Magglio scratched from lineup

What was expected to be Magglio Ordonez’s return to the Tigers lineup instead ended up being his third straight game out of action. He was a late scratch for Thursday’s series finale against the White Sox with continued left oblique soreness.

  1. Jackson, CF
  2. Damon, LF
  3. Raburn, DH
  4. Ordonez, 1B
  5. Boesch, RF
  6. Guillen, 2B
  7. Inge, 3B
  8. Laird, C
  9. Worth, SS


I am getting nervous about Maggs, I get to go on Saturday and who knows if he’ll be playing by then?

come on, let’s beat the Sox, cannot stand losing to Ozzie.

By Ordonez you mean Cabrera. Any word on whether Gonzalez will be used in the bullpen or if he is called up to theoretically replace Ricky P in the rotation for a few starts while Ricky P gets a chance to get himself right at Toledo, a la Scherzer?

Congrats to the ump – you officially have already screwed this team over today. Vizquel had struck out two pitches before. I am getting officially sick of these freaking umps.

Nothing like Tiger pitching to bring out the hitting in mediocre Sox batters. Last night Lillibridge gets his first homer and today Vizquel gets his first. You are right, though, Vizquel was out before that but the ump blew it again.

Well Cabrera has one in in the last three games and in his first at bat here he WEAKLY groundout to short????

Thats one hit (what a jerk I am)

Yeah, and before that it was Kotsay and Castro.
I thought Scherzer looked real sharp. Hopefully he has agood one and gets the bottom of the strikezone from the ump.
Not liking the 1st pitch swinging so far today. For a team that has to get in the bullpen of their oppopisiton we tend to let the starters get away with very low pitch counts.
Boy Guillen is swinging the bat real sell right now–from both sides.
If Ordonez goes down to the DL I would supect we will see Wells or Strieby called up. My guess would be Wells because he also has some wheels. We have such a team of slugs on the base paths. I don’t think the numbers should be as pathetic as they are as much of this is the blame of JL not willing to make things happen out there. He will wait a long time for Inge and Laird to supply 3 run HRs.
Damon is driving me nuts. AJ has cooled off and the top of the order is now a problem as well as the bottom. MCab seems a little unmotivated lately. When his bat goes quiet we have major difficulty in this lineup.
Damon has to start getting us more extra base hits. The occasional HR is not out of the question either. If vizquel and Lillibridger can hit them so can Johnny.
If this team can stay within 5 games of the Twins by the end of July they have a chance. I will also be very surprised.
The good thing is we have a lot of interleague to play and the bad thing is we finish up June against the Twinkies.

My report through 4 innings

Scherzer – great
Tigers hitters – poor (Laird is the only one that has hit the ball with authority, I take that back Jackson’s first AB was good, however it was caught.
Umpire – poor

This team does not seem to respond positivley to pitchers’ duels. It seems tha when are pitchers are “on” are batters are “off”. GMans perfect game was in doubt and it was only 1-0 till the very end of the game.

This game is too exciting. Turn your pacemakers down. Maybe a different Sox pitcher will wake up the Tiger bats. Otherwise, Mike Illitch, are you getting your money’s worth?

This team doesn’t respond to anything. Not their pitcher pitching his butt off, not being humiliated last night by one of the worst hitting teams in the majors, not by anything.
They look dead at the plate and pathetic. We say this time and time again, bad teams make them look horrible. Jackson, Damon and Cabrera have been horrible the last few games, doesn’t help that Maggs is gone. But still what does it take? Please don’t sit here and tell me that Danks is all that, we are forced to listen to that crap way too much by our announcers.
This game is crap.

Laird will be next to go.
If they are smart they will actually get something for him.
Does it need saying that Scherzer deserves better?
He kinda screwed up on the pitch-out/suicide but c’mon batters. Earn your keep.

Great idea bringing in Ramon there – for starters he has been pathetic at the plate – and Santos hasn’t allowed a run against a lefty yet this year. Brilliant managing strategy Leyland, you TOOL!!

Clunk. Bases loaded. Cabrera strikes out. See you next year?

GREAT JOB THERE RABURN AND CABRERA. Well I can’t really say what I think of these guys right now. But what I will say I am not real thrilled about wasting my money on them.
The guy had no freaking control what a bunch of pathetic excuses for baseball players. God they give me a headache.
And freaking Pierznski just homers. What a bunch of tools.

Pretty disgusted with the outcome in that inning. The guy was wild and he threw one right down the middle to Raburn who showed us why he is a utilty player again. I don’t know how anyone can complain about MCab but as I said earlier today, he just hasn’t looked the same lately. He swang at ball 4 and granted it was a gutsy pitch and no one expected that pitch in that situation.
The Tigrs are done now. 3-0
Boy Scherzer sure gives up a lot of taters.
Why does almost every startign pitcher do well against our lineup?
Slipping fast.

I still say Damon is the key dud this year. Batting second and not driving in AJax when he was getting on base all the time…terrible in key situations…not stealing bases, not hitting homers himself. HELLO JOHNNY you better get it together or you will have an even harder time finding a job next year. Disappointing.

Excuse me while I do some gardening. It’s just too much.

