Sunday: Tigers vs. Indians

A couple days off for some regular Tigers today: Don Kelly starts in place of Johnny Damon in left field, while Ramon Santiago (8-for-15 career off Jake Westbrook) is at short.


  1. Jackson, CF
  2. Kelly, LF
  3. Ordonez, RF
  4. Cabrera, 1B
  5. Guillen, DH
  6. Inge, 3B
  7. Santiago, SS
  8. Laird, C
  9. Sizemore, 2B

P: Justin Verlander


  1. Asdrubal Cabrera, SS
  2. Grady Sizemore, CF
  3. Shin-Soo Choo, RF
  4. Travis Hafner, DH
  5. Jhonny Peralta, 3B
  6. Matt LaPorta, 1B
  7. Luis Valbuena, 2B
  8. Lou Marson, C
  9. Michael Brantley, LF

P: Jake Westbrook


Laird should bat 9th, if he HAS to be in there.

Looks like Verlander of 08 is back.

I don’t think I have the patience to watch this one. The game could take 4 hours to play at this rate.
JV is his own worst enemy. He is enamored with his fastball and just continues to throw it at times when he does not hae to. He has probably had 2 strikes on every batter in this game and tries to put them away with fastballs most of the time.
You have to smart when you pitch and unfortunatley neither JV or Laird seem to “get it”. I remember the incident last year in the dugout between the 2 of them and my guess is Laird has backed off and let the star call the game to avoid confrontations and dissension.
Verlander is very close to becoming an absolutely dominant pitcher in the bigs but until he starts to pitch with his head instead of his hormones we will not be treated to the next Doc Halladay.
One interesting thing about JV thouh is his ability to keep himself in the game when he has been shelled early. This indicates he does have composure. He just needs to channel it.

BTW-that inning never happens if Sizemore doesn’t tense up on the low liner that went for the 2nd hit.

This offense is pretty impotent right now. Guillen, who I maintain is the primary key to it working, looks harmless in every AB. Not jsut today with his 2 Ks and men left on, but all season long so far. There just seems to be no power in that body of his. Without some power production from him we will be leaving Ordonez and MCab stranded far too often.
We have been very lucky with Bondo and Willis so far but when they start to falter (and they will) this offense will not be able to salvage games the way it takes to put Ws up on the board.
I suspect we will be seeing a few of the Mud Hen players called up this year. Dlugach, Strieby and maybe Wells.
I also suspect we will be seeing Raburn at 2nd a bit more if Sizemore continues to have MLB jitters.

I hear that. He comes up once more with the sacks full and hits a “harmless” popup.
Laird is back to basics with being an easy batter to pitch to.
Puts way too much emphasis on Inge to produce when the bottom ot he lineup AND the 5 hole hitter aren’t producing.
Everett is a 270 hitter. Not a .270 hitter but a 270 foot hitter. He will not contribute much with those lazy 270 ft fly balls.
I know it’s early and everything but the holes in this team are very evident. Complicating things also has been the invisibility of Johnny Damon–I am pretty confident that he will get his offensive act together but as far as Everett, Laird, and Guillen go, I am not real confident.
The Twins and others in the AL Central have cobbled together linueps with some po in them–again, look around to that key position of backing up your cleanup hitter with poser production. If Strieby starts to hammer the ball in Toledo I think we will see him up here. They at least are playing him in the OF now and seem to be smart enough to be grooming him for that role.

If Guillen doesn’t start doing something soon Miggy will never be pitched to again.

HOLY you know what. I had all kinds of negative things to say – like Verlander has got to get his head out of you know where, – squandered opportunities throughout.
BUT HOLY CRAP I guess they never gave up.
So I will cut the negative comments off right there. GO TIGERS

I guess I don’t know what you are talking about GLAGUERRO – what do you mean JV is paying for his skipped turn. In my opinion JV started off this bad last year and typically does, he has been extroidinarly disappointing so far, but to say it isn’t his fault. Sometime those big contract spook guys at first.

JV is paying for the Willis, Bondo , Robertson battle. His spot was skipped for them. Side session its not the same as a game

Just like I said!

Some times it’s better to be LUCKY than good!

Holy cow! Guillen does come through (though I might have had a pinch runner form Cab), with some pop. Makes a difference.
Damon’s reputation probably got him that game-tying walk.

Twinkies lost, so we’re in !st place.

All right! That’s what you get with Johnny Damon! We haven’t had that savvy kind of ballplayer in a long tome. Someone who can will their way on base when it’s needed. And way to go Carlos! Cleveland riding their luck all day long but this is a heck of an offense to hold off. I’m liking the new look more and more. Just about everybody contributed today.
Justin will be fine. He’s just pressing. Probably sees everyone else pitching well and knows he’s the ace who’s supposed to win. That’s added pressure. He just needs to pitch in pressure situations rather than try to overpower. Takes patience.
Great win. Keep it going Tigers!

I guess if you put enough runners on base, they eventually spill over into the win column no matter what. Left a LOT of guys on, but it’s a good win. On Sizemore’s single to rightcenter, he finally showed me what he can do with the bat. I can see it now.
Bonine gave up the pair of homers but saved the entire bullpen for tomorrow.
Doesn’t it just seem like Santiago should start against all RH pitchers?
My take was that JV didn’t have any of his secondary pitches today. No psycho-babble, he just didn’t have his weapons. When you see that big bender working early, then you know you’re going to see a dominant performance. He gutted it out pretty well after the 1st inning. There were a lot of postgame comments regarding LaPorta’s AB, but what I remember of it is that he’d popped out but the ball went just a few feet into the stands. As they say, it’s a game of inches.
I’m with you on your Damon comment, Marty. I even said to my wife as he came up, “you don’t have to worry about him doing something stupid here.”
I hope they pour it on this week, because there’s a very long west coast trip coming up.

Just watched the video of the winning run. Was great to see the two young boys who were Tiger fans celebrating after the winning run. It appeared that one of them was wearing a Granderson jersey. It is wonderful to see young fans happy.

Just watched the video of the winning run. Was great to see the two young boys who were Tiger fans celebrating after the winning run. It appeared that one of them was wearing a Granderson jersey. It is wonderful to see young fans happy.

Doesn’t get much better with these late comeback wins, now 4 of the 5. Love seeing the team playing as one.
Funny game with JV now responsible for the only two poor starts thus far. Shades of last year where he started slowly trying to carry the team.
Cabs is currently unstoppable with Maggs providing great support. Five and a bona fide six is the key and would love to see Inge at seven after Sizemore or Raburn are regularly hitting.

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