Monday: Tigers at Angels

Alex Avila takes a hit and keeps playing. He’s back in the starting lineup for the second straight game. Gerald Laird is just 2-for-13 lifetime off Angels starter Joel Pineiro. 

There’s a story on Avila’s take on the hit coming on the site tonight. He said Sunday he loves being able to take a hit like that. To him, that’s baseball. It sounds a little like his manager, who was describing the worst hit he ever took back in 1969 from former player turned umpire John Shulock, whom Leyland said banged his knee into his face so hard he broke Leyland’s nose.
“I think I caught the next night without a mask,” Leyland joked.
  1. Jackson, CF
  2. Damon, LF
  3. Ordonez, RF
  4. Cabrera, 1B
  5. Guillen, DH
  6. Inge, 3B
  7. Avila, C
  8. Sizemore, 2B
  9. Everett, SS
P: Dontrelle Willis
  1. Erick Aybar, SS
  2. Bobby Abreu, RF
  3. Torii Hunter, CF
  4. Hideki Matsui, DH
  5. Kendry Morales, 1B
  6. Juan Rivera, LF
  7. Howie Kendrick, 2B
  8. Jeff Mathis, C
  9. Brandon Wood, 3B
P: Joel Pineiro


Willis looked pretty good early. It is unfortunate that EVERY pitch is an adventure but most of them have been decent.
Mathis has done well against us and his double that broke the scoreless tie was pretty lucky.
Still, for DD to have counted on Willis to provide back end rotation is really pie in the sky mentality.
Everyone wished Dontrelle well but we don’t owe him anything. Let’s quit this annual attempt at salvaging bad trades and bad contracts and move on to putting a good representative baseball team on the field.

AJ—-talk to Lloyd. He will tell you that you have to swing the bat ino order to hit the ball. Basic baseball concept. Too many of your Ks have been called strike 3.
Yes Tiger fans. I know he has hit well and I know he is a rookie—–I’m just sayin’

The inability to mount much of an offense against almost every starting pitcher we have faced this year must be driving JL crazy

Dontrelle has thrown better than expected this year. But we all feel that we are waiting for the other shoe to drop. I hope he can pull it together as much as anyone, but even if he does I can’t let DD off the hook for pursuing the “hope & dream” straegy once again.

I sure wish Dontrelle would work on his reactions to his pitches. When he throws one off the plate badly he reacts too much. Sends a signal to the ump that the pitcher himself does not believe in himself and makes it a lot easier to call those borderline pitches a ball. It’s a lot about reputation. Both as a hitter and as a pitcher. Show confidence and act as though that is where you wanted that pitch to be and you will be far better off.

OK guys—enough is enough. Let’s go out there this inning and put some kind of concerted offense together against this guy. His name is not (credit to GK) Cy Piniero

Good outing again for Willis. 6 IP 4 H only TWO walks. And all with something wrong with his hand. I like the way he adds and subtracts to his pitches, keeping the hitters off balance, getting the big outs. He’s become a crafty veteran at age 27?
We just need to score some runs.

Everett up in the 7th—NO WAY

Everett a 270 hitter all the way.
(270 ft)

On top of everything else, we’re hitting in bad luck. Pineiro makes a kick save. How many more ways are there to keep us off the board?

How do you score runs when you can’t put hits together though? This is the problem–no “feel” in this lineup. By that I mean feel for each other. Every AB seems to be an individual affair rather than working together to get on or move someone around. Th hitters don’t seem to have the confidence that the next guys will get them in and I think are trying to do too much. This has been season long.
We really need the Earl Weaver 3 run HR tonight I’m afraid.

I know I’m complaining but how in the world does Damon not end up at 2nd base on that bloop single?

Gotta like Pineiro givnign the kudos to his catcher coming off the field. That’s class.

Damon couldn’t see the ball. Obviously, Brookens couldn’t either.

Normally I’d say that if we keep pitching like this, we’ll win games. This team isn’t getting the big hit so far and, unfortunately, this group has a history of that. That’s how people like me come up with 83-79 predictions. All I can suggest is to try and steal some bases, lay down some bunts, put pressure on their defense. Waiting around for big innings won’t work over the course of a full season.
Much better defense tonight.
Got an early meeting. See ya tomorrow.

