When outfielders, infielders collide …

By Monday morning, most of the Tigers had seen the play from Sunday night’s Rangers-Twins game, where Denard Span and Orlando Hudson collided in shallow center field and banged knees. Span eventually got up OK, but Hudson was undergoing tests Monday. It’s the kind of play more than a few Tigers have encountered.

Without that kind of play, Magglio Ordonez might never have become a Tiger. His collision forced him to undergo knee surgery and arguably led the White Sox to let him walk as a free agent. Johnny Damon has been injured on a play like that. Carlos Guillen has been involved in those types of plays. Ex-Tiger Placido Polanco was involved in one too.
“There’s so many balls that dump in there,” Damon said, “and both guys are trying to get it.”
 Said Guillen: “You have to keep it simple. You have to communicate.”


As Rich concurred Diaz inserting himself in the conversations at the mound immediately twice. Didn’t give Leyland or Knapp an opportunity to make any point. He walked to the mound at almost the same time as the coaches. And this after Suzuki made probably 10 trips to the mound in the first 4 innings or so to talk to Cahill. It was a bunch of crap. I get your trying to speed up the game but for the love of god!!!!

Here’s that posting time warp. I posted after Rich?? What is up with that??

I was watching when that play occurred. Since both injuries were relatively minor, they sure played it up. Hudson was lying out there for the longest time like he was dead. My apologies for not being more sympathetic, but I was just disappointed Vlad’s bloop didn’t fall in. Maybe I’m getting ornery in my old age. Oh, and they were in that “no doubles” prevent defense, which seems to work about as well as it does in the NFL.
I didn’t comment on Laz Diaz yesterday. I don’t know why Rod Allen insists on saying everyone did a great job all the time. After they way he behaved, tossing someone would have been criminal on Diaz’s part. Leyland was walking away and Diaz followed him to extend the argument. He did the same to Verlander. He came out to the mound and stuck his nose in our conference to extend the hostilities even more. A basic tenet of umpiring: when the other guy is walking away, let him walk away. And Diaz started the entire business by barking at the Detroit dugout as early as the second inning. I used to see this type of behavior before the umpires union was busted in 1999, but not so much since then. As GK notes, all Laz Diaz did was make himself the center of attention and put the crowd into an ugly mood. And his ball and strike calls were atrocious all day, for both sides. Very poor performance and one that will be reviewed.

This is a delayed post, harking back to Friday’s game. When MCab hit his 3rd home run, I remembered Larry Hernondon’s 5 for 5 night in 1984 after his wife had a baby boy. After the game, someone asked him if there was any cause and effect to that performance and he said something like “I’ve been on top of the world since my son was born. Of course that carries through to my game”. Just goes to show ‘ya that baseball is a family values kind of game.
AA Mark

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