Damon does not make my tiger team next year. Neither does Raburn, Inge or Laird.

The cry used to be “Bless You Boys”.
Right now its “Shame on You Boys”.

Well there is a ton of blame to go around. But the reason I am not going to let Cabrera off the hook is because he has had 1 hit and 1 RBI in the last 4 games. If you want to go back even further than that then lets talk about his 2 rbi’s in the last 6 games. He needed to step up with Magglio out and be even better, and infact he was much worse. Is it any wonder that he is in Chicago with his cohorts from Venezuala – the same ones that helped get him in trouble last year?? Well while that might be unfair and going overboard in my anger right now, it sure is a coincidence isn’t it????
What a waste of a beautiful afternoon watching these sad sacks.

Agree on your roster deletions, slowbyrne. I know I am in the minority, but the oly one of those I would consider is Raburn, only because he was an excellent hitter for us down the stretch last year and I am praying he can do what he did last year, which is going from a clueless hitter to a power star. Even so, his defense is very subpar and his attitude rubs me the wrong way. One would have to think that Wells, Strieby or even Wilkin Ramirez would offer an immediate improvement with better potential for the future. Heck, even Jeff Larish could do what Raburn is doing.

14 hits and 4 runs in 20 innings against White Sox starters who all came into the series either struggling or with terrible ERAs. HR by Kotsay, hitting under 200. Vizquel, who hadn’t hit one all year, hits one and also had a 2B and 3 rbi last night. Pierzynski HRs who is hitting 221 with now 3 HR. HR for Castro who had 1 all year coming in. HR for Lillibridge who has a career average of .181 and had all of 1 major league HR in 176 previous at bats. 2 extra base hits for Beckham, who hadn’t had one since APRIL 29!!!!

What is going on?

Good to see I’m not the only one unhappy about the Tigers lately. How many times do we have to hear about the opposing pitcher struggling all season and then throwing a shutout against us? It gets old and should be an embarrasment to the players.

Very creative managing by Leyland in just replacing Maggs with Raburn in the 3 hole. Maybe shake things up a little and try someone else in that spot. Carlos comes to mind as a decent 3 hitter.

It’s not mentioned much on here but the team really misses Polanco’s presence in the lineup. I was hoping Damon would be at least a solid substitute for Polly but he hasn’t been. Seems too concerned with trying to walk his way on and let’s good pitches go by.

Real frustrating game today. We need to sweep the Pirates this weekend but will probably be lucky to walk away with one win.

What is going on? I have no idea. Does that answer qualify me to be manager?
Actually, once you accept that this club is going nowhere, it’s a lot easier to watch. Danks was good. All of these opposing starters have been good for some reason, but we still have to possess the abilty to adjust. The lack of that ability makes us a pretty bad ballclub. I don’t think this will magically get better.
That was one weird strike zone today. At one point, I had decided that we just weren’t getting a good viewing angle. I dropped that idea when I saw the hitters complaining about the calls. Scherzer had strike three in the first on Vizquel not once but twice. I wasn’t surprised when Omar homered after that.
I have a question about Jackson, and I know there are some sharp fans out there who can help me out. Last weekend, I thought I heard from Rod Allen that Austin was not using the leg kick against lefties, opting for a slide forward, but he still had the leg kick against RHers. Today I saw just the opposite. He leg kicked against lefty Danks and slid against the righty. Did I get what Rod said backwards?

Pretty sure that ROD said he lost it against lefties and used it against righties. Now I can’t say that I noticed it, but admittedly I have had a headache for the last 6 days watching this sorry excuse for a baseball team. But you are right Rich.

So Chisox keep having their way with the Tigs. It seemed from the energy levels that when they said to bend over, we asked them how far. We don’t see them again until August/September when we play 18 times over a 45 game stretch. That could get ugly.
Geez I hate the way JL communicates to his players via the media. Making assumptions about the timing of Perry’s injury without first talking to the player or one of his cohorts supposedly in the know is downright inexcuseable. It also shows players are sent down without JL having a chat to them.
At least Perry was man enough to say he first felt it go at his last start and his recent struggles have been command woes.
When is JL going to give the order a shakeup. Jackson has only 3 SB’s since his 5 in April and is hitting .225/.244 for June. Damon has gone from .329/.431 in April to currently .275/.379 with his last RBI 52 AB’s ago.

Nice to see Dontrelle hasn’t forgotten how to lay down a bunt. Hair raising pitching though with 4IP, 6 walks, 2 balks, 2 wild pitches, 3 hits and somehow only 2 runs.

Sorry about my maths – of course 14 Chisox games to go over a 45 game stretch.
Keeping 25 players and support staff constantly motivated and in peak shape from February to October is close to impossible.
Some managers do it better than others despite all having different strengths and weaknesses. Good managers are always able to communicate with their players, either to inspire as a group with excellent ones also on a one to one basis as required. Adopting a continuous improvement strategy of constantly massaging minor issues as they appear has always been a successful strategy.
Successful managers also recognise their own weaknesses and bring support staff with strengths able to counter them.
Poor managers usually bring yes men clones of themselves with their own insecurities dominating.
I just don’t see this management team ever doing justice to the players and payroll being dished out.

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