Wednesday: Tigers vs. Indians

If you were expecting a shakeup in the lineup given the Tigers’ offensive struggles lately, that’s not happening. There are only so many changes they can make, manager Jim Leyland said, with just four bench players. Part of his issue, he said, is to get more production out of catcher and shortstop. Another challenge is to get more runners on base in front of Magglio Ordonez and Miguel Cabrera, which has been an issue lately with Austin Jackson starting to fall back a bit.

  1. Jackson, CF
  2. Damon, LF
  3. Ordonez, RF
  4. Cabrera, 1B
  5. Boesch, DH
  6. Guillen, 2B
  7. Inge, 3B
  8. Avila, C
  9. Santiago, SS
  1. Trevor Crowe, CF
  2. Shin-Soo Choo, RF
  3. Austin Kearns, LF
  4. Travis Hafner, DH
  5. Jhonny Peralta, 3B
  6. Russell Branyan, 1B
  7. Mark Grudzielanek, 2B
  8. Mike Redmond, C
  9. Jason Donald, SS


Jackson is not the problem. he was injured and sat for Raburn????. The problem is 7 mil Damon and again was Raburn batting fith

No changes necessary I guess. Skipper has everything under control.
Seems to me he might benefit from the oft mentioned Damon leadoff idea since Damon is virtually impotent at the plate and AJ is going to start feeling the pressure like Grandy did. Oh Well.
Also might be an idea to switch Carlos and Boesch. Maybe a tad less pressure might help a scuffling Boesch.
JL does like the staus quo.

Glad to see JL is at least giving Damon a break from DH, though repeatedly sticking Boesch there surely isn’t helping his latest form.
The 1&2 and 5&6 swaps would be good moves for the rookies and give Damon some responsibility I think he craves for.
Even though he says otherwise, I think JL tries to put pressure on his players, particularly rookies. His constant referrals to players having to step up once they get to the Majors to me comes from him only ever being a mediocre minor leaguer who stayed in the game long enough to become a mediocre Manager. DD keeps a close knit unit with JL at the top of his band of followers.

I also don’t like the way JL talks about some of his players (and you are righ, mostly the rookies) in the media. Saying they need to do this or that or they are doing this or that.
Be better to just talk with them rather than to send messages through the media.

Certainly agree with you on that one slowbyren. He complains when one of his players talks with the media, then turns around and does it himself.

Johnny, Oh Johnny! You’re breakin’ our hearts dude.
Surprise surprise—nice to see AJ running.
Avila is coming around. I think he is gonna do something really good today.

Have to say, I think Austin Jackson will be OK and stay with the Tigers long-term. Very athletic, smart, but not too smart and makes baseball his #1 priority. He always hustles and is always trying to better himself.

He’s a keeper all right.
I Think it would be real nice of our hitters to actually provide some run support for their pitchers

Some good pitching but you’d think both teams are on travel days.

Oh Man. Wouldn’t it be Nice?
It would sure be nice if we can get some runs too. It is very discouraging to see the kinds of performances the starters have made with no appreciable run support. They were a problem at the beginning of the year and they straightened themselves out only to have other facets of team play go into hibernation.

All this talk about JL motivating his players reminds me of a time, when the Tigers had a real manager, one that was a master at motivating his players.
It was August 13, 1972, the Tigers were in the midst of a 4 game losing streak, scoring only three runs in that span. Having also lost 10 of their last 13 and falling out of 1st place, Billy knew he had to do something to get his team out of this funk. So he cut up 8 small pieces of paper and numbered them 1 thru 8 and put them in a hat and had his starting lineup each draw a number. Norm Cash batted lead off and Eddie Brinkman was the cleanup hitter. Although they only scored three runs that day they did win. The team went on to win the division..

JL is as much to blame as Inge on that scenario. Guillen should have been running earlier in the count to stay out of the inevitable DP. 3-0 count and you could smell that Inge would still not be able to deliver. he just doesn’t–he along with Damon have been brutal in that situation.

Gosh, we are the lucky ones watching this game tonight!

just like the umps to want the spotlight,what a shame

Robbed in Detroit. Fire that ump

Time for that ump to retire!

Beck, can they overturn a call like that to give Gallaraga the perfect game. It’s not like it was close.

Cleveland robs Detroit.

The extent of my anger right now is beyond belief. It wasn’t even a close play and the freaking idiot blew it. I tell, there is no explaination or excuse for that type of call under these conditions. Hell under any condition there is no freaking excuse. I don’t know how you can make that call. Even if it was as close as that idiot thought it was you error on the side of preserving the no hitter not on the side of wrecking it.
UNFREAKING BELIEVEABLE. I wish I could use the words I would really like to use, but I cant.

