Leyland meets smoke-free Michigan

Starting Saturday, Michigan’s bars, restaurants and other public work areas are smoke-free. That includes ballparks, and it includes manager Jim Leyland’s office at Comerica Park. That generated some curiosity as soon as the Michigan legislature passed the bill, but now it’s here.

Leyland’s reaction: He plans to stop smoking in his office starting Saturday.

“I’m a law-abiding citizen. That’s just the way it is,” Leyland said after Friday’s game. “We’re not supposed to smoke here, and I won’t do it. I’ll try to find someplace outside somewhere, I guess, but I think you’re not supposed to smoke at all in the park.

“It’s kind of freaky, because we have a cigar bar up there [on the suite level in the park], and it’s legal to smoke cigars up there, but you can’t have a cigarette in the cigar bar. I’m not into making the laws and everything. I’m into abiding by them. I’ll just have to do what I can and I’ll be fine.”

He could conceivably try to smoke when nobody’s looking, but as he put it, he doesn’t want the aggravation of having it become a story and distract himself or the team.

“I’ve got till 6 a.m.,” Leyland said Friday night. “That could be two cartons.”

If he really wanted to go to the cigar bar, of course, he could smoke cigars.

“Cigars are legal in that cigar bar,” Leyland said, “but it’s hard to go down there in the sixth inning.”


He is a crack up!!!!!!! He is right though probably almost nobody down there would probably care if he did but the cameras or somebody would try to make a story about it.

just more liberal nanny-statism

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