Wells up for 2 days; Galarraga to start Sunday

The move is official: Casper Wells has been recalled from Triple-A Toledo, and Alfredo Figaro is headed back to the Hens. But Leyland also announced his next move coming Sunday: Wells will be optioned back to Toledo, and Armando Galarraga will be called up to start Sunday against the Red Sox. So unless there’s an injury that changes plans, Wells’ first big-league stint will be a short one.

Leyland did not get into what happens with Galarraga after Sunday. However, the Tigers won’t need an extra starter after that, since their five starters will be on short rest. Given that, plus the fact that Leyland doesn’t really want 13 pitchers on the staff unless the bullpen is really worn down, seemingly makes this a one-time outing for Galarraga.

Who comes back in his place? Interesting question. After double-checking on the rules, it appears the Tigers do NOT have to wait 10 days to recall Ryan Raburn, regardless of whether he’s replacing somebody on the disabled list. That seemingly could lead to Raburn’s return next week. After double-checking again, it appears the 10-day rule is still in effect, so the Tigers can’t recall Raburn until next Saturday. So we’re back to guessing who comes up again.

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If Gallaraga pitches half-way decent it should be Scherzer who heads to Toledo to figure out what he’s doing wrong. Armando can’t be any worse.

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