Zach Miner has partially torn elbow ligament

The news coming out of the Tigers medical staff was not good for reliever Zach Miner, who has been diagnosed with a partial tear of the ulnar colateral ligament in his right elbow.

Miner underwent an MRI exam Friday in Detroit. The results showed a partial tear, significant enough to be causing the trouble he’s been dealing with since Spring Training. He had been making slow progress until Thursday, when his elbow didn’t feel right during a two-inning stint in extended Spring Training.

Head athletic trainer Kevin Rand said Saturday afternoon that Miner is now looking at his options. He can try to rehab his way through the injury and strengthen all the muscles around the damaged ligament until it gets better, or he could have surgery, which would cost him the season.

“Miner’s not good,” manager Jim Leyland said. “We won’t be seeing Zach for a while, that I can assure you.”

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