More on Tigers draft picks

UPDATE @10:40am: Also worth noting that Castellanos graduated from the same high school as Alex and Alan Avila. Alex is Archbishop McCarthy’s first player to make it to the big leagues (it’s a relatively new school), so you can make the case that the Tigers seem to have a pipeline going.

Monday night: You can get a first read on the Tigers’ draft picks from Monday night on the site, and we’ll figure to have more on Tuesday, but I wanted to include a few more notes.

There’s definitely a Detroit history with 44th overall pick Nick Castellanos, and it could make for quite a story. His grandfather on his mother’s side is a retired Detroit firefighter, Tigers scouting director David Chadd said Monday night, and there’s plenty of family in Michigan. Castellanos grew up in south Florida and has committed to play college ball for the prestigious program at the University of Miami, which is why a guy who definitely has first-round talent dropped to the Tigers pick. I didn’t think that would be possible for a team whose first pick didn’t come until 44, but hey, it happens.

“As much as were excited to take him, I think the family is just as excited,” Chadd said in his conference call late Monday night.

One question about Castellanos is whether he has projectable power. He’s 6-foot-4 and listed as anywhere from 195 to 205 pounds, and the Tigers believe that he’s going to fill out to match his height, which should supplement the power.

“I just think he’s going to have a frame,” Chadd said, “and once he fits into that frame he’s going to fit [as a power hitter].”

There’s obviously a family history with 48th overall pick Chance Ruffin, son of former big league reliever Bruce Ruffin. But the bigger comparison Chadd made was between Chance Ruffin and Huston Street. It was Street who went from University of Texas closer to Oakland A’s closer in a hurry a few years back. Ruffin is the Longhorns’ current closer with results similar to what Street had in his time, and there’s similar optimism from Chadd and the Tigers that he could progress quickly through the farm system — or, better yet, start out rather high in the system.

“I would definitely think he could start out at a higher level,” Chadd said.

If that holds, he could well join the ranks of the Tigers’ numerous relief prospects in the upper levels of the farm system, though those ranks have slowed recently with surgery for Cody Satterwhite and an injury to Robbie Weinhardt.

“The old saying, you know, is you can never have enough pitching,” Chadd said. “I think everyone has come to the conclusion in the amateur draft that bullpen arms are valuable. He’s very advanced. He has three power pitches with the ability to locate all his pitches.”


How good was Al Kaline?
He graduated from high school and within days, made his MLB debut on June 25 ’53. 18 years old.
Never played in the minors. Not one day.

I’d be playing Kelly at 3rd again today. Or Santiago.
Inge has 2 hits lifetime vs floyd and lots of K’s.
I suspect JL will be all over the idea of creating a shortstop (Worth) out of their farm system. Funny how they considered Iorg and dlugach ahead of danny though.
Danny looked very solid in his first trip to the bigs. Who knows, maybe he will be the next Tulo.
Guillen can take a little more time before winding up and flinging the ball sidearm to 1st on groundballs.
G-Man could actually get a standing O in Chicago tonight.

All I can think of is a kid playing outfield like Austin Jackson but with a better arm, and that kid is only 18. Kaline is the best all around player I’ve ever seen in a Detroit uniform. The best hitter is appearing at firstbase for us every night.
So if they sign Castellanos, which they probably will, he becomes the heir apparent to Inge? So do they keep using Inge until the kid is ready? Let’s hope not. It’s taken Brandon 8 or 9 years, but he’s finally gotten on my last nerve.
I wonder what kind of reception Galarraga receives in Chicago tonight?

Why did Glenn Ezell resign? Another Leyland on the roster?

Best not to speculate on such matters. He’s 65 and something ticked him off. That’s all we know, for sure.
I have to believe some of you are watching the warm-up to the Nats-Pirates game. Strasburg walking, Strasburg stretching, oh, look, Strasburg smiled, etc., etc., MLB Network can’t get enough. And there’s good ‘ol Pudge right there in the limelight like he loves. It sure is good to see him again.
But, we did get a mention about Galaragga’s start tonight and how it’s being overhshadowed by the Strasburg start. Oh, well, what else is new?

