Miner to get second opinion on elbow

Zach Miner told MLB.com Sunday he will get a second opinion on his ailing right elbow this coming week before deciding whether to opt for surgery now or try a rehab process.

An MRI exam in Detroit Friday suggested Miner has a partial tear of the ulnar colateral ligament in his right elbow. Surgery would cost him the rest of the season, but he could choose to try to avoid surgery and pitch through it by strengthening the muscles around the injury while it heals.

“Obviously I’m disappointed, but at the same time, not surprised,” Miner wrote in an email. “I could tell something hasn’t been right, but I was going to try to get through whatever discomfort I was having, hoping it would work its way out. I’m going to get a second opinion this week and go from there.”

Miner has been on the 15-day disabled list since the final days of Spring Training. Eddie Bonine and Brad Thomas have filled in well in his absence.


Sorry to hear that. I’d always thought that, even if Zach didn’t find a place on the Tigers, another team would see his value as a starter and acquire him. Well, he’s still young enough to come back from this.
Aside from that, this is one of those rare points in a season when there’s not a whole lot to complain about. That was a good week of baseball. Timely hitting, improved defense, and superior pitching. In fact, it was the Red Sox who got burned today on plays not made. First was the clumsy botch job on Worth’s infield single, then Hall’s failed attempt at what should have been the third out of the inning. That one was followed by Santiago’s homer that changed the complexion of the game. Hall doesn’t play second often, but even Francona has to rest his guys on a Sunday before playing the Yankees.
Strangely enough, all media attention will be on the Boston-New York series even though both teams had it handed to them by Detroit.
Galarraga looked like the bad Armando in the first inning, pitching away from contact, but he turned it around and put in a fine performance. That’s the way to do it. I hope he stays on this course, as he’s got the stuff to throw into the zone and get outs. He’s just got to trust his stuff.
The White Sox will see Porcello and Verlander. I hope JL uses both Everett and Santiago for Porcello’s start. We’ll get runs off Garcia this time.

that’s good due diligence on Miner’s part. it’s a long recovery road and important to be convinced mentally that surgery was the proper course. i’ve never heard of a MLB pitcher successfully rehabbing a partial UCL tear so the 2nd opinion does seem more like a formality. i believe Joe Nathan began to try rehab for this injury in spring training but decided a short time later to go ahead with the surgery. tough spot for Zach and Bobby being in limbo trying to work their way back to health.

Real sorry for Miner – injuries to a pitcher must be real worrisome.
Who would have thought though that with Perry, Bonine and Ni only available from last year, the bullpen coming up to a quarter of the season gone would lead Major Leagues in lowest ERA and highest IP, when including the two starts made by relievers, and with no assistance to the opening day roster if you don’t include Figaro’s 2 outs.
Shame the Chisox game was postponed – looking forward to see how we match up this year.
Haven’t given many stats lately so here goes some RISP figures in descending order of AB’s:
Inge – 49 AB’s, .163 AVG / .214 OBP;
Cabs – 43, .465 / .574;
Maggs – 41, .244 / .396;
AJax – 33, .273 / .351;
Damon – 32, .250 / .405;
Boesch – 24, .375 / .407;
Laird – 24, .125 / .222;
Sizemore – 23, .217 / .269;
Carlos – 22, .227 / .292;
Ramon – 22, .227 / .370;
Avila – 18, 0 / .182;
Raburn – 15, .133 / .316;
Kelly – 13, .154 / .214;
Everett – 14, .10 / .167.
Clearly getting a bona fide #6 is going to be huge, though Inge is still useful with his 19 RBI’s, but lower down at 7 or preferably 8 after Ramon with his plate discipline.
Moving Carlos to 2B will have another benefit in that it enable management to make the hard decision on Kelly who is out of options but has never shown he is capable of making it consistently in the Majors.
Raburn continues to hit now he is playing regularly at Toledo going 9 from 16 with 5 extra base hits and only 1 SO. He will be quickly back in place of Kelly maybe even before Carlos returns.

Fabulous to see Marcus making a go of it even if is for the suits.
Strange situation to see both your 2B at Toledo the same time. About time Sizemore learned to play elsewhere anyway – 3B maybe where he should have been given a few games last year down the stretch.

Nice information Dave. Telling information beyond mathematical stats. Thanks.
I wonder what the Tigers are going to do now with Will Rhymes? He has been playing 2nd for the Hens (just committed his 1st error the other day) and hitting pretty consistently around .300. Worth was playing 3rd and now that Sizemore is back, where does that leave Rhymes?
The knock on him is size. Well Pedroia is no Paul Bunyan and seems to have become a force in the “bigs”.
And you are right about Raburn. He has been really hitting playing regular down there. I still say his value to us (since everyone is convinced he can’t play 3rd–I’m not by the way) is to package him off in a trade.
Be interesting to see how much 2B Guillen gets to play for Toledo. If they were smart, it would be alot. He will need to take those DP balls but also to learn how to handle the tisting pop ups to short right that come off the bat of the RHB. Way different than at short.
I don’t like to hear complaining or whining from MLB ballplayers but I do understand Guillen’s frustration and point of view. I think he just might settle in at 2B. I hope he gets himself in shape. I feel he has been disheartened by the turn of events from his status as the athletic shortstop to that of being a nomad. Perhaps he will “man-up” here and give us a solid contribution.
In the ever changing 25 man roster is see Brad Thomas as being the next to go and Schlereth being called up for a test run. This is, of course, depending on performance too. If Thomas can get a feel for things he could be OK. He still seems to be adjusting to the mound and the ball..
All eyes will be focussed on Dontrelle in Los Angeles. It will be nice to see him wielding a bat in his hands again. I hope that, more importantly, he just rediscovers the strike zone again. This is one guy that could key to us to having a good season. We need an effective LHP in the rotation. I think management knows this and there is a danger they might try and force Kibler or rush Oliver. Dumatrait and Ketchner in Toledo don’t stand out as prospects. Worst case scenario is trying to make a starter out of Coke (who has started only 1 game above AA ball), in mid-season.
Onet hing abour out Tigers. They do make life interesting for their fans. I am impressed with the manner they have handled Scherzer and Sizemore. They could have been very resolute about their expectations for those two and very stubborn in not being able to admit a mistake.

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