Thursday: Tigers at Royals

Well, if Brandon Inge held out any hope of playing in all 162 games this season, his dreams are in serious jeopardy. Don Kelly gets the start at third base today, while Ryan Raburn starts at second. Carlos Guillen is the left fielder, with Johnny Damon getting a day at DH.


  1. Jackson, CF
  2. Damon, DH
  3. Ordonez, RF
  4. Cabrera, 1B
  5. Guillen, LF
  6. Raburn, 2B
  7. Kelly, 3B
  8. Laird, C
  9. Everett, SS

P: Willis


Perhaps they could use Ni’s interpreter to engage Brandon in a long conversation this afternoon. That should keep him busy.
I’m wary of Guillen in left. We can’t afford to have him injured. And while we all realize that Jackson and Sizemore will have rookie moments, those two moments helped us lose a ballgame last night. I feared at the outset that Jackson would have a good (and pressure free) ST as leadoff hitter, and that JL would plug him in there to the bitter end. He can always lead off Damon and hit Santiago second.
Not being negative this early in the year, just pointing out something to keep an eye on.
Let’s go, Dontrelle!

That would be against RHers, which we see most of the time.

Boy I would be more likely to put Santiago at 2nd and put Raburn in the outfield. What do I know???

I’m really rooting for Dontrelle! Even though its the 3rd game of the season I think a good performance out of Dontrelle is going to affect this entire season as a whole….That was a shocking loss last night…….

Well, here we go! Sure hope we win today!

I know Damon is a contact hitter ,but why not sac bunt and let Mags or Cabreba drive in the run ,to get on the board first

Here we go Dontrelle didn’t get off to the start I wished for him and the Tigers. I do think that he was getting squeezed quite a bit.

What is it when the Tigers play KC?

Better second inning from Dontrelle. TIgers bats looking rather whimpy so far.

Yea, enough with it. Or, only so rarely, it is a complete surprise. He has no speed running.

My “heart belongs to Raburn” needs to get his bat hot.

I know I m talking to myself here, but did Raburn just get hosed on that strikeout or what.

Different strike zones for different pitchers – I love it. The light hitting Tigers are back at it. Is Bannister really that good???

Great ab by Maggs, hopefully we get to their bulpen this inning

I think thats enough of this Cabby trying to steal bullcrap!

All in all Willis did pretty well. 1st inning wasn’t the way you’d draw it up – okay. Now it is the 7th and really are these hitters of ours ever going to do anything. Damon has been disappointing so far. Laird has hit a couple of hard just nothing to show for it.

Willis did his job. Now , who will close?

None of these comments are in order so I hope the Tigers can get some runs here in the top of the 8th.

Mario just called Miggy a Beast.

We don’t need stolen bases from Miggy, we just need him to keep serving up those taters!

Oh, I can’t believe we won, but I’m very glad of it. Unfortunately, D-Train has no-decision, I hope he’ll receive a win in next start😉

Better job by Valverde.

Overall good game, guys that need to come thru did, including Willis.

Well I guess this was a matter of better late than never. I don’t like the slow starts these guys are getting out to offensively early in games. You aren’t going to have a crappy KC pen every night. Certian guys are doing well, very well but they don’t seem to be getting it in the right order.
I am really glad for Dontrelle, I am really cheering for him not only for him but for the Tigers. Really other than Verlander we got good starting pitching performances out of our starters, and really the pen for the most part. A couple of little hicups in the pen. Unfortunately Valverde had a big one last night, but bounced back today. (unfortunately he is one of my pitchers on my fantasy team and he has ruined that so far. I was torn whether I wanted that extra run to score or did I want the save for fantasy ha ha)
Looking for to the game tomorrow – right now it is really cold here and isn’t going to be great tomorrow. What kind of luck is that warm here the last two weeks and the only crappy day will be opening day.

A nice turnaround win after the late ugly ending. Fabulous to see Willis have a good start.
Unusual for JL to rest Sizemore after a bad night – I don’t like giving anyone the chance to dwell on negative thoughts.
Last years Tigers always seemed to pull through in the close ones but could never chase down a lead. Two come from behind wins and a blown save has turned that on its head.

How good is our top five looking. If we could have a bona fide six with Inge at 7, they will get the runs to compete against any team.
Hopefully Sizemore will settle in quickly and has the ability, otherwise they will have to go with Raburn sooner rather than later. I dont see Kelly ever being an everyday starter.

Well, didn’t get to see any of the game, heard bits and pieces throughout. I am so pleased for Dontrelle, sounds like he had a nice solid game and that is big for him, give him the confidence he needs. The heart of the lineup has been stellar in this first series – I think Maggs wants to prove that last season was a fluke, Miguel is just being wonderful, and Guillen wants to prove he can be an everyday hitter if nothing else. But 2 games in a row with Miguel stealing – I understand the element of surprise, but we need baserunners, we have speedier guys for that!

Mud Hens opened last night in quite chilly weather and lost – too bad.

Followed the game on gameday today and do not know the accuracy of the strike zone. If it was accurate, Willis was getting squeezed and with his control problems that will likely continue. His effort was encouraging and getting the double play ball at key times just as he was in the Spring killed a potential big inning.
Cabrera’s start was expected. Maggs start was hoped for and has to be a great moral boost for his hard work this off season. Jackson had a good series minus a couple of bad at bats with stretching the strike zone.
Leyland announcing prior to game two that Rayburn would be at second was a good thing since Sizemore’s error does not make him feel he was being punished. Scott had a decent series without getting a hit. Expect growing pains with him and Jackson.

While not a big believer in the accuracy of those electronic strike zones in use, it is true that Willis got squeezed on a few at the beginning. As you indicate, Mark, a number of other pitchers would have gotten those calls. Hopefully Dontrelle will join the ranks of those other pitchers with continued success. As it is, if he stays close enough to the zone, the hitters will begin swinging and that’s when Dontrelle can get some good work done.
Overall, Willis pitched well. The bottom line is that we won a game he started. He kept us in it. Good job.
Regarding how he’s been getting out of jams in the spring and now yesterday, I wonder if Dontrelle has discovered the Todd Jones school of thought. That is, in a situation, the pressure is on the hitter more than the pitcher.

Good to see the 3-4-5 hitters come through in the KC series. Verlander (too many pitches) Scherzer and Willis did their jobs along with the bullpen minus Ni and Valverde (game 2). Got to get Laird, Damon and Sizemore going though. I see Nate picked up a “w” last night for the Fish along with Badenhop. Good to have Porcello going in the opener. Go Tigs!

No Opening Day thread yet?

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