Friday: Tigers at Dodgers

Back on the beat after a couple days off. Already heard the vacation jokes, thanks.

Speaking of days off, the squeeze of four Tigers outfielders and just three spots shakes out with Johnny Damon as the odd man out tonight. Brennan Boesch is in left field. Magglio Ordonez is in right. He said his ankle feels fine now. Still isn’t completely sure what caused it. Manager Jim Leyland said Damon will definitely be in the lineup Saturday. Not sure who won’t be.


  1. Jackson, CF
  2. Santiago, SS
  3. Ordonez, RF
  4. Cabrera, 1B
  5. Boesch, LF
  6. Inge, 3B
  7. Avila, C
  8. Worth, 2B
  9. Willis, P


  1. Jamey Carroll, 2B
  2. Ronnie Belliard, 1B
  3. Manny Ramirez, LF
  4. Matt Kemp, CF
  5. Casey Blake, 3B
  6. Reed Johnson, RF
  7. Nick Green, 2B
  8. A.J. Ellis, C
  9. Chad Billingsley, P


Ahhh—the National League. A different game. No Damon.
Must admit I am glad they are giving Boesch the chance to play in front of his folks, friends and boyhood stadium. COOL.
Am reading the Al Kaline Biography by Jijm Hawkins. Wow. I am an unabashed Kaline fanatic since the middle 50’s when I started to pay attention along with my my Gramps next to our table radio.
This was a great person. Above all else–the book is finally making people aware of this most important attribute.
The baseball stuff is good too! Pretty well written.

I’m not going to comment this one until it’s over. Hopefully, we’ll have won it.

Bad call by the scorer. Inge booted that ball by Manny. Willis lost his command last inning but the damage could have been mitigated with a play by Inge on that ground ball.

First, I absolutely love listening to Vin Scully. What a treat on a friday night. He must be the only one that works without a color commentator. Maybe we need to simplfy things and drop the color commentators all around.
Second, I really like Danny Worth’s game. Not going to be a superstar. Plays the game right. Defensively makes it look easy.
Lastly, how worried is Dontrelle with Schrezer’s outing last night? I simply cannot figure out why he falls apart at times.

This game gave me a stomach ache.

Dontrelle will allways perform like this. This is about as good as you can expect. He can absolutley lose control at any given notice,
As to the team’s performance………………..pretty feeble.

Willis didn’t pitch that bad of a ballgame. He tends to get in trouble when he has to go to the stretch. Seems to mess his arm angle and release point up. Actually I was wanting him to go to the full windup when he had the bases loaded there in his bad inning. At least he wasn’t spazzing out like last Saturday. He was in control for the most part.
Of course, it wasn’t about Dontrelle tonight. We just got shut down by Dodgers pitching. We stand a good chance to take the next two, though. I don’t like to see Damon out of the lineup even if it means sitting Boesch.
Casey Blake deserves an Oscar nod for that performance in the 8th. Come on, Casey, you’re AL Central. Play the game like a man.

The lineup definitely needed Damon in it. But, Boeschs’ parents were being featured (I guess that’s Hollywood) like they were royalty. All I could think of was “rich boys from California.” Brennan has cooled off a bit and is pressing at the plate.

It pains me to say this, but I’m inclined to believe that Avila needs to be sent down to work on his stroke. Not that we gain anything with Laird on offense, but just so Alex can regain that smooth swing he had last year without the pressure of being under the microscope of the big time. He looks like a man with no confidence right now. I really like him and I think he can be a very productive player but I don’t like the body language I see right now with him at the plate. He’s just looking overmatched at this point.


Avila is swinging late on nearly everything, which tells me he’s not picking up the ball. A couple of weeks of steady ABs in Toledo could work wonders. Of course, his replacement would pretty much have to be Robinson Diaz, so there’s that to consider. If we could get Laird to hit just .250 for a couple of weeks, it would help immensely. He’s taking extra BP sessions.
I don’t know about the rest of you, but these interleague games feel like exhibitions to me. I have trouble getting fired up about it. I’d like to see IL limited to two series only, home and home and “rivals” or what have you.
I’m blacked out tonight. I’m taking the whole fam damily to Nationals Park to see Orioles-Nats.

I would like to see Damon in there too. I don’t see Raburn as an alternative in this series, except off the bench. They just might be wise to give Magglio a blow tomorrow to give him a couple of days off in a row.
A couple of RHP and if JL plays Avila again I would suggest it would be a precursor to Toledo if he doesn’t show signs of really coming out of it. He still hits the ball better than Laird but they will go with the veteran receiver. Avila has to get it together. He is part of the near future for this Tiger team.
We might be in tough against this Ely guy. He doesn’t walk people and we seem to have had trouble in the past with this type (Byrd, Pavano).
For god’s sake Leyland. Please start showing some comon sense with Austin Jackson. Having him sit on 1st until the count is 3-2 is nonsense.

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