Wednesday: Tigers vs. Yankees, Game 2

Don Kelly gets the start at third base to give Brandon Inge some rest. Jim Leyland said in the morning he’d been thinking about it, but he decided to go with him.

As for the bullpen, it’s in a little better shape than it was at the start of the day. Leyland said he plans to give Joel Zumaya the entire day off, but he could come back with Perry for a batter or two or Jose Valverde in a save situation.

Some of the bullpen is also newly-mohawked. Joel Zumaya and Ryan Perry were in the clubhouse between games sporting them — not like Johnny Damon, either. They were clean-shaven on the sides, as was Phil Coke and Alex Avila.


  1. Jackson, CF
  2. Damon, DH
  3. Ordonez, RF
  4. Cabrera, 1B
  5. Boesch, LF
  6. Avila, C
  7. Kelly, 3B
  8. Santiago, SS
  9. Sizemore, 2B

SP: Jeremy Bonderman


  1. Derek Jeter, SS
  2. Brett Gardner, CF
  3. Mark Teixeira, 1B
  4. Alex Rodriguez, 3B
  5. Robinson Cano, 2B
  6. Nick Swisher, RF
  7. Marcus Thames, LF
  8. Francisco Cervelli, C
  9. Ramiro Pena, DH

SP: Phil Hughes


Gonna have a lot of trouble with Hughes today. He is on it.
Leyland better remember what a bunt is this game because runs will be few for us. It won’t matter much if the Yanks start to hit.

I haven’t checked the pitch count, but if we could just get rid of Hughes we might have some chance.
Bonderman pitched a whale of a game. The 2 stolen bases did him in. Shouldn’t be that way–he deseserved more than he got.
Avila is just stinkin’, and I like this guy a lot. The truth hurts.
Our catchers’ hitting has been absurd.

Perfect opportunity with bases loaded and get a run.

Couldn’t do it.

Man, the bottom of the order has been one long black hole this season.
Come on Jeremy – finish off a good outing even if you may not get the win.

Inge who?

Sure would be nice to see Hughes get his first loss at Comerica.

Stupid putting Figaro in here.

We were due and , deserved, to lose this game but my goodness. What on earth do the Tiger Brass see in Figaro that I can’t see?
It would not have changed the geame but what about the future. Do we start him in the stretch drive again?
Gimme a break

Before mohawks good – after mohawks bad.
Admittedly until Aroid hit the double it was just a bunch of bloops and bleeders, but oh my lord that go really ugly really fast.
Lost opportunities early but you have to give Hughes some credit for that. Bondo was good, really pretty good, just didn’t get any support. Didn’t deserve the loss in this one.
Go back at ’em tomorrow if the weather holds up. Not looking real good for that.
On a bright note the Penguins which I have full hatred for lost to Montreal and are out of if. I was looking at Sydney Crosby today and I swear he looks like a rat.

Leyland sure does have a penchant for putting Figaro into impossible situations.
I’m continually astounded by how many damaging defensive lapses we make. While Kelly made a nice grab while pulled in shallow on that shot by Winn in the 9th, he rushed the throw to second and lost the DP. The result: a 2-0 game becomes an 8-0 route. Even when we escape damage on errors or plays not made, it costs the pitchers extra pitches.
Hughes was about as good as any pitcher I’ve seen this year. Bonderman pitched very well himself and that was good to see. On the day, we got seven innings out of both starters. Outstanding.
I don’t know what to think of the 6-9 hitters we’ve got. The lineup ends after the #5 hitter and, while contemplating who could pinch hit if needed tonight, I came up with Inge, Laird, and Everett. So…… Dontrelle Willis really a decent hitter or is that myth? We used to PH Earl Wilson back in the day. I’m going to have to look up Dontrelle’s numbers. Would JL do something so outside the box?
Looking forward to tomorrow’s pitching matchup. Watch, we’ll have a 13-10 ballgame.

We saw the good, the bad, and the ugly yesterday. Best thing coming from last night though was Bonderman. He pitched very well, and not just for 5 innings – that was really good to see, not his fault his team can’t score when needed sometimes.

Oh, and my 2 cents, I like the Damon-hawk much better than the Coke-hawk – didn’t see the other guys though.