Jim Price is going nuts on the radio right now. He can’t believe that a vet of an ump could make such an aggregious error. (I think I spelled that wrong).

Well folks. That was just wrong. Plain and simple. It would be one thing if it was a bang-bang play. But he was out by a half a step. I dont undertand it. I donk know how he missed it. How can the ump not be ready and focused to make the right call. He knows what the situation was and what was at stake.
I admire Mando’s class after the call and during the post game. Better than I would have been. My wife came downstairs because I was so upset. She saw the score and asked why I was yelling. I tried to explain but she just looked at me with an irritated look on her face.
It is going to be very hard for Jim Joyce everytime he comes back to Detroit. This will not soon be forgotten or forgiven by Tiger fans. He stole something from us tonight.
Glad we won. Thanks Mando for a great evening on what I expected to be just another non-desript mid week game in early June.
It was fun.
Go Tigers !!!!!!
— Bob

A game to cherish. We all know it was a no-hitter, that Jackson made an almost impossible catch, that Cabrera and Santiago try to compensate for Carlos at 2nd.

If I am the commissioer of baseball. I do someting about that. Rules or no rules. The ump made a mistake and he knew it. He could have conferred with the other umps (not likely though). They have the ability to overturn a decision and he would have come out looking a lot better than he did.
Makes you wonder what would have happened if Cab had held his bag and let Carlos take that grounder. The way it turned out it made the play more complicated for the ump. Not excusing him in any way.
Baseball is steeped in tradition and rules but both have changed over the years. So if you can change change rules and tradition slowly then you can change them spontaneously too. This is clearly a “one off” situation that would not impact on future games if they had the courage to make an historic and unprecedented decision on overturning that call.
What is the commissioner’s e-mail addy? Let’s get him to do the right thing.

I live in the Philadelphia area and I’m a Phillies fan. I tuned into that no hitter tonight via MLB extra innings and I felt terrible for Gallaraga, the Tigers and fans of baseball in general. What a rip off !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I live in the Philadelphia area and I’m a Phillies fan. I tuned into that no hitter tonight via MLB extra innings and I felt terrible for Gallaraga, the Tigers and fans of baseball in general. What a rip off !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Selig’s email:

GMan was special tonight.
MLB is ruining the game only giving umpires the ability to review plays and only on HR plays.
Watching just about any sport played around the world, those that provide the player or team to review a strictly limited number of plays get it right and those that give the right only to umpires get it wrong as they become timid in making decisions. Sports administrators that ignore technology made available to the fans slowly but surely lose credibility. This is the only way for umpires to stop being the centre of attention which recent games has shown they seem intent on being the main attraction through notoriety.

One monumental missed call like that is all it takes to make me a believer in a needed change in baseball. One of our most cherished loves of this game is rooted in it’s traditions. Baseball needs some review system………I can’t believe I just said that. Maybe just allow a team lets say two review chances. But………
Most importantly, I’m so proud of Armando for being an absolute man in reaction to the outcome on the field. I will always have a great deal of respect for him and he deserves tremendous praise for his attitude as much as his pitching performance, which was perfect.

I don’t anticipate any change to make this a perfect game, however has anyone heard/thought about the possibility of them changing the play to an error and galaragga at least having a no-hitter?

Congratulations to Armando Galarraga! What a quality game, and class act to watch. It took a lot of poise to finish the game after such an injustice as that blown call, with 2 outs in the game. It seemed like the announcers knew that was the game, and anticipated it. And not. I was out of my seat there! For once, Jim Leyland showed grace not to blow up, get ejected, or rattle G-man. The game could have erupted right then and there!

Shame on Jim Joyce! If players and managers in MLB can be fined, and suspended… then this play should be reviewed, and an apology need be offered, and reinstated as an out by a panel for the commissioner. I am sorry, but if we fans could vote, and call the commissioner, I will gladly add a voice. You sir should be reviewed and given some less than choice games for a while, and if your name comes up in the playoffs or WS, then the boo-birds will sing thier song for you!
Wow- What a grave injustice. Everyone makes mistakes… Wait long enough, and somebody tops last weeks.. HA HA- You Mr. Joyce have make the blown call of the year, of the decade!!!

MLB can redeem itself with the league and fans by reversing the very last play of the game. if there was only one out, the situation would be totally different. Because it was the very last play, get it RIGHT!. Instant replay should also be allowed in these special situations. If the BLIND ump could not see 4ft infront of him, then fire him and get this 3RD PERFECT GAME of the year in the record books, as it SO rightly deserves!

