Tuesday: Tigers vs. White Sox

Same lineup as yesterday for the Tigers, and it looks pretty much the same for the White Sox. The only difference, they hope, is the weather. It doesn’t appear to be raining at the ballpark right now, and they should be able to get in this game before the rain returns late this afternoon or tonight.


  1. Jackson, CF
  2. Damon, DH
  3. Ordonez, RF
  4. Cabrera, 1B
  5. Boesch, LF
  6. Inge, 3B
  7. Santiago, 2B
  8. Laird, C
  9. Everett, SS

P: Rick Porcello


  1. Juan Pierre, LF
  2. Omar Vizquel, 2B
  3. Andruw Jones, RF
  4. Paul Konerko, 1B
  5. Armando Rios, CF
  6. A.J. Pierzynski, C
  7. Carlos Quentin, DH
  8. Mark Teahen, 3B
  9. Alexei Ramirez, SS

P: Freddy Garcia


Is anyone watching the game? Either Gameday is really screwed up or this ump is off to a horrible start.

Austin Jackson seems to have really cooled off the last couple weeks. Hope he gets that bat going again.

Porcello had an awful 1st inning, but managed to get out of it. So far, he’s struggling. Damon hit a HR.

I can’t help it. Before I get all gaga over Guillen’s reincarnation as a 2B and another bat in the order we still have Laird and Everett who would be average hitters in Womens Softball. These guys drive me nuts with their uppercut swings. I mean what IS the point with that? They have little ability to reach the seats and it results in lazy fly balls, popups and top-hit ground balls. I expect this with Everett and management is getting what they deserve with playing him but Laird. I am ticked about that. Here is a guy with some size but he seems to think he doesn’t need to hit because he is THE catcher. , He is fortunate that JL has a weak spot for catchers. This guy has some trade value. Yes, I know Aavila isn’t hitting, but at least we know he WILL and he will hit line drives and HRs. Laird may well never be able to do much at the plate.
I will be ecstatic to see these 2 guys gone next year.

Congrats Porcello whatever steps you made against a very good hitting team in the Yankees you are absolutely freaking horrible today against the absolutely worst hitting team in baseball. Freaking horrible – get him the heck out of there before this thing is long gone.
Of course the pitching coach and manager dont get off their butts and go talk to him.

Maybe BB can just steal home plate since the rest of them aren’t doing much.

He had his opportunity and missed it.

Cannot believe that Boesch didn’t go home on that groundball to first. Okay your a rookie but isn’t that baseball 101 on a groundball hit to that side?? Really bad mistake there. He has done a tremendous about a good (way more good than bad) But that is horrible. And why isn’t Lamont talkin to him before hand on what to do in certian situations. Hope that doesn’t cost the Tigers the game.

Porcello will turn it around this inning.
Weird that Boesch steals, scampers and then stays.
Seems to me if you are running like a demon you don’t freeze on that play. . I wonder why Lamont is not a bit more demonstrative down there in the coaches box. He looked as frozen on the play as Boesch. Liven up Lamont. Ya gotta be talkin’ to the rookie between pitches letting him know where the fielders etc and screamin’ at him when a play is being made.

Man-this not being able to score from 3rd with 1 out stuff is getting vrey, very old. Damon, HR notwithstanding, is not getting good ABs with men on. The majority of his K’s are coming in RISP situations.
They need to get to Garcia next inning. Porcello is doing his job and the hitters need to as well.
If Laird or Everett come up in a critical situation they definitelty should be PH for.

This is really bad. I mean I hate to get too down on Cabby (he has been great this year) but (dips from Chicago are in town and guess what happened when they were in town last year) Poor fundamental baseball.
I am afraid that we have blown our chances this game. You only get so many opportunities in a game and I feel that we have probably run out. I hope not still two more innings to hit but it doesn’t feel or look real good. And now it looks as Joel is going to give up even more runs. Congrats Tigers for as good as you looked against some of the best teams you look horrible today. Really nice

Well it doesn’t look too good right now. Left those bases loaded against a guy who was struggling. Gonna take a miracle PH to get back into this one.
I was enouraged by Porcello. He had a couple of bad innings and the 3 run inning 4th had some well placed hits.
Don’t agree with bringing Zumaya in behind 2 runs.

There they good. I thought that the White Soxs were not hitting???????

Oh yeah. That IS the ball game now.
Zoom throws 6 pitches—-every single one of them being a fastball. How much sense does that make?
We deserved to lose this one but Porcello didn’t.

I don’t agree Porcello had two good inning the rest were not so great in my opinion. He allowed 8 hits and three walks along with 4 runs. I don’t believe that is good. On the other side of it the Tigers hitters were not very good with runners in scoring position and had plently of opportunity to get more runs in this game and failed miserably. They looked bad hitting, had some bad pitching, bad base running, and another fielding error. I hope they are embarressed by this effort.

We’ll have to agree to disagree on Porcello today – again not that there wasn’t opportunity to win still but 4 runs to a team hitting this poorly is unacceptable.

People think that Laird and Everett are bad Avila is even worse this year.

