Injury updates: Slow going for Miner

The roster is set, the bags are packed and the Tigers are about to head north. It’s a pretty quiet morning here in Lakeland. It’s a travel day except for those who are staying back. Jeremy Bonderman is one of them, since he’ll be pitching in a minor league game this weekend to stay fresh between now and his scheduled start next Saturday in Detroit. The other two guys are the injured Tigers, Zach Miner and Bobby Seay.

Seay, we know, is going to be here a while. He’s going to get his rehab plan from Dr. James Andrews shortly, and then go about the exercises he needs to strengthen his shoulder and take stress off his torn rotator cuff, or at least the specific tendons involved in the tear.

Miner, meanwhile, looks like he’s going to be on the disabled list longer than the minimum stay. Because the Tigers placed on the DL last week, he’s eligible to be activated as soon as next weekend, but that doesn’t look like it’s going to happen. While his arm is getting a lot stronger, he still has some discomfort in his elbow. He isn’t going to be cleared to throw until he’s pain-free, so it’s slow going right now.


Miner and Seay on the DL for a longer period of time? Good.
Let’s find out what these other pitchers can do. Many of you other fans seem frustrated with Miner anyway. Should he be a starter or a reliever? JL seems to be fixated on Miner being a reliever. We haven’t seen much promise in that role and unless there is a huge breakdown with the starters, there is no room for another one.

i view miner as being in a similar position as chad durbin was a few years ago. durbin had worked as a starter in the minors and early major league career, but found a role in the phils bullpen as a reliable option in the 6th sometimes 7th inning or earlier. it’s a valuable one for a team that envisions contending–need someone to effectively assume that role whether miner, bonine or another. it will be interesting to see who gets the 8th when tigers are ahead…should be zumaya, with perry taking the 7th, but this could flip as the season progresses. expect ni to be first situational lefty out of the pen.

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