Galarraga still on for Sunday

Tweeted this last night, forgot to blog, but Armando Galarraga’s relief appearance Friday night changes nothing about his scheduled start for Sunday. He’s still on to pitch that outing, and Max Scherzer is going to remain at Triple-A Toledo for now.

Essentially, Friday’s outing was a second side session for Galarraga, who also threw in the bullpen during Wednesday’s game at Seattle. He did a lot of work on his slider Wednesday, and he took that work into Friday’s outing. With seven days between starts, he had the time to throw on the side twice, though I’m not sure how long manager Jim Leyland would’ve allowed him to go had he gotten in trouble in that seventh inning.

“I just felt we needed to get him out there,” Leyland said after the game. “He hadn’t been out there for a while. He’ll be fine. He didn’t throw that many pitches. We were a little short tonight, obviously. You have to be careful how to use your bullpen, so I thought it was a good time to put him in there.”

Asked then whether Galarraga is still on for Sunday, Leyland said, “I would plan on that.”


My oh my. Strieby has the Golden Sombrero today.
Of course we have some interesting players down there. Schlereth being one. I see him replacing Thomas as soon as it becomes evident that Thomas doesn’ have a MLB skill set.
3B and Catcher, where we need help is scarce down on the farm too. Looks like they will try to make a 3B man out of Rhymes and my guess is they will try Dlugach there next and groom Worth for short. Iorg is out of the picture now. They will also continue to try to force the Sizemore at 2B plan.
LHP throwing against us today ( I think). Is it time for a “shake it up” kind of lineup?
With Porcello in there I’d alsmost go with Everett against the lefty But I am of the opinion they should give Ramon the job this year. he does make things happen in ways that everett can’t. Bring in Adam as a late inning D replacement and shift Santiago to 2nd if the opportunity presents itself. Though I do feel Carlos will be fine at 2nd.
Santiago SS
Jackson CF
Ordonez RF
Cab 1B
Boesch LF
Guillen 2B
Raburn DH
Inge 3B
Laird C

This Wewand is weawwy startin’ to wub me the wong way.

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