Tell ya Jenks got a few generous strike calls

I guess its back to 101A How to drive in runs and how to run the bases. So many missed opportunity’s.

A very frustrating game. A month’s worth of frustration in one afternoon. And I already hate Freddie Garcia and again he laughed at us all day. It’s nice to beat Boston and New York, but only if you’re beating the teams in your division. We need more than anything to start beating up the White Sox on a regular basis. Until that happens, I can never be comfortable with a Tigers team.
Dale Scott’s strike zone was…….how to put it…….odd? Porcello struggled to command his secondary pitches for much of the day and had a very up and down performance. Another silly error opens the floodgates.
I’d really really like to know what happened there with Boesch at third. Lamont was talking but what was he saying? I hope that doesn’t get swept in the corner because I’d really like to know. That wouldn’t even qualify as a rookie mistake. What happened?
I don’t want to get onto this emotional roller coaster. It’s okay to lose a game. It’s quite another to look like a pee wee league team. How many games we given away?
Okay, now that we’ve all come crashing down to earth again, the grind continues with a west coast swing. Woo hoo.

Ya Rich you are going to lose some games it is inevitable. But you just hate to lose them like this. I sure hope that the guys weren’t out late with their buddy Ozzie last night. Sure remember an outing like this last fall. (=

Steve Kornacki on MLive wrote an interesting piece on Carlos going to 2B which included:
‘Infielder Ramon Santiago said he has worked on double plays with Guillen as a second baseman since spring training. ?He will be fine, for sure,? Santiago said.’
Carlos kept putting it in their faces where he thought he should be playing. I wonder though what Sizemore thought.

My wife gets me the MLB package every year for my birthday. I had taped today’s game to replay when I got home. Just a couple of quick comments. Cannot win a game when you strand third base three straight innings. That was disappointing as was the reversal on Inge’s HR. And how lucky do you get when the old man and the Pierre man help to beat you? If you didn’t here Hawk, the commentary was beyond nauseating. I watched the game in silence from the 4th. inning on. Major League baseball should ban him permanently. The whining is worse than torture. Agree that “Zoo Man” shouldn’t have been in there. The middle salivated over the fast ball. On to Oakland. Not too bad heading into the quarter turn!


Oh yeah, we’re in as good a shape as could be expected at this point in the season. Once we get back home, the west coast trips are done.
We’ve caught some bad breaks with these rainouts. Rolling in from the NY and Boston series, we had Porcello and Verlander lined up for the Sox, both on regular rest. I think it would have been a different story. Today the Sox got all the breaks. Even Laird hit one hard but it was snagged on a circus catch. Cabby hit two liners right at outfielders in big situations. I can live with that kind of frustration but I don’t like these mistakes that are being made. I’d hoped they were gone, but I guess not.
If Gerald Laird learned to go the opposite way, his average would go up 100 points. If he keeps trying to pull everything, he’ll never hit. Never. Since he’s become the most automatic out since Hank Aguirre, he may as well try experimenting with his ABs some. Sorry G-Money, I don’t usually dog you but this is getting ridiculous.
Why on earth is Fox telecasting games on Saturday night this week? For that matter, why does Fox telecast games at all?

Laird might want to totally change his batting stance. What he has been doing is not working. Maybe radically open it up and as Rich suggest, try to spray the ball.
Our catchers have to start coming around. It’s beyond ridiculous. Even Avila is starting to look less interested. He is hitting less than what I would expect Laird to hit, if Laird was hitting left-handed!.
Diaz is the only option in the minors, and guess what, he is not hitting either.

Maybe Dontrelle can catch to go with his hitting – luv to see his pitch calls!!

“The first baseman was up a little bit,” Leyland said, “and the way the ball was hit, the first baseman had to back up. [Boesch] should’ve read it and gone home. If it’s hit [on] one hop to the first baseman, you can’t go. He was still up. But as the play develops, as you read it, he should’ve gone. But that’s OK. I don’t have any problem with that.”

Well, if Jim doesn’t have a problem with it, then neither do I. Baserunning gaffes, misplayed flyballs, throwing to the wrong base, dropped popups, I don’t have a problem with any of it. As long as someone can mash so we don’t have to use any energy thinking of ways to create runs, it’s all good.

Today,s game kind of ticked me off. It would have been nice to win and leave on a high note. There are just no excuses for the way they played. Couldn’t drive a run in to save their lives. Well, we’re not going to win anything with games played like that. Boesch and Leland already disagree whether he should have run to home. Clearly, this team has got to play better or they won’t make the playoffs.

I meant to say yesterday’s game with Chicago.

Missed the game, and obviously we can’t win them all. But it is so hard to watch us beat up on better teams and lose to teams beneath us in the division. This is a constant problem with the Tigers for many of the last years.

Did we commit more errors yesterday? Which coach works on that – is this Brookens? I love Tom, but if this is his role to work with the fielders he has to get tougher. I could never be a big league manager – they stand in the dugout and show little emotion when there are silly mistakes being made all over – I’d be ranting and raving probably. At least I do at home!

Late game tonight, we’ll see how long my eyelids will allow me to watch.

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