Well, the Coke-hawk looked more like a real-hawk than the Damon-hawk which is a hairy-hawk. The Bonderman-hawk was a hairless-hawk and the Avila-hawk was a hitless-hawk. And if I ever see The Hawk in a hawk, I’ll hawk up.

Figaro has the best numbers on the staff at Toledo. I look for him to go back down by Sunday and Mondo to come up to start on Sunday. Unless JL decides to try and make it another bullpen game since the won the previous two Thomas starts. Porcello and Bonderman allowed the bullpen to rest.
The failure to score on two chances early in the game really hurt. Avila seems to be a better defensive catcher than a hitter this year. I have been impressed with his work behind the plate. I thought he had Gardner in the first inning. The Jeter steal was the only bad throw I remember Alex making this year.
The problem with the 6 – 9 spots in the order is also a bench problem. No pop off the bench. We only have 5 homers from the 6 – 9 spots. Inge got his three hitting in the 5 spot. I do not see any help in the minors at catcher or the left side of the infield. Kelly has been the defensive guy for the team, but he does not seem to be able to catch up to a good fastball. When Carlos is back, Boesch will be the lefty off the bench that has some pop in the bat.
Sure would be a nice to see the Tigers rough up CC today.

What the hawk? Damon has a Fohawk. Good one Rich! Avila, you might as well shave it bald. How many times has he been up with the bases loaded? Raining big cats and dogs in Grand Rapids. Some flooding going on. We need the bat of Guillen but I would not bench Boesch. Maybe Carlos can play shortstop🙂 Go Tigers! –Dave

Raining ponys and cows here in Detroit. I just can’t see how they are going to get this game in today, it is supposed to be like this all day with severe thunderstorms later this afternoon. It is as uglier here than it was on Tuesday.
I was watching (and don’t laugh) Regis and Kelly this morning for a half a second and Regis was actually talking about the mohawks of the Tigers. I can’t believe they even got Ni to get one.
Rich we were talking last night about another play on a ball that was hit between second and first, that it looked like another ball that Sizemore should of been able to get to. You made a real good point last week I think that it isn’t just about the errors it is about the balls that are getting through that side of the infield, and after you said that I have really started to pay attention.
As far as Figaro, he seemed to have great numbers down at AAA but when he gets up here he falls apart. I just wonder if he has the mental game. I will say that the first few hits were dribblers and bleeders, (and that goes with the hits off of Coke as well) but you could tell he (Figaro) started to lose composure and was very wild and the only real hard ball was the one off of A-Roid and then the final out.

It looks like Detroit might get a little rain this afternoon. It’s raining lightly where I live. I checked the doppler and the heavy rains are all north of Lansing not on track to hit Detroit. Even if they have to postpone, I don’t think it would be for more than an hour or two.

I see the exact same thing on radar, Pup. They need to get this game in so will have to wait if necessary. It’s better for the Yankees to fly out late than to have to return to Detroit later this season for one game. Unless, of course, the Detroit management would rather not play. It’s up to them until the umpires take control. The White Sox do this.
GK, I’m not sure which grounder you’re referring to. There was one that Cabrera dived for but it went under his glove. That’s a tough play because the ball has to bounce the right way. That was off the bat of Tex and I saw him and Miggy having quite a conversation at first. I wonder if Cab was getting some tips? Tex is the guy to ask.
Regis and Kelly for half a second? They must have talked fast. 🙂 That’s a smile, not a laugh. Sometimes I watch figure skating for half a second. Wow, the Yankees come to town and we start getting national attention.

This is about the 5th time I’ve tried to post this. The system must be down or something.
That just goes to show you how “accurate” the doppler is. Doesn’t show a drop of rain over Detroit.
I’m not thrilled with Sizemore either. OMG all the errors this team has.

Just light drizzle at my house here in RO. They said it was going to start back up with severe thunderstorms later this afternoon. Maybe they can get some of it in. Which means it is important to score early incase the game gets called after the 4 1/2 innings.
Rich I don’t remember exactly when that ball was either but it just seems that there are singles that used to be outs in previous years and with other teams.
Have to go to work so I will miss todays game if it gets played. GO TIGERS

I watched Poly play with the Phillies the other day and he is positively glowing. That glove of his would have gotten many of the “hits” we see now and he sure knew how to turn a DP.

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