Thursday: Tigers vs. Yankees

It’s a pretty standard lineup for the Tigers after a day-night doubleheader last night. One interesting note: Ramon Santiago is 7-for-21 against CC Sabathia, but after playing all nine innings of both games yesterday, he’s off. Adam Everett is starting at short.

  1. Jackson, CF
  2. Damon, DH
  3. Ordonez, RF
  4. Cabrera, 1B
  5. Boesch, LF
  6. Inge, 3B
  7. Laird, C
  8. Sizemore, 2B
  9. Everett, SS
P: Justin Verlander
  1. Derek Jeter, SS
  2. Brett Gardner, CF
  3. Mark Teixeira, DH
  4. Alex Rodriguez, 3B
  5. Robinson Cano, 2B
  6. Jorge Posada, C
  7. Juan Miranda, 1B
  8. Randy Winn, LF
  9. Greg Golson, RF
P: CC Sabathia


More interesting is Boesch batting 5th and playing LF against a tough LHP. I feel more comfortable with Damon in LF.

This is where having Raburn would help. Hopefully he can get back soon. What I don’t understand from the Raburn situation is why bring up Figaro? Figaro is a nice prospect (I like him, saw him pitch for W. Michigan), but he is not a reliever. Bring up a reliever from AAA like Rainwater or Sborz for the week, not Figaro. If you need a spot start, then bring up Figaro.

I think they brought up Figaro for the following reasons:
1 – They assumed either Porcello or Bondo would not make it far into the game and a starter, like Figaro, could save the pen in that situation pitching more innings than a true reliever.
2 – Because of the uncertainty over who will start on Sunday, Figaro again offers the best option. Either he could start and pitch 3 innings or so, and then Thomas could come in and do the same, or vice versa.
3 – Galarraga has been pitching worse over his past few starts than Figaro, and Figaro is younger, so theoretically more of a “prospect” and also has not been seen by the league, or the Yankees nearly as much as G-Man, which Leyland may have thought would be an advantage.

Well, at least Laird is playing. He’s hitting .417 against CC.

*cough* smallsamplesize *cough*

At least Laird is playing. He’s hitting .417 against CC.


I look forward to seeing how Boesch looks against CC. We are now short on righthanded batting outfielders.

You have to like the way Bosech has performed in his first two at bats against one of the best lefthanders in baseball.

JL is a magerial basket case. He gets a gift hit form Neverhitt and instead of putting pressure on the D witha a sac bunt attempt, hits away. DP was the worst thing that could happen but swinging away means you are far less likely to move the runner into scoring position. Agains Sabathia, you gotta take advantage of the opportunites presented to you. JL simply does not LIKE to bunt. It’s obvious. On this team it’s also stupid not to. You get virtually no offense from the bottom of the lineup and you have to score any way you can.
I hope we see Brookens take over soon. He will be a good MLB manager.

As far as RHB outfielders go, there are a few possibilities on the farm with Ramirez, Wells and Stireby.
We also have Guillen. I am very fearful that Guillen is going to really struggle when he comes back though. He is a physical liability and as good a Tiger as he’s been his playing days are coming to an end prematurely.

We should also be running on Posada he doesn’t throw out anybody.

The Tigers look real good today and throughout this series (except for the errors). 5-0 with 3 more innings to go.

Cabrera looks so focused.

Good points on Figaro. Also, the 40 man roster does not have many AAA relievers, only Sborz and Schlereth – neither a long reliever.

Boesch continues to impress. And a left hander with power is something we have been missing since the meat hook left in 2006.

We’ll accept 3 out of 4 with the Yanks any time. It’s been the other way too many times in recent memory (need I hark back to 2008 or the stretch from 1993-2005?).
Great work from our starters this series. We’re getting production from the guys who we expect to produce – both pitching and hitting. Now if we can get a little more from our works in progress, we’ll be a team to reckon with.

I share the worries of fellow bloggers about too many errors and bonehead plays/base running/hitting. Those are parts of the works in progress. Let’s hope that better weather and some good momentum lead to higher quality play and more satisfying wins.

Bring on those BoSox!!
I see that another Mark posts regularly. I’ll sign off as AA Mark, not as a sign of my level of baseball ability (I was never that good), but in honor of the town where I work.
Regards to all Tiger bloggers,
AA Mark

3 out of 4. Fantastic! Now the downside. Not really impressed with the games. The Yankees looked awful most of the time and who the heck are some of these bench players? Weather a huge factor

The pitching, Cabrera and Boesch were great during this series. Two shut outs of the Yankees in a series. JV looks ready to repeat last May.
It would be sweet to do the same to the Red Sox.

Red Sox this weekend and the weather is looking nice. Should feel more like baseball. Nice job Tigers.

Good series win against a very good team. Now to do the same against the Red Sox. Is Porcello going to get to face Yuk again?

Now if we can just win a series against the other teams with records worse than ours – a perpetual problem for us!

Shoot, I can answer my question since he just pitched yesterday, I guess that is a no. No Bondo either. Guess I’ll look for drama elsewhere!

I was surprised that the Yankees seem to be playing as many youngsters as we are. Now the Twins get a crack at ’em in Yankee Stadium. Funny schedule. It seems that the Tigers and Twins are just filling in between Red Sox vs Yankees, which continues next week.
We have won a lot of home games this year and last.
Will those defensive lapses EVER end? This is going to bite us big time if it isn’t cleaned up. You can’t give big league teams extra outs.
Obviously Boesch isn’t a candidate to be sent down any time soon, not after hitting lasers off one of the best lefties in the league. It might be a good time to see if Raburn’s 2009 numbers impress any clubs out there. As it is, I don’t see Ryan returning to the big club while Guillen is here.
All things considered, we’re in about as good a shape as we could be at this point in the season. There are some things that need improvement and if that happens, we’re in it for the long haul. And I guess we all know how long the haul can be.

Ah Tiger Girl, without Tuesday’s rainout, we’d have been looking at a Sunday matinee of Youk-A-Mania. Youk vs The Kid Pt II. “Mayhem in the Motor City”

I’m in the Twilight Zone here. I made my post at 4:38, but several others show up as soon as I post mine, with times that have not even occurred yet. I’ve seen others comment on that phenomenon, but have never experienced it first hand. Weird. Maybe Rich and Tiger Girl are on cruise ships in the Atlantic (different time zones🙂 )
AA Mark

I was trying to figure what is going to happen when Guillen comes back. Obviously Boesch isn’t going anywhere but the Tigers could use another good bat in the 6-9 spots. Too bad Guillen couldn’t go back to playing shortstop or takeover for Sizemore at second. I’d have a little more confidence in the offense if they had another good hitter in there.

Mark, does AA stand for Ann Arbor by any chance?
The idea of Guillen playing second is something JL would never do, but I think it has some merit. That would fill up six slots in the order and Inge could be dropped down. It’s not that Inge is completely horrible as a hitter, although he has been lately, but it’s that his value lies in unexpected pop from the 9-hole, like in 2006. It would be easier to accept him hitting 9th. As it is, he’s following the big sticks and rallies kind of die.
Boesch is 16 games in with no sign of cooling off. I wonder if a steady diet of breaking pitches looms on his horizon?

As a viable solution to add his bat to the lineup, I doubt Carlos would be an answer at 2nd. But it is an intriguing thought. How about playing him there with a LHP starting, or if the opponent has a majority of RHB’s in their lineup, just to maybe limit the chances he would have. I wouldn’t mind seeing him at second for one trial game anyway. Would be interesting. Then bat him 6th. Probably never happen though.

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