Wilkin Ramirez is heading to Erie

When the Tigers optioned Clete Thomas to Triple-A Toledo on Wednesday, it furthered a logjam in the Mud Hens outfield, which already had Casper Wells, Ryan Strieby, Brennan Boesch and Wilkin Ramirez. The plan was to rotate four outfielders between the three starting spots and the designated hitter.

Once Thomas was sent down, something to happen. Now we know: Wilkin Ramirez has been transferred to Double-A Erie.

Ramirez isn’t simply repeating the same level in back-to-back years. He spent all of last season at Triple-A Toledo except for a couple one-day stints in Detroit. Essentially, Ramirez is repeating a level he completed in 2008.

UPDATE @4:30pm: Team president/GM Dave Dombrowski confirmed the move is a matter of clearing up the logjam in Toledo. He also said Ramirez will play center field most of the time there, continuing a move to center that began in winter ball.


Wilikin will really need to turn on the jets now to stay noticed.
Eddie Bonine is a scrappy guy. You look at some folks with gifted athleticism and they struggle and guys with determination and competiveness like Eddie who will find a way.

Wow! Do they really consider Ramirez to be the least advanced of that group or is there something else we don’t know about? The team certainly seems to have plenty of promising outfielders. Will they really need to keep Maggs, Guillen, and Damon around for much longer? Some of those younger OF’s will have to move up or the team will lose them after options run out.

This from the Marlins game recap:
“Acquired in exchange for Minor League pitcher Jay Voss and cash considerations on Tuesday, Robertson shined in his debut with the Marlins, the team he was drafted by in 1999. Robertson, who will be the Marlins’ fifth starter, went seven innings, giving up a run and two hits while striking out six and walking one. He even came up with an RBI single in the seventh.”

They know about Ramirez’s hitting at AAA. I think sending him down is more about getting him playing time every day. He should play centerfield. They want to see what the trio from Erie will be able to do in AAA and Thomas is also in the outfield. The Mudhens should have a heck of a team this year.

Ya I loved Robertsons line today too. Now don’t get me wrong while I like Nate as a person, attitude and he seems to have these moments of brilliance. I hadn’t regained all my faith in him either. But that being said I have more faith in him that Willis and Bonderman. And to give him away for a few little Ceaser’s Pizzas well I just don’t understand the logic. I wish that someone could explain it to me???

Maybe it’s a little of “we owe you” for giving us the terrific twosome of Cabrera-Willis in exchange for six players who haven’t seemed to do too well as far as I can tell. I know I saw where Andrew Miller was optioned out. I have to look up Florida’s roster to see about Maybin. The other 4 I don’t think have been on the Florida team much at all. Am I wrong? The Tigers have been lucky in that trade by getting an abusive alcoholic hitter and an anxiety-ridden wild pitcher. This year they both will be rehabbed into outstanding players. I agree with those of you who are not sure they should have moved Robertson so soon. I guess we’ll find out.

I believe Wilkin Ramirez will never be a major league starter. He might see some time with a few teams here and there for a cup of coffee. He is the classic athlete who just is not a baseball player. Look at his minor league stats and tell me why you think he is going to be a star, or even regular major leaguer. He does not hit for average, his power is not that impressive over full seasons and he strikes out a ton without walking a bunch.

illinoifan: Maybin has made there team as there CF and Badenhop has been there best player so far as a mop up guy. He had an outstanding spring and looks like another version of Minor. To bad about Miller, he just can’t throw strikes.

sklant: I think we traded Nate over the other two because someone actually wanted him. Don’t get me wrong the Tigers love Bondo and think he can get back to being a very good pitcher but in the end no one was going to give us anything for Willis with his track record of the last two years. As for what we got for him, I like Voss and think he can be a good lefty reliever. I think we made the trade because Nate would not want to be in the bullpen this year and Wills can’t be with his walk issue.

Ya I understand that it Nate is the only person somebody wanted but THEY DIDN”T GET ANYTHING for him. I would understand if it was costing them more than $400,000, we are still for all intensive purposes paying his salary. And I and many others don’t believe that he was the guy going to the pen? And that is the other thing we have a pen full of lefty relievers and while Voss maybe good in a few years he isn’t major league ready and he is a reliever. It wasn’t a good trade. We didn’t get any money for him nor a major league player.

Well, it all is real next Tuesday. Looks like we have some prospects at Toledo and Erie. This blog will be fun to read when the games are played. Wednesday my kids got me tickets for May 16th vs the Red Sox. 3rd row on 1st base between the dugout and foul pole. My fantasy draft is tomorrow. How many Tigers will be taken? In years past it was maybe one. At least we have some talent. Players come and go but WE are still fans.

Looking forward to eveyone’s managing opinions. Go Tigers, 2010!–Dave

Sure hope we don’t see many games like they had today. Decent pitching but no run support.
Everett 0 for 4 with 3 Ks Not many ways Jl is gonna be able to spin that one.
Get ready Ramon.

You can see how much we’d miss Guillen when JL plugs Kelly into the 5-hole in the lineup. I hope the ol’ coot doesn’t go Kelly krazy, but he probably will. He loves those guys who rode the buses like he did. That aside, who hits 5th if Guillen isn’t there? It would have to be Raburn, but if we play L-R matchup, Kelly gets 70% of the ABs.
I’m just practicing to get into mid-season form, folks. 🙂

Agreed. The 5th spot is THE critical spot in the lineup for us this year. The closer we get to batting in 100 from that position the more realistic our chances our.
You only have to look at Cuddyer in Minny and Konerko in Chicago and see what importance having a producing 5 hole guy can mean to a ballclub.
I am not convinced Guillen will adequatel fulfill that role. Mainly because of injuires but also because he is not a proto-typical power hitter. You can bet JL will hit Carlos there in that spot till the cows come home-whether it works or not. My fingers are crossed that Carlos can surprise but my head says this will the albatross around the lineups neck.

If the outfielders can hit about only 85%f what they did this spring we will have improved greatly from last year. AJ has been nothing but impressive. Damon is a hitting machine and Ordonez has been a force. Throw in Raburn and Kelly and Thomas and you see what I mean.

Zoom had a really tough outing (Porcello was fantastic again). His main problem was throwing strikes but I do wonder if he would to try a different grip on his fastball if it might help create something other than a straight 98 MPH fastball. He should know now that that won’t work up here.
The upside of letting the Brewers back into the game is that Dontrelle gets to pitch in a very meaningful game situation.


Pitching Duel today folks?????? Yuk. Doesn’t really instill a lot of confidence in the pen does it??

JL sure tried to get Larish on the field as much as possible. Swear he had made the team despite not being on the 40 man roster.
Who will hit a HR first, Carlos or Adam? Funny Avila also yet to get one.
JL’s setup duties just got a lot harder after today. Thomas and Ni have better composure than Zoom, but so does every other MLB pitcher.

Well, that ought to rein in some of the runaway optimism. And you can’t expect five homers, or whatever it was today. We’re not playing what will need to be our style of ball. And Zumaya and Coke are possible setup men?
It’s going to be a trip for Jackson on Monday. His first big league AB, leading off the season, against Zack Greinke. This is what you’d call a baptism by fire.

Well, it sure has cooled my optimism about Zumaya. I thought we were over this hump, but I guess it’s not over yet. Glad I was not able to watch this game today, as it would have been unbearable. Not sure if Joel is just too geeked up when he gets on the mound or is still having control issues. It’s been the same way with Perry, too, this year, getting hit pretty hard by HR’s. Maybe these guys need to make more adjustments. Most teams seem to know what pitches they are going to get. Anyway, it makes me nervous.

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