I have been in business and sport long enough to know looking after your own breeds mediocrity.
When you look at how this management team has followed one another and the size of the Tiger budget compared to the other central division teams, it is a matter that keeps rearing its ugly head.

Maybe smokie will pay more attention to the team now that his son is on the payroll. Awful thing to say out loud, but I’ve always felt his mind is distracted. And I may be totally off base on this, too.

Perfect game watch from Strasburg through 1 inning…

Oh my Bob Costas is mentioning Bob Feller, Nolan Ryan and Randy Johnson in describing Strasburg…

I don’t know if it was Costas but some announcer said “if he didn’t know any better Walter Johsnson just came in from the cornfield”
Ahhh-the media. You gotta hate them!
BTW, the kid is dynamite. Amazing breaking ball and hard hard hard. Very composed.

We’re “Worth-less” tonight. Ramon is going against Floyd.
Makes sense as Ramon has hit Floyd pretty hard.

It’s very exciting to see baseball back in DC. All those years of total failure and now they have hit a window of opportunity.

Ohhhh, I wanted to see Danny Boy. Maybe he’ll thow him in later in the game.

Over and over, we have to re-live the “near” perfect game.

So Strasburg is human. Delwyn Young got him for a 2-run HR. Before that inning he was mowing the Pirates down. Will be interesting to see how he develops. Great young players are good for baseball. Just leery of handing him a HOF plaque before he wins a game is all.

Ryan better get it going and he’s gonna be gone.

Sure wish we had an edit feature or I just need to take more time editing. Ryan better get it going or he’s gonna be gone.
Magglio with an injury?

Raburn third? what a sick joke
Damon must begin to bat

Definition of a Detroit Tiger: We aim to make you feel better about yourselves!
Give me a break, Leyland!

Definition of a Detroit Tiger: We aim to help you feel better about yourselves!
Give me a break, Leland.

We sure look bad with men on. Other than the middle of the lineup we just can’t hit with RISP.
Santiago looked almost stupid leaving 3 men on and not swinging the bat. Looking over his shoulder at Worth?

Doesn’t matter which teams thorw which pitcher at us. They all look like Stephen Strasberg!
Floyd has had a less than stellar year and looks unhittable against us. The beat goes on.
The fact is we do not have a good hitting team.

I’m not sure about them being a bad hitting team. But when they see a teammate on base they all seem to choke. And now a .193 Sox hitter homers. Disgusting.

Well that actually is my definition of bad hitting.

never fails tigers get pitcher that is pitching terrible coming in ,and he shutting out the tigers par for the course

Well now that the baseball world is well aware of the hole in Brennan Boesch’s swing what is mclendon going to do about it?
My advice is simply don’t swing at that pitch. He ain’t gonna hit it anyway.

Definition of a Detroit Tiger: We aim to feel better about yourselves.
Give me a break, Leland.

Thomas in now. This is not encouraging.

Definition of a Detroit Tiger-again: We aim to help you feel better about yourselves.

This blog rejected my last comment. I was trying to say that the Tigers had provided Galarraga no run support. Yet?

Boy did Boesch (and us) ever need that.
Raburn has been a much needed surprise tonight too.
Carlos, Nice. Well, this has certainly quieted that screeching Hawk.

That feels better!

Gotta call him Ka-Boesch!!

Not to change the subject but when Strasburg came out of the game he had a curtain call. I’ve often wondered why that doesn’t seem to happen in Detroit. I kind of like them when they are appreciated and deserved.

Oh, now I know, Leland wouldn’t approve.

Unless Valverde needs the work, I wouldn’t put him in for the 9th. Good spot to give Ni a little work.

Too late, now.

Galarraga done? 104 pitches. The 2 runs isn’t bad but he looked nothing like the last time. And the hitters have provided no support at all. Yet?

I thought he looked real good. That’s why there’s only been 20 perfect games in over 100 years of MLB. He can’t pitch one just every time he steps out there. He kept the team in the game and that’s all you can ask for.

