X-rays negative on Clete Thomas

Tests on Clete Thomas’ injured right shoulder blade came back negative, according to manager Jim Leyland, confirming the diagnosis of a bruise. He’s considered day-to-day. He was originally on the travel roster for today’s game against the Braves at Disney World, but that obviously wasn’t going to happen. 


Had the day off from work and was happily suprised to see the Tigers on ESPN. Wasn’t the best outing I have seen the Tigers have this spring, but JV looked pretty good at times other times he looked like he was throwing a lot of pitches that were getting fouled off. (too me his MO sometime.
What kinda got on my nerves (probably overly sensative) was the Heyward admiration club that announced the game. I was like my god shut the heck up. We get it he is good, but he got two singles in the game – guess what so did Brandon Inge and Gerald Laird. It just got a little nausiating after 3 hours. The guy maybe special but lets not forget that he hasn’t played one game in the majors. Remember Camron Maybin????????? Anyway enough of that rant.



Just a quick off topic to Jason: Heckuva game Xavier played last night. Those are tough to take, and this is coming from a guy who’s team lost the title game because their superstar called a timeout he didn’t have.
I don’t watch nearly as much basketball as I used to, but there are times when I’m reminded why I used to love it. Last night was one of those times.

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