FUNDAMENTALS – In that inning where Miguel lead off with a double. I said to my spouse he should bunt him over – even though it is Guillen, (of course they didn’t) and Miguel is hence stranded on first instead of getting what would of been a sac fly from the bat of Inge. This team is horrible with runners in scoring position and in fact this was our first time being shut out this year.
Dontrelle bounce back well from his last outing. And if this game isn’t a game of inches the Angels probably don’t have anything on the board either both of those doubles barely hit fair. I mean they were close. But kudos to them they had one good opportunity to score a runs and they did it.

Unfortunately we have a few other starters to worry about on this staff.
Willis deserved a win tonight.
We have to hit better than that. That was pretty bad. The Angels got some breaks on some hard hit balls but still—we have a team that is not putting the ball in the gaps or over the wall.
We don’t have anyone on the bench that can come in and light a fire. Raburn is a utility player. That’s all we can expect of him. Santiago and kelly have no power. Laird can only hit when he is at basketball games with his brother.
I fully expect J will convince DD that he needs some life brought up from Toledo. They are very close to sending Avila down and Kelly should go if they call up Boesch. Raburn lives a charmed life as being a JL favorite and a utilitarian kind of guy with pop in his bat. Will he ever amount to being an everyday MLB player—I higlhy doubt it.
We are hurting at short and behind the plate.

I watched the first 2 innings. Willis looked good. Why can’t we hit the ball? Dan, your are right about swinging, in fact, it doesn’t have to even be a strike. I always liked the letter pitch which of course today is not called a strike. If I was the manager………I would start shaking things up, batting order that is. Sizemore second, Inge fifth, Damon eighth. Also, where is the emotion? Manager, coachs? We got a new pitching coach, do we need a new hitting coach? I won’t say anything about the manager. I just want to watch an exciting game! It is a long season. Go Tigers, 2010! –Dave

The only tool Miggy is missing is speed. If Carlos bunts, they would have taken the easy out at 3rd. That’s just common sense.

Tigers as a team just going through a terrible slump hitting with runners in scoring position. Some bad luck on hard hit balls too as pointed out by Inge in his post game comments. This will all change. Don’t see the need to shuffle the deck yet, except giving Avila more PT. He is hitting it pretty well, but getting no results.

The missing ingredient here is luck. There have been a number of well hit balls with RISP that don’t find the open spot on the field. Drives go right to the outfielders. Hard grounders turn into DPs. We even lost a run last night when their pitcher turned in a kick save. Please. Our guys have been creating the situations very well, even with some good situational hitting. That final blow just isn’t coming right now.
All that said, I still think we should push the envelope a little bit. We need to pressure the other team’s defense. Maybe that next hard grounder will kick into the outfield if their defense is thinking bunt at the time. If our pitching is as good as we’ve been led to believe, we should play for single runs rather than waiting for the big inning.

I didn’t know it was possible this year to do even worse on moving in guys in scoring position, but we are back at it once again. Very frustrating to open an inning with a double and not score that person.

I give big props to Maggs though in the field, he had a nice night last night, that once catch I never thought he would make. I think this will be a good year for him.

Sigh, so sad to stay up late and not see a win, and so sad to see good pitching with zero…ZERO… run support.

The Tigs for the past four years have always had their RISP close to the team batting average. For 2010 though they are hitting .274 (8/30) yet now have a RISP of .215 (24/30). Sure they have been unlucky with some plays but you can’t be unlucky hitting only 8 HR’s (27/30) which puts them on only a 100 HR season pace.
If you ignore the catchers only hitting a combined 6 of 46 (.130), the rest are getting sufficient hits. However their RISP is either really good or really ugly: AJax .462; Cabs .444 (3HR’s); Damon .364; Sizemore .273; Binge .250; Everett .20; Carlos .167 (1HR solo hit); Maggs .118 (3 of his 4 HR’s were solo hits) with Avila, Laird, Kelly, Raburn and Ramon yet to get a hit from 35 AB’s.
The huge surprise is of course Maggs and Carlos, yet surprisingly both are hitting at carrer pace with Maggs even ahead with his .321/.4/.585. It should only be a matter of time before these two turn it around when it counts.

I love the camera angles you get where the player looks back to the dugout and sees negativity written all over the managers face and in his demeanour.
With our management team too conservative strangling base running, maybe they can reduce the tension by wearing clown masks during games.
Sorry, stupid idea. MLB will never permit it.

Laird and Adam Neverhitt at the bottom of the order. I cringe for Porcello.

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