You have an out! (no pun intended)…….because no one would argue the fact that if the seeing impared ump called the right call, the 3rd perfect game of the season would be here B4 the 4th of JULY!

GET it RIGHT MBL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Very proud of Galarraga for the way he handled the situation. Class act all the way. Imagine if that was Verlander or Bonderman on the mound. That would have been ugly, no doubt it. Don’t have much else to say about it now.
I’m going to the game tomorrow and am looking forward to seeing the mood of the fans.

I agree that Gallaraga and Leyland both took the high road on this. Unfortunately, it is part of the game, even as Joyce saw the replay himself and apologized. You can’t take anything away from Gallaraga and how he pitched-no blown call can change that. Armando Perfecto!!!!!
‘Minoring In Baseball’

Thanks for the e-mail address of Bud Selig.
I sent the following to him and I suggest that others do the same in their own words:

“Mr. Selig,

I realize that baseball is steeped in tradition and rules, but those rules and traditions have changed over the years. So if you can change rules and tradition slowly then you can change them spontaneously too. This is clearly a “one off” situation that would not impact on future games. No other plays or outcome of the game would be affected. Please don’t permit this stain on the integrity of baseball. Baseball should not be so rigid and technical that it is imprisoned by it “rules”.

The umpire made a mistake and admitted it. The rules don’t allow replays but clearly they are a major component of MLB’s biggest revenue generator, TV. There is no one in the game or on this planet that would criticize MLB and you, sir, for making a “one off”, courageous and honorable decision to overrule that play and award Mr. Galarraga what he so justly deserves.

Please do the right thing and display the courage to make an historic and unprecedented decision on overturning that call. For Armando Galarraga, the fans and indeed for the game of baseball itself.


Daniel Byrne
Kamloops, British Columbia

Incredibly, I was at a firefighters fundraiser up in DC tonight and missed the game! I say incredibly because one of the half dozen or so games I’ve missed in the past five years was Verlander’s no-hitter. My wife and I were even joking on the way home that Galarraga would pitch a no-hitter tonight because I wasn’t watching. Anyway, I watched the pertinent parts on DVR when I returned home.
First off, a fantastic performance by Armando. Jackson’s catch, considering the circumstances, may have been the best I’ve ever seen in 50 years of baseball. I think it was better than Wise’s catch last year during Buerhle’s perfecto.
When I saw Joyce blow the call, all I could think was that it was the worst thing I’ve ever seen in baseball in those same 50 years. If the play was that close, an umpire has to call the guy out. It’s for the good of the game, if nothing else. You……..just………call………the……..guy……out. This is The Show, not little league.
After watching the play a number of times, I saw that Cabrera had drifted too far out of position and ended up cutting off a ball that Guillen could have easily grabbed. If Miggy had stayed home, Donald would have been out by five feet. And I’m pretty sure the way the play developed messed up Joyce’s timing. I think Joyce anticipated Donald being safe and called it that way, even though Galarraga beat him to the bag. No excuse for Joyce. He’s an experienced big league umpire. Maybe too experienced.
Cabrera and Guillen haven’t had time to learn each other’s range and that fact led to this play taking place. Very unfortunate.
Here’s the part I hate to bring up: since Guillen was relatively new there at second, and since he and Cabrera hadn’t worked the right side much, it might have been a good time to sub in Everett and move Santiago to secondbase. Just saying.
The bottom line of the play is that there will be howls for more replay in baseball, something I abhor and dread.
In the end, we got a much needed win and gained a game on the Twins. Galarraga, bless him, solidified his role in the rotation and demonstrated an unbelievable amount of class afterwards. There’s a reason most of us like this guy.
I would think it wise to give Jim Joyce tomorrow off. I don’t want to see him try to work the plate tomorrow afternoon.

Let’s flood his inbox with our views on this.

All I know that in the real world – and in business, if you get something wrong – you have to make it right. I guess baseball is not the real world.
Armando handled himself with grace and dignity and not only should be extroidinarily proud of the performance, but of him as a person. He has a right to be really pissed and disappointed, and he was amazing in his comments to the press and to Mr. Joyce.
I think you are right though Mr. Joyce needs to take the game off, or atleast not have him behind the dish.

aklos – I agree, had that been Verlander I can’t imagine the steam that would have come out of his ears and who knows how he might have pitched the next batter. GMan did a terrific job of getting that final out, amazing really. I hope Miguel doesn’t beat himself up too much either, I am sure he is second guessing himself for taking that ball – but the fact is they got the out just not officially.

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