Casper Wells to Detroit

UPDATE: The Tigers do not have anything to announce at this time, team president/general manager Dave Dombrowski said in an email Friday morning. Still, Wells is definitely coming to Detroit. No official word on the return move quite yet. One of the congratulatory tweets from teammates mentioned below has been deleted.

THURSDAY NIGHT: The Tigers arent confirming a roster move is coming, but Casper Wells teammates at Triple-A Toledo are congratulating him on Twitter for getting called up to the big leagues.

No info on the return move, obviously, but it would not be a surprise if the Tigers are going back to 12 pitchers and 13 position players sooner than expected. With Ryan Raburn optioned to Toledo Wednesday morning, the current roster makeup left them with only one outfielder on the bench once you account for a fourth outfielder (usually Johnny Damon) in the DH slot. Detroit had to go with two left-handed hitters against lefty CC Sabathia Thursday and won, but I dont think Jim Leyland likes that setup long term. Plus, the last three games have required little use of the bullpen, allowing exhausted relievers to get some much-needed rest and making it easier to go with seven relievers going into the weekend. It would also suggest Sunday will not be a bullpen start. Coincidentally, Armando Galarraga is on turn to pitch Sunday for Toledo.


Seriously – nothing against Casper Wells, even though he had 5 homers his is batting 202 and has three errors in the outfield? Doesn’t it lead you to believe if he cant hit minor leaguers he can hit major league pitchers.

Getting back to the last thread: Rich-AA does stand for Ann Arbor. I came here to grad school in 1977 and never left. I’m not an old hippie though.
Since good blogging etiquette calls for little space devoted to personal news, I’ll leave it at that.
Clubhouse chemistry or not, we’ve gotta believe that the Yankee series put a charge into our team. Let’s hope that the Big Mo(mentum) carries the team through the Boston series and beyond.
AA Mark

Rayburn cannot be recalled yet, unless there was an injury. Wells had a great spring, can play all three spots in the outfield and showed the ablility to hit. Strieby has been hurt and is still learning leftfield. Ramirez is not as good a defensive outfielder as Wells. I would look for Wells to spell Jackson in one game this weekend. It would be nice to see one of those rookie hot starts.

you’re joking right..
the guy is hitting .135 in his last 10 games with 0 rbi, and a .238 on base percentage…..

I see JV1 and JV2 (Valverde) have opted out of Mohawk Mania. I am a bit surprised that Jose is not participating. It’s only hair but he probably should be part of the group.
Wells coming up is only to fill out the rest of the required 10 day demotion for Raburn. Unless he miraculously starts to hit like Boesch and makes things difficult for management.
LONG-term, I think the Tigers are OK as to RHB outfielders in their farm system. Short term, I agree the prospects have their idosyncracies and deficiencies. Ramirez has to cut down on his strikeouts, a lot. Not sure if he will be able to make such a necessary drastic improvement. Strieby is still learning how to play the field, Wells should be OK if he can hit.
My hope is that they can make a fielder out of Stieby as he seems like he is a naturally gifted hitter. Ramirez is likely the guy who (despite all the “tools”) will fade into the sunset.

I’ve read that Jose has many superstitions so it doesn’t surprise me.

They said on the broadcast yesterday, that the mohawks were Valverdes idea but then when it came to his turn he opted out. The guy is a character!!

Valverde said he can’t do the mohawk because his wife won’t let him cut his hair. I love that the guys seem to be bonding and showing great team chemistry (sorry JL, there is such a thing).
I can’t give enough kudos to Miggy for what he has done. I hated it at the end of last year when people wanted him gone. He has too much talent to give up on him so easily.
Go Tigers.

Good to see another former Whitecap promoted to the Tigers. Hope he can turn things around and gets a chance. As for Ramiriz who’s been mentioned earlier, he’s a little older and may have a tougher time with all of the younger guys in the system.
‘Minoring In Baseball’

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