April 19th, 2010

Monday: Tigers at Angels

Alex Avila takes a hit and keeps playing. He’s back in the starting lineup for the second straight game. Gerald Laird is just 2-for-13 lifetime off Angels starter Joel Pineiro. 

There’s a story on Avila’s take on the hit coming on the site tonight. He said Sunday he loves being able to take a hit like that. To him, that’s baseball. It sounds a little like his manager, who was describing the worst hit he ever took back in 1969 from former player turned umpire John Shulock, whom Leyland said banged his knee into his face so hard he broke Leyland’s nose.
“I think I caught the next night without a mask,” Leyland joked.
  1. Jackson, CF
  2. Damon, LF
  3. Ordonez, RF
  4. Cabrera, 1B
  5. Guillen, DH
  6. Inge, 3B
  7. Avila, C
  8. Sizemore, 2B
  9. Everett, SS
P: Dontrelle Willis
  1. Erick Aybar, SS
  2. Bobby Abreu, RF
  3. Torii Hunter, CF
  4. Hideki Matsui, DH
  5. Kendry Morales, 1B
  6. Juan Rivera, LF
  7. Howie Kendrick, 2B
  8. Jeff Mathis, C
  9. Brandon Wood, 3B
P: Joel Pineiro