Friday: Tigers vs. Red Sox

No, Casper Wells is not in the lineup tonight. Given his .154 average against right-handed pitchers at Triple-A, that isn’t really a surprise. His .370 (10-for-27) performance off lefties would give him a better chance to play against Jon Lester tomorrow night, though manager Jim Leyland didn’t want to talk about the lineup.

It’s pretty much a standard lineup tonight. Gerald Laird gets the start to catch Max Scherzer, a pairing that has happened only once this season with less-than-great results.


  1. Jackson, CF
  2. Damon, DH
  3. Ordonez, RF
  4. Cabrera, 1B
  5. Boesch, LF
  6. Inge, 3B
  7. Sizemore, 2B
  8. Laird, C
  9. Santiago, SS

P: Max Scherzer


  1. Marco Scutaro, SS
  2. Dustin Pedroia, 2B
  3. Victor Martinez, C
  4. Kevin Youkilis, 1B
  5. J.D. Drew, RF
  6. David Ortiz, DH
  7. Adrian Beltre, 3B
  8. Jeremy Hermida, LF
  9. Darnell McDonald, CF

P: Clay Buchholz


Maybe Galarraga pitches good Sunday and they send out Scherzer.

Okay, I posted last and it shows up first

I feel a migraine coming on.

Man- Scherzer really should be sent to Toledo. He doesn’t have a clue right now. i knew after the 0-2 pitch t Scutaro that he was going to get hammered. That was no cheap hit and if you can’t throw an unhittable pitch an an 0-2 count you are in big trouble.
I called the Ortiz HR too. My wife is starting to both get ticked off and impressed with my criticisms.
JL not running with AJ–well how stupid is that? Martinez is one of the worst in basebal at throwing runners out and there is no attempt? AJ needs to get a bigger leadoff too—that is not intimidating at all to the defense.
I repeat, Scherzer needs to be sent down. He looks totally unaffected by what goes on out there. That worries me. is he oblivious? Does he care? Judging by his throws over to 1st he just seems like he has a lack of awarness, if not interest. Something needs to be done about this. It’s debilitating.

Agree, completely. I’m not sure if he likes being in Detroit.

Since I am on a roll, Inge will be hitting between .205 and .210 by the end of this month.

He might still “heat up” just when you least expect it. He used to hit alot of HR’s. Now, he’s not hitting. He is an excellent 3rd baseman, however.

I understand that. But by the same token, we have an excellent ShortStop, and excellent catcher and a mediocre 3rd baseman. And NONE of them are hitting.
Can’t carry a defensive 3rd sacker on this team if there ore 3 or 4 other guys who aren’t producing offensively. You need production from your corners. Be it corner infielders or corner outfielders–they are expected to hit.

The Tigers need to get the bats warmed up.

This has been a problem so far this year. We have been real lucky to have been able to skim over this definciency with some big hitting in the middle of the lineup and the bullpen. latley the starters have shown signs of dependability. All in all though, we are very fortunate to have the record we do.
We need someone who can provide some pop in the bottom of the order. And I don’t know if Guillen playing 2nd will provide that. he would certainly become part of the defensive problem we have had this year.

Poor base-running by both rookies on that one. Sizemore should have waited to see what Boasch was going to do and Bosesch should have been doing something! Not sure why Boessch had his momentum going back to 2nd when the catcher hadn’t even picked up the ball yet. Ugh.
One unrelated comment about Zumaya.

he has been getting that 1st pitch strike a lot. Why not show that curve ball right there on that 0-1 pitch? If he gets it over he has the batter in real trouble and if he doesn’t the batter still has to at least think about that pitch for the rest of the at bat. I personally think that could be a big advantage for JZ

Sorry–typo above in one of my posts said that we had a “mediocre 3rd baseman”—-I meant a “mediocre 2nd baseman”
My point being we have a very unproductive infield offensively. yes Inge and everett are very dependable in the field, as is laird, but you simply cannot carry 3-4 hitters in your lineup every day.

I am impressed with most of the starting pitching, because the guys are coming around, and the bull pen has maintained a decent job of keeping the games in the win column. Bonderman is coming back , Dontrelle is iffy.. Scherzer is below iffy at this point. Will it take Leyland to the All-star break to make a decision? Sometimes bringing a pitcher from the minors is good, because batters haven’t seen them, scouting reports are vague, and its harder to get a decent hit off them.
Now can’t the front office see what most fans are seeing? Max S. isn’t doing well, and belongs in the minors. Rayburns time is up. Too many blunders that rewards him with a bus ride down. Funny how a manager likes a player, and keeps trying to give them chances; meanwhile the hungry ones gets left in the minors year after year.
If saving face, then put Max in bull pen, and work with him.. something is not right. His style is mediocre. Surely we could do better with somebody else. Its a crying shame we can’t make 6 or 7 innings with a pitcher, with just one or 2 innings of relief. I agree, as harsh as it sounds, but send him down. Didn’t we go thru this 2 years ago, with D-train? This isn’t as bad, but how many games do you have to toss in the trash, and give to the other team without a fight?

