Ok, now Scherzer is starting Sunday

Disregard the last post completely. After saying the plan was for Galarraga to start Sunday, now Jim Leyland said this afternoon that Max Scherzer is indeed coming back to the Tigers and will start Sunday. He would not say what the rotation move is, or any roster move for that matter, but one would expect to see that coming after the game. Im actually off this weekend, but you can check on tigers.com for more info once this whole thing clears up.


Glad to see Danny going to SS. If he plays his old position close to how he went at 2B, Adam’s days are numbered.
Would not be surprised if Dontrelle has pitched his last game for the Tigs.
Is Thomas still on the team? JL sure doesn’t like using him.

Can’t say as this comes as a surprise. I never did buy that “Galarraga starting Sunday” business. Jim, from one old fool to another, you can’t fool an old fool.
Dave, you think it’s Dontrelle being replaced? I wouldn’t bet against it, but I’d be a tiny bit surprised. While on the subject, I may as well add my opinion of Willis. I don’t think any of it has to do with an anxiety disorder or any other mental problem. It has everything to do with his mechanics. He has trouble repeating his release point and arm slot. As JL would say, simple as that. I hope for Dontrelle’s sake that there’s a team willing to give him a try. Either that or let’s make an outfielder of him.

Far from certain, but from early indications, it doesn’t sound like Dontrelle.

Someone asked on the last thread – Yes I was at that game last night -unfortunately! It was fun seeing Cabrera get the three homers but that was about the extent of it. You could tell from the first pitch that it was going to be a long long night. I am astonished that Dontrelle didn’t give up more runs than he did. It certianly is a little hard to tell for the most part where pitches sometimes however with poor Dontrelle last night you could tell that they were here there and everywhere, that is how bad it was. I am sure all of you watching at home were even more frustrated than me.
I for the life of me cannot figure out why in the world everyone seems to be able to hit these high ERA pitchers but us??? So instead of saying that pitcher was on tonight lets call it like it is – our hitters are not hitting right now. Jackson and Damon for the most part are not getting on base, so there is no one on base for Cabby and Magglio to drive in?? Boesch has slowed down a lot lately. Give me a break Sheets coming into last night game had pitched I think about 53 innings given up something like 59 hits and 28 walks, and what we had something like 6 hits against him?? It was ridiculous
Going to the game on Sunday but am taking tonight and Sunday off. Weather permitting of course.

Raburn? Until when he will allowed to damage the team? Worth is a rookie and wont stand the whole season but he deserved a longer stay. Kelly is a good player who deserve a better treatment from fan and bloggers

Not surprised. JL has been known to say one thing then do another and treat the fans like they shouldn’t have input because they don’t understand what’s going on. Sounds just like a politician!. Maybe there is a career change possibility for JL after all.
I have no reason to justify this but for some reason I think JL is on a short leash. perhpas they are going to give him till the All Star break to cobble together a consistent and effective ball team. It is becomeing increasingly apparent that he is NOT producting an atmosphere of excellence or “winning”. Managers have been waved bye-bye for a lot less.
Boesch getting the day off–sounds like Jl is being stubborn once again and instead of simply DHing Raburn (who is an obvious defensive liability) he is going to DH Damon and play Raburn in left (which is probably his worst position).
He is a very stubborn man and that is the single most aggravating aspect of his managerial tenure to this point. At least for me. Most of his mistakes are “children” of that personality flaw.
Boesch is cooling off a bit but I am not worried about it. He, in a sense, needed to cool off. This game is not as easy as he was making it look. When he regains his stroke he will be even more dangerous.
I think they should stick with G-Man. he has an edge a nd a surly aspect to his mound presence. it’s nice to see someone out there who visibly is trying and determined. Other than JV.
We would be better off giving up on Willis. Or at the very least be willing to make him the swing man in the bullpen. I don’t think it would be wise to count on him in late innings but he could certainly handle the role they used to plaster Aquilino Lopez with.
It is time for Damon to assert himself as a leader and a hitter. He was brought here for that. He can’t be carried along with Inge, Laird and Everett. It’s too much for everyone else to handle. He absolutely needs to be a force.

I leave that acronym up to the very smart folks on this blog to figur out!


AVila must go to AAA.
Raburn released.
Kelly in third, with Inge in the late inns for defense
Santiago must play more
Willis released
Perry back to AAA
And Damon needs to earn his paycheck

Why Justin lis pitching today?

This is one bad baseball team right now. There was nothing wrong with that throw by Everett. Laird just saw it the way he sees pitches coming in. poorly.
My point about Thomas was well verified today. He may be one of the best pitchers to ever come out of Australia but that will be the limit of his claim to fame. I still can’t believe he made the cut out of spring training.
This is one poor hitting team right now. They could throw Dontrelle Willis against us and we would likely get shut out.

Even though his numbers weren’t too bad tonight, I am a bit concerned (mystified) with Porcello. No groundballs? This is a dedicated groundball pitcher and almost all of the outs were fly balls and many of thowe were pretty well struck. HR a couple of triples. Usually he is giving up 7 or 8 singles in a game along with 2 or 3 DPs. I wonder how much of a correlation to the fly balls and the extra MPH today.
Mark Ellis feasts on Tiger meat. Actually, come to think of it, many 2Bmen in the league seem to prefer Tiger pitching. Callaspo, Grudz, Hill Cano, Pedroia, Beckman
Very depressing to be a Tiger fan this last week.

Thank goodness Valverde was able to keep us from further embarassment.

Well, as I said last night, you couldn’t keep going in the direction Willis was taking the team every fifth night. A great guy, no one disagrees, but he’s not the first nor will he be the last to lose the touch. Best wishes D-Train. As for tonight, same old stuff; our guys walk the opponent who score about 70 % of the time. Their guys walk no Tigers. I’m not confident about us hitting Braeden tomorrow. To be honest, this team has really taken backward steps. in the past two weeks. They can’t buy a break as the Laird almost HR proves.
They keep getting burned by players that many people have never heard of. I mean, a first baseman who has 8 sac bunts, and a hodge podge of players who are rejected wanabees from other clubs. What Oakland does have just like the Twins is strike throwers. Our guys struggle to keep it under 100 for 5 innings; Anderson is barely at 60 in the sixth. We pitch behind the count all the time. No wonder, Mr. Wannabee can get that big hit when needed even though he’s batting .217 against everyone else. It’s time to turn it around, or just roll over and wait until next year.
Scherzer needs to get us going in 15 hours.


The bullpen was a lot sharper when they were being “overworked”!

D-Train is be assigned. I’m quoting Dave Dombrowski.

He’s up for trade and if it doesn’t happen in 10 days, he’ll be released.

I wish Dontrelle the best. He’s been pretty well-rewarded for the past 2 years. Another team will probably pick him up and they will be getting someone who pitches better now than they did 2 years ago.

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