Shooting down the Sizemore rumor

If the Tigers are looking to upgrade at second base, as one unnamed official from another club was quoted as saying in a published piece on Spring Training trade rumors, it’s news to them, including the guy in charge of trades. Team president/general manager Dave Dombrowski said Sunday morning that the rumor was “absolutely not true,” and that the Tigers have been happy with Sizemore this spring.

The only question on Sizemore going into the final week of Spring Training is whether he hits seventh or eighth. For that matter, the rest of the Tigers starting lineup is set.

“A lot of clubs have been calling on our pitching,” Dombrowski said. “But as far as Scott Sizemore, we’re happy.”


Stark needs to stop getting his Tigers updates from Lynn Henning.

The only thing I see is JL plugging Raburn into secondbase for a few games. That’s a smart move, because it gives us a fallback plan in case Sizemore struggles. It’s pretty obvious that Raburn is going to hit wherever you put him.
I’ve been wondering if one of the starters competing for the rotation could be moved. It doesn’t seem likely that they’d be among the pitching that clubs have been calling about, but you never know. There could be a bargain to be had if Detroit had to pick up some of the salary.
Today’s game bordered on a big waste of time, didn’t it?

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