Since I dwell within the Washington Nationals sphere of influence, I also follow them although not near as much as I do the Tigers. I can tell you that the hoopla leading up to Strasburg’s debut went beyond ridiculous and into the realm of idiotic. It seemed most folks realized that but it kept feeding on itself. I’ve never seen anything like it. Fortunately, I knew from watching Strasburg pitch this spring that he indeed was all that and that people wouldn’t be disappointed when he finally flew down from the clouds in his golden chariot. All he’s got to do is stay healthy. You don’t want him pitching in Detroit next week.
If ever a win was needed, this one would be it. As usual, the Tigers jumped on the bullpen after being shut down by yet another starter. Floyd has always been tough on us but I begin to wonder about our scouting reports. You could almost feel the guys loosen up through the TV when Thornton, who’s tough in his own right, came in. They’re going to need to get to Garcia tomorrow. They’re going to need to get to somebody.
That was an important walk that Damon drew preceeding Raburn’s double and the Boesch homer.

It looked like total mania in Washington. Great to see the stadium absolutely packed with a wordwide audience. I got caught up in it myself but managed to get into the Tigers game and we had a great team performance tonight. What started out very slowly ended with a surprise of hitting power and a great ending with our BP. Can’t give up!

Well regarding last nights game. I cannot believe that they had such a hard time with Gavin Flyod – we say this all the time he is a high ERA pitcher and in fact only lasted a few innings last outing. He made the Tigers hitters look horrible. And as I said before they cannot all have their best games against the Tigers at some point you have to blame the Tigers. THey will have a hard time with Garcia today as well. We do much better against hard throwers.
Cabrera has now not had a hit in two games.
Regarding Strasburg – it is ridiculous the pressure the media has put on this kid. The things that Bob Costas was saying on the air already saying he is going to be Randy Johnson, or Greg Maddux? Talk about pressure, it is unfair to him. I am glad that he had a nice outing although the evil me was glad when he gave up the homer. I don’t believe we will catch him in Detroit THANK GOD>

Nice comeback last night, and excellent job by our pitching staff. Armando did well coming off that game last week, he wasn’t even going to pitch tonight had it not been for that game I hear. All of our bullpen did excellent, Thomas especially. And Raburn proved everyone wrong for at least a night, he got those hard shots he hits to drop tonight. So kudos to him, to Boesch for hitting a huge one after 3 k’s and to Carlos for putting the final nail in.

I think I will stop commenting at all during games on this site, because it is kind of funny to see how a goat earlier in the blog post ends up one of the heroes of the night!

I also got a kick out of seeing that guy in the Tiger costume!

Oh, and just found out I have tickets to Saturday night’s game, my first of the year!

Commenting during the game – what better place than the Blog to live and die by the sword!!
Funny how some batters just can’t hit and likewise can’t miss certain pitchers. Looking prior to the game with > 20 AB’s against FLoyd, Miggs was .208, Carlos .348 and Raburn .391.

Some people just have to vent during the games and I don’t mind it. Some get a little carried away, but I like it when we seem to give up on someone and then they prove us wrong in the game. Will Ryan Raburn do that well again in his next game? Who knows, but he did OK in the 3 spot and we just shook our head in amazement.

Time for a few more stats after a win. If you are wondering how we can still be only 3.5 wins behind the Twins, most stats put us way behind.
Our 254 runs scored to 247 against (+7) pales in comparison to the Twins 274 to 223 (+51).
Our hitting average of .270 (5 of 14) drops to .240 (12/14) for RISP, compared to the Twins .268 (6th) and .271 (4th) for RISP. This has enabled the Twins to score 20 more runs despite having close to the same overall hitting and OBP numbers.
Our starting pitching has improved the past month to a 4.77 ERA (11th from being last and around 5.5 ERA) and our relievers still going strong with a 2.72 ERA for 1st. The Twins however are again ahead overall with SP’s 4.05 ERA (5th) and Relievers 3.00 (2nd). The Tigs have given up 24 more runs than the Twins.
Our fielding with 46 errors is last and the Twins with 16 errors 1st, resulting in 21 unearned runs as against the Twins 7.
The one stat which brings us back as a team is Late Innings of Close Games. Our hitting is .277 (6th) compared to the Twins .224 (11th) and our 2.82 ERA good for 3rd behind the Twins 2.62 (2nd).
The season has continued on from last year where we had a winning record despite scoring as many runs as we gave up.

