Tigers place Perry on DL

The Tigers lost another reliever to the disabled list Wednesday night, placing Ryan Perry on the 15-day disabled list with right biceps tendinitis. Detroit purchased the contract of right-hander Enrique Gonzalez from Triple-A Toledo to take his place.

The injury is not expected to be a serious one, not by Tigers officials, but it explains a lot about the recent struggles of Perry. The second-year right-hander opened the year setting up closer Jose Valverde, but gave up nine runs on 10 hits in just three innings over his last five outings.

Manager Jim Leyland said he began to suspect some sort of the injury was the culprit, but kept hearing from Perry that he was fine. Not until “really recently,” Leyland said, did he admit to being hurt.

“His control has not been good,” Leyland said. “And normally when you see a guy that had real good control early in the season all of a sudden kind of lost that control, there’s usually a red flag there. There’s usually a message there that something’s not quite right.”

Perry visited team physician Dr. Stephen Lemos in Detroit for an MRI exam on Monday, according to head athletic trainer Kevin Rand. The results showed a mild impingement around the back of his rotator cuff and some mild tendinitis around his biceps.

Perry tried to throw a bullpen session Wednesday afternoon. Had he come through that OK, he might’ve been available out of the bullpen Wednesday night.

However, Rand said, “He felt it on a few of his throws.”

That’s when they made the decision to shelve him and put him on a medication program.

“I don’t really think this is anything long or serious, I really don’t,” Leyland said. “But at the same time, you have a red flag when you see the control.”

Leyland does not believe this puts any extra pressure on any particular reliever. He did say earlier Wednesday, however, that he plans on using Joel Zumaya in shorter outings, usually one inning or less, in hopes of having him available more often.

That said, he doesn’t expect this to be a long-term loss.

“I don’t really thnk it’s anything to fret about, I really don’t,” Leyland said. “I don’t think it’s anything serious at all. It’s just matter of taking care of it, getting it quieted down, going back out and pitching a little bit, and hopefully coming right back here.”

Gonzalez made an impression on the Tigers staff with a strong Spring Training, but has spent the season in the Mud Hens rotation. His performance there, though, earned him the recommendation from the minor league staff ahead of others in the Hens bullpen.

The 27-year-old Gonzalez, signed as a Minor League free agent last winter, owns a 4-5 record and 3.46 ERA in 11 starts, striking out 53 batters over 65 innings while giving up 68 hits. His last four starts, in particular, have been stellar: 27 2/3 innings, 19 hits, six earned runs and 23 strikeouts, including a complete-game shutout of Indianapolis May 23.

“I always use the guy they recommend, so that’s the guy we take,” Leyland said. “And he has been starting down there, so he should be able to give us some innings.”


If only there was some way to get these youngsters to admit when they have an injury.
Leyland on what’s wrong with Porcello: “I have no idea.” Well, at least that’s honest. It’s funny that before the season began, I had a feeling that Rick would pitch better than last year but have less to show for it. So far, looks like I only got the second half of that prediction correct. I think he needs to have his sinker working, but I’m with JL, I have no idea. I do know that they’ve taken away and given back, at various times, both his slider and his curveball. Perhaps we should settle on one and go with it. As Damon put it, we have four months to go, so there’s plenty of time to get straightened out.
From JL’s pregame comments, I get the feeling that the main reason he started Raburn tonight was because of his success last night. JL needs to get over this thing for Raburn. Other guys can get 4 hits in a game and have to sit the next day.
I’m still shaking my head over waiting till the game is gone to lift Porcello, and the point was driven home when Bonine came in and shut the Sox down. If Eddie wasn’t ready yet, he should have been and besides, nobody came out to the mound to buy time, or even talk to Rick. JL isn’t the only manager that does this, and I don’t understand it.
The high point of the evening was the little girl eating her ice cream cone.

4 1/2 behind the Twins now. Things are slipping fast.
I’m surprised with them bringing up Gonzalez. It’s a bad sign when you bring up a starter from the minors, since it means you don’t have confidence in getting innings from your starters.
This is starting to feel like a year we may want to forget.
I expect more house-cleaning.
Is there a new phae to the draft now? They have a compensatory phase and now they seem to have installed a Nepotism Phase.
So Leyland, McLendon and Knapp all had their sons drafted. Interesting.
Obviously a complete set of coincidences.
I guess they figured if Al avila’s kid can do it then by gum their kid can too.
Might explain a little about why Glenn Ezell became unwanted baggage.
Our Tigers are flailin’

The Tigers are playing crappy baseball for the most part, but things are not slipping fast. We are in the same position in the standings that we were a the end of May. We have lost 1 whole game in the standings since the first week in May. And this is playing some pretty awful baseball lately. If we fall to 7 or 8 out, then I agree we are falling fast.

Amen Rich!
On everything you said. But I will add that they can not continue to put Porcello out there to get wacked around. It isn’t as though he was facing the Yankees, he looked horrible and he was facing one of the worst hitting teams in baseball. I was hoping I would wake up this morning and find out that Porcello is on the DL or in Toledo. He has been highly disappointing and there has to be something up.
And I will say it again as I did last I can’t believe that nobody went out there to talk to him – Avila went out there the second batter after they got crossed up. Neither Knapp of Leyland got off their butts until it was all over. After each batter I was sure someone would get out there even if just to give him a minute to settle down. NOTHING !!
Scherzer today, that doesn’t give a lot of confidence.

Rough outing last night, I stopped watching after it was 8-3, it was apparent it just wasn’t going to happen, but I was amazed to see it got even worse. The Sox must have had ESP to know what the pitchers were sending their way. It was a real lopsided night for a lot of teams. Time to win the series today.

While I don’t allow myself to get as down as some of you do, I still enjoy reading this blog. Haven’t been much of a contributor lately- like some of the Tiger bats.
Speaking of bats, Dan and Rich, I too remember the ol’ Nellie Fox “bottle bat”. It was huge…… It was really huge. The only way you could swing it was by choking up just about half way. Like Fox did. You could barely miss the ball swinging that bat. I mean if you couldn’t hit the ball with that bat it might have been your first clue that a career in baseball wasn’t in the cards.

Problem was, a skinny 11 year old like myself could make contact swinging it, but wasn’t going to actually drive the ball…..well……out of the infield. I never owned one myself but fortunately there was someone in our baseball playing gang who did. So I got to experience it but it never really caught on with us. We preferred a bat we could swing. As a lefty, I preferred a smaller bat that would allow me to pull “virtually everything” down the first base line, ’cause that was only way I could maximize the power I didn’t possess.
Enough about Nellie’s bat and it’s inevitable influence on my life. I’m going to stick my overly optimistic neck out and predict that I believe the Tigers could and even might win today. In fact if the the Sox don’t win, I’m pretty sure the Tigers will…..unless there’s a rain out in which case, under the new Bud Selig rules, each team will be awarded a tie. I think. Go Tigers.

Manager Jim Leyland said he began to suspect some sort of the injury was the culprit, but kept hearing from Perry that he was fine. Not until “really recently,” Leyland said, did he admit to being hurt
Bondo 2007. 10-0. Roughed twice , Ivan Rodriguez said Bondo is hurt . Physicians said no , he is fine. After the 5th defeat he acknowledge he was hurt. Why the physicians didnt see it before?. Still recovering

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