Thomas has MRI on shoulder

The final spot on the Tigers roster is still undetermined, and possibly, so is the nature of Clete Thomas’ shoulder injury. It’s still classified as a deep bone bruise on the right shoulder blade, but he underwent an MRI exam this morning just to make sure.

Basically, he said, nothing has changed. He can hit fine, and has been taking batting practice the last few days, but he can’t throw. He said he’s probably going to try throwing during batting practice this morning, but so far I only see him doing underhand tosses when he gets to balls in the outfield.

The fact that the Tigers are holding off on finalizing their roster sure seems to suggest they want to wait and see if Thomas is ready for the start of the season, wherever that may be.

For what it’s worth, he’s taking the news pretty calm.

“It’s either going to be good or it’s going to be bad,” Thomas said. “Nothing I can do really.”

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This will most certainly mean that Kelly makes the cut.
Let’s hope the MRI is negative, because Clete is going to be a heckuva ballplayer somje day soon. He will be back with the big club before too long.

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