Lackluster game tonight.

Scherzer sounded like a politician in his interview after the game.

We’ll see how Gallarraga does on Sunday. If he does well, he may earn himself a slot in the rotation, and Scherzer will be a Mud Hen.
‘Minoring In Baseball’

With the amount of pitching talent we supposedly have in the minors, one has to wonder why we’re trading for pitchers anyway. It’s not that it wasn’t a good trade, but rather the club’s confidence that Scherzer would slide right into the rotation and contribute; that is hard to figure. The guy is a prospect right now, and not at all ready to pitch in the AL.
It would appear that Galarraga does indeed have a chance to pitch himself into the rotation tomorrow with a solid start. I get the feeling the team is serious about winning this year and JL doesn’t want to be Jarrod Washburn’ed right out of contention.
On that note, I hope that they are seriously considering Guillen at secondbase. He’s played the position before and we need that bat if he can stay healthy. It’s not perfect, nothing is, but our lineup is too weak. At this point, they’ll start pitching around Boesch to get to Inge. I would. Brandon has no business hitting sixth. He has the potential to be a valuable bat, but won’t achieve that potential. You have to put some thought into hitting. Right now, the 6-hole is where rallies go to die.
We’re on the edge of having a good ballclub, right on the edge.

Guillen will not be the second baseman. His chance of injury there would be greater than any other position. The first take out slide to break up a double play would put him out for the year. It seems like he is not yet ready for a rehab assignment, so he is still a few weeks away.
Max needs to be pulled from the rotation to work on his command. He is throwing to many belt high fastballs over the heart of the plate.
Went to see Andy Oliver pitch last night in Bowie. He looked great in the first inning and they took him out after an hour rain delay. Iorg hit a 400+ foot homerun to center, but he is hitting .225. Hopefully, he will start to hit, because he can sure play shortstop and has a heck of an arm.

The ONLY choice for Guillen is 2nd, he’s gonna get hurt no matter if he plays the field or not. he’s on the dl now and he was dhing. you can’t take Boesch or Damon out of the lineup. Unless Boesch cools off by the time Guillen comes off the dl he stays in the lineup.

Guillen will likely become a lightning rod for the Tigers this year. Much like Sheffield in the past. I don’t see him being able to be an all-around contributor. His fielding is just to suspect anywhere to help us compensate for lack of production from guys struggling at the bottom of the order. In a good scenario, he could replace Inge or Sizemore effectively. I still think the best place on the field for him is at 3rd. His arm from 3rd is not ideally suited for the throw across the diamond as it dives too much and MCab is no Teixeira at 1st. As much as I am ticked off that management has decided to go to the wall with lovable Brandon Inge, I must admit it would be hard to replace him with Guillen—short of an “Ingery”.
I think there is merit to “think” Guillen could spell Sizemore. Offensively it is a no brainer. At least at this stage since Sizemore is overmatched at the plate just about every AB.
Sizemore is not an elegant fielder but he gets the grunt work done OK at 2nd base. Turns the DP well.
One thing is abundantly clear–you cannot carry ALL your “throw the ball to 1st” infielders. One of them maybe. Certainly not three. And that’s not even addressing our lack of production from the catcher spot.
This problem won’t be rectified by another rookie. Though I would not be surprised to see Sizemore demoted and Rhymes called up. This would take a certain amount of courage by management to admit they were mistaken in their assessment of Sizemore being ready.
No, I think what is needed is a trade. They need to get a solid infielder who is a legitimate threat at the plate. I think ideally that would be a shortstop but I’m sure the Tigers are waiting for Dlugach, Ciriaco or Iorg to become the next “Sizemore”. Scary strategy.
I wish Inge had some trade value but I don’t think he has much. Ditto Everett & Santiago. I don’t know how you can get anything in return for these guys. So how we can improve ourselves through a trade is not going to be an easy task.
The best we can hope for now is that Inge can maybe hit .250 and provide some clutch hitting. That Laird can approach the same and that Avila finds himself again. This will help to offset the dreadful netherworld we experieince every 2-3 innings.
We also need Johnny Damon to pick things up a little bit. He is great to have around but is not the antagonist we need him to be at the plate or on the bases. At least not enough of what he recently has shown he is capable of.
And for gosh sake, Leyland. Do we have ANBODY that can teach how to steal bases? We missed the boat with Granderson and we are doing the same with AJ. I know the argument isto keep that hole open for Damon but let’s not forget that Damon is cpable of going to left AND that hole is still open If Damon has 2 strikes on him. If he hasn’t pulled the ball through the hole in the fisrt 2 strikes, let AJ go. Tell him to go. Teach him to get a proper leadoff and jump. This kid is possible game-changer on a JL team that seams to resist the ideo of too much change.

Sorry once again for the typos. I really should proof my posts as my typing skills are not to be trusted!
BTW, Caspar Wells is a natural fit for the bottom of our lineup. In his last 10 games he is hitting.135 with NO HRs or RBIs. 18 Ks in 37 ABs!!!

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