I say go ahead and comment/vent/celebrate here during the came. Especially if your spouse is like mine, he thinks I’m obsessing if I get worked up during games (“It’s just a game…”) so I can’t vent to him. I know you are all out there “obsessing” as much as I am.
Boesch’s home run was made even more dramatic by Rod Allen’s comments after Boesch’s previous strike out, not to give up, he has one more at bat and sometimes that’s all it takes, one good at bat. It was almost as though it was scripted.
Glad Strasburg lived up to the hype, or exceeded it. I couldn’t believe they were already talking about him as a future Hall of Famer, let the kid pitch his first inning, geesh. But it was all fun and good to see the Nationals get the attention. Good for baseball, yes.
What great accomplishments we’ve seen so far this season.

I think I am the worst offender when it comes to in-game posting/venting. For me it’s a like being able to yak with a friend during the game about a common interest. I live in a place where most people don’t enen know whot The Tigers are or what city or sport they represent.
I’ve been a fan since the mid 50’s and even though the names change and the managers change, it is natural for me to think I know what is preventing “my team” from realizing it’s purpose.
Some times I have the pleasure of seeing the Tigers live in visiting ballparks where my dissetning voice both amuses and angers those around me. Some day I hope to immerse myself in Tigerdom by being able to attend a game at Comerica.
I for one appreciate this BLOG and the ability to vent as well as interact with real Tiger fans.

Did you know that Nellie Fox played in the bigs for 19 seasons (mostly with the White sox). He never struck out more than 18 times in any season. He struck out just over 200 times in over 10 THOUSAND ABs!
I’m sending some video to Brandon Inge.

Raburn had 2 nice hits yesterday. But let’s not forget about being a complete ballplayer. He is extremely inconsistent at the plate and generally saves his worst ABs for when there is a guy on 3rd and less than 2 out. More playing time should rectify this but he simply won’t get that in Detroit. Unless they make him into a 3rd baseman.
As to him being an OFer. No, I don’t think so. His base-running is absilutely scary. He had no business going for 2nd on his single to right yesterday. He was totally dead meat but a bad throw saved his bacon. He is the worst base runner on this team as far as making decisions on the base paths. But at least he is aggressive and that is something we lack on the bases. Damon gives us a bit of that, AJ is learning, and Guillen can do some interesting things from time to time.
I wish Raburn well, he really is blocked in Detroit as he will not play ahead of the guys we have this year nor will he play ahead of the guys we will have next year. I see him as trade bait and to be fair, they should trade him to someplace where he can play everyday.
BTW, the Hens called up Wilkin Ramirez and sent Deik Scram down.

Okay, now I’m cracking up trying to envision Inge lugging one of the Nellie Fox bats to the plate. Anybody ever seen one of those? I owned a Nellie Fox model when I was a kid. This thing had a handle as big as a tree trunk. In fact, you could whack it against a tree trunk and it wouldn’t break. I used to use it to hit the long ball…….. 🙂

I for one, am real interested in hearing the “reason” Glenn Ezell quit.

Maybe he felt like he would be spied on. Ha! Patrick Leland has an agent and guess who it is? His dad, of course.

I don’t think we’ll ever know for sure. Something happened, that’s for sure, and it seems to have gone down right in the middle of the draft. You don’t even have to know anything about baseball to recognize the corporate bull that was passed back and forth in those two statements.
Where’s Lynn Henning when you actually need him?

Maybe he went to work with Andy VanSlyke

Re Rayburn. I would just hate for him to be cut lose. He is talented and if he can’t play for us I’d like him to get with another team. If not, he’ll play in the minors. Some of them make pretty good money, too.

I’m sure Lynn knows what really went down. You won’t see it in print, but I bet he knows.

Ordonez is supposedly available tonight, but JL is starting Raburn again. Far be it for me to question JL’s moves (ha ha) but wouldn’t you use Ordonez tonight with his .370 BA against Garcia and play Raburn tomorrow against the lefty?

“Ex-Tigers director of player development Glenn Ezell said did not resign from his post”

It’s good he told the truth. I wonder who the Tigers organization wants in his place?

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