a grounder but its speed. It’s not an easy thing and I’m sure he works on it all the time. He has to overcome his natural instinct in these cases. He’ll get there. Cabrera is a good ballplayer and can absolutely excel at the position if he wants to.

An ugly comparison for bases loaded. Not counting Posada’s homer today, NYY from 78 AB’s are .423/.490, 94 runs with 11 BB’s and only 12 SO’s.
The Tigs from 50 AB’s are .240/.305, 43 runs scored with 4 BB’s and 13 SO’s.
Difficult to create that ‘destiny’ feel overnight, though the Rays have done a pretty good job the past few seasons with a dynamic yet wise manager.

Tonight’s lineup without Ordonez leaves a lot to be desired. Raburn is a horrible outfielder. Here’s hoping Ryan hits the lefty enough to overcome that fact.

Rich – regarding the Verlander and the ground ball, I said something at the time it happened and I said why didn’t he throw that to third?? Thanks

And yes the lineup with out Magglio is sad. Raburn if he has to be in there because of the righty\lefty thing should at least be down farther in the order.

The funk the Tigres have put themselves in is partially a result of or results in (chicken or egg?), poor field awareness. Verlander at the very least should have understood that that combacker gave him all kinds of time. He should have at tleast “looked” at the runner.
Same with Inge. A runner should be anticipating a WP or PB not reacting to it.
Raburn playing today is unfortunate. Unfortunate in the fact that it means we are without the production value of Maggs again. But, JL is still trying to make a silk purse by narrow-mindinly plugging him into the 3 hole..
Laird is playing again today. (Auditioning?). If JL is so obtuse enough as to swing away with him in DP situations I will be apalled, but not surprised. Right now all you have to do is throw Laird 1 breaking ball and fastballs up around his chin and he is done like dinner.
Nice day here today, I should be out taking a ride rather than holed up with my obsession.

They had a decent crowd last night and I hope they do tonight, also. Even last night, I think I heard Rod say there were 33,000 + at the game. A year ago and in ’06 the park was sold out with over 40,000 in attendance. It scares me to watch this team sometimes. The other night, I felt like I was withdrawing from the team as they were playing so dispassionately.
One area I think Cabrera could improve is getting to pop-ups. He’s improved some, but there are definitely some balls any decent 1st baseman should be able to run up and catch especially those near the dugout. Good grief.

I can’t believe there is nobody in the minors to replace Raburn! He’s horrible.

Bunt time

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