Inge feeling good in the field

For all the tests Brandon Inge has been through this spring, his sliding stop and throw at third base Saturday was his first acrobatic play since coming back from surgery on his knees. And he came through it feeling fine, much to his relief.

“When I say I’m 90 percent [certain I’m healthy], it’s stuff like that I’m not sure about,” Inge said Sunday morning.

Inge had Sunday’s game off after playing in 12 games over the previous 15 days. He’ll be back in action Monday against the Blue Jays in Dunedin.

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I would imagine there will be a surprise (or two) before the week is out.
I can certainly see the opportunity to get something for Nate right now but in actuality, he is probably the best bet to rebound over Bondo and Dontrelle. We do need a lefty starter IMO.
Can’t believe that the club and Bondo are still dealing with the fact he doesn’t have a 3rd pitch—seems ludicrous in this day and age.
DD says they are committed to Sizemore at 2B–this time I believe him. I think he is, rightfully or not, I think they are convinced he is their solution at second.
If they are able to swing a trade I would not be surprised to see it for a more offensively productive shortstop. I could see them offering Nate and Everett up for an everday shortstop. I think they will want to hang onto Ramon as he can play any of the “true” infield positions. They also could make Don Kelly available. I don’t see him beating out Clete for the last spot.
The Tigers need a good arm out there as an option and defensive replacement. Clete has more upside than Kelly in terms of youth, power, speed and game impact.
As to Kelly being able to play 3rd, well Inge has a lock on the hot corner and all the drivel about giving him time off will just not happen. JL has too many options (and yes, I know they are not good ones) at 3rd in that he can throw Raburn, Santiago or Guillen there. Kelly has had a good spring but I would be very surprised to see Clete not make the squad.
In the abreviated contest yesterday, I was very pleased to see what Austin Jackson did in the field. He made a great catch in difficult circumstances toward the end on a pretty messy field. he just flat out went and got it. Nice to see. I will mis Curtis greatly, as most Tiger fans will, but I do think this kid will be a good and dependable Tiger too. We look like we might have some exciting yers ahead of us with the likes of him, Ramirez, Thomas, Boesch, Wells and Strieby.
I don’t mean to forget Raburn in that group but I would not be shocked to see them make him a 3rd sacker. I have no doubt he has the ability to be decent at that position.
Oddly enough, Ramirez used to be a 3rd baseman. You don’t EVEN want to know what his fielding percentage was there though!
Bobby Seay and Miner going down will be an opportunity fore someone and for management to guage the depth and character of the bullpen. I think the chances of Seay ever pitching at the level he once did are remote, so the acquisition of Phil Coke now takes on even greater significance. Schlereth is not far away either.
Avila or Diaz? I have a feeling it just might be Diaz. If they bring Clete north they may feel they have less reason to have Avila’s LHB on the bench and give himn the time they know he needs to hone his skills. I would rather see him up here and getting around a third of the playing time with Laird (who is leading the club in HR’s!!!). This way he learns at the best level possible and Laird gets the physical and mental rest he needs. Avila could be a good one. He wants to be a catcher (and will be) but I still salivate over seeing the impact he could make as a 3rd baseman.
